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ICC 11.2 in. 66 Wiring Block

ICC 11.2 in. 66 Wiring Block
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The ICC-IC066DFT50 is an ICC 66 wiring block item. This product allows the consumer to organize their cables in one wiring block. This unit provides a clear demarcation point between the telephone company and customer-owned equipment.

Also known as

  • ICC-IC066DFT50 ICC 66 Block Telco 50PR Female/Female
  • ICC 66 Block Telco 50PR Female / Female
  • ICC Cable Accessories 11.2 in. 66 Wiring Block ICC-IC066DFT50
  • Icc ICC-IC066DFT50 66 Block Telco 50Pr Female - Female
  • 50 pair
  • Designed for the quick installation of cables, telephone systems, PBX systems, and other low voltage telecom equipment
  • Designed for wall installations, the block is pre-mounted on a 89D bracket
  • Includes a hinged cover to protect the terminations from dust and dirt