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ICC 11 in. Raceway Cutting Tool

ICC 11 in. Raceway Cutting Tool
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ICC's new ratcheted raceway cutting tool makes raceway cutting simple and easy. It cuts cleanly through raceway and adhesive backing, leaving a smooth surface without ragged edges. Works perfectly on all raceway sizes.

Also known as

  • ICC - ICACSTPE60 - Raceway Cutting Tool
  • Icc Icacstpe60 Raceway Cutting Tool
  • ICC Cutting Tools & Blades 11 in. Raceway Cutting Tool ICC-ICACSTPE60
  • ICC ICACSTPE60 ICACSTPE60 - Raceway Cutting T
  • Raceway Cutting Tool
  • Clean cutting capability allows a much cleaner installation
  • Designed with ratchet mechanism allowing safe controlled cuts and making raceway installations fast, simple, and easy
  • Cuts raceway sections and adhesive backings cleanly and efficiently eliminating rough edges and allowing connectors and track sections to fit together
  • Steel frame construction with cushioned grip for long lasting use
  • 2.5 in. maximum jaw opening capacity handles with all raceway sizes