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Dedicated Micros BX2D2T0 Long Term Digital Recording Solution

Dedicated Micros BX2D2T0 Long Term Digital Recording Solution
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The new generation, high-performance BX2 and BX2 Continuous Archive contain "NetVu Connected" technology and simultaneous MPEG-and JPEG transmission and recording to provide advanced networking functionality. On-site operations have been enhanced with features such as DVD archiving and DuoVu, whilst new remote functionality including Remote Alarm Reporting (including dial-out on alarm) and an alternative signaling path mean that you can find out about a situation in time to control it. In yet another industry first for Dedicated Micros the BX2 can dynamically-switch between camera resolution, record-rate & compression settings using MultiMode Recording. All of these features come in one easy-to-use box. The standard BX2 unit contains hard-drives providing up to 3TB of continuous digital recording. A high reliability Continuous Archive unit is also available that provides RAID 1 fault-tolerance to disk failure. The Continuous Archive unit allows archive disks to be replaced without affecting recording, enabling continuous archiving for as long as the application demands. All recordings are accessible to the user at the touch of one button or via powerful GOTO and event preview facilities. Images can be copied to the internal DVD-R for play back on a PC. As part of the expanding NetVu Connected family the BX2 provides an ideal platform for digital system integration. Compatibility with other NetVu connected products, such as the DS2, DV-IP Server and NetVu Console gives the user flexible local and remote control. This is further enhanced by integration with NetVu ObserVer and its Remote Video Receiving Centre Software.