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Pelco ES30125AJZ30W

Pelco ES30125AJZ30W
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Pelco ES30125AJZ30W


CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING PELCO MODELS ES3012-5, C10CH-6, 13ZD5.5X30, EWM. Pelco's Esprit ES3012 Series integrated positioning system ingeniously integrates a pan/tilt, enclosure, and receiver into one compact system that is easy to install. On-screen, user-friendly menus also make the system easy to program and operate. The ES3012 Series is available as a standard or ImagePak system. The Esprit ImagePak system combines the innovative design of the standard system with a factory-installed camera and lens package of your choice. Choose from a variety of high resolution, day/night and color cameras. The standard system does not include the camera and lens components. It is designed to accept any 24 VAC camera and lens combination up to 12.10" L x 3.45" W x 3.17" H (30.73 x 8.76 x 8.05 cm). Every ES3012 system (standard or ImagePak) has a built-in heater, window defroster/defogger, sun shroud, and insulation blanket. The system is available with an input voltage of 24 VAC or with a selectable power source of 120/230 VAC. A powder-coated, aluminum construction make the ES3012 Series ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications. The system has an absolute operating temperature range of -40 degrees to 140 degreesF (-40 degrees to 60 degreesC). Within two hours after power-up, the entire unit can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of -13 degreesF (-25 degreesC). The Esprit ES3012 Series variable pan and tilt speeds range from 0.5 degrees to 40 degrees per second in manual pan mode and 0.5 degrees to 20 degrees per second in manual tilt. Pan preset and turbo speeds are 100 degrees per second in wind speeds of 50 mph and 50 degrees per second in the 90 mph wind-speed profile. Tilt preset speed is 30 degrees per second. The ES3012 Series is capable of 360 degrees of continuous pan rotation. The tilt range allows for horizontal viewing of +33 to -83 degrees. There are 64 programmable preset positions with a preset accuracy of one-quarter degree. The ES3012 Series features on-screen programmable menus for pan and scan speed, limit stops, zone blanking, and patterns. The unit also has a power-up recovery mode that allows the user to specify what condition the system will resume whenever the power is cycled. Pack consist of Pelco ES3012-5 Integrated Positioning System, C10CH-6 Camera,13ZD5.5X30 Lens, EWM wall mount.

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