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Gentex GB6-24 Fire Alarm Bell (24VDC/6")

Gentex GB6-24 Fire Alarm Bell (24VDC/6
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Gentex GB6-24 Fire Alarm Bell (24VDC/6


The Gentex GB6-24 24VDC Fire Alarm Bell 6- is designed to alert users to the presence of a fire when used as a part of a life safety alarm system. This 24VDC fire alarm bell comes with 18 AWG wire leads and is built into a 6- housing. The bell can be mounted to a standard 4- square electrical box, or a GBBB back box for exterior use. The GB6-24 is available in a red metal finish and draws a 100mA current. Backed by a 3 year warranty from the time of purchase, this bell produces a 95 dBA sound at 10 feet.

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