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American Fibertek MRX-8485C

American Fibertek MRX-8485C
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The American Fibertek MRX-8485C is a module/rack video monitor component of the 8485C which transmits four channels of high-quality,FM video with bi-directional PTZ or keyboard data on one multimode opticalfiber. The 8485C Series is switch selectable to one channel of RS485 (2 or 4 wire) or Manchester/Bosch data, or a dual channel consisting of RS422 and RS232 data. The 8485C Series also incorporates switch selectable data biasing and data termination features. The unit is designed to be completely transparent to all camera and monitor manufacturers. The system requires no field adjustments at installation or additional maintenance thereafter. Equipment may be mounted as stand alone modules or mounted directly into a standard EIA 19" rack depending on the position of the mounting brackets.