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8818 Aprilaire Distribution Panel

8818 Aprilaire Distribution Panel
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The Aprilaire 8818 Distribution Panel is a switch controlled communication bus that can be wired to a maximum of eight Aprilaire 8870 thermostats. This provides thermostat communication (transmit, receive or both) to turn on and off at a single convenient location. This will actually simplify installation as well as troubleshooting. Each thermostat connected to the Aprilaire 8818 Distribution Panel has an on/off switch for power. This will allow for isolation of a single thermostat to simplify trouble shooting. Order one Aprilaire 8818 Distribution Panel for every eight thermostats.Products Needed for Automated HVAC System Required 8825 Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat System Controller Required 8870 Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat Required 8027 Aprilaire 24V Transformer (1 per 8818 panel)Optional 8061 Aprilaire Temperature Sensor and Control Module Optional 8062 Aprilaire Temperature and Humidity Sensor ModuleOptional 8051 Aprilaire Remote Flush Mount Temperature SensorOptional 8052 Aprilaire Remote Duct Mount/Outdoor Temp SensorOptional 8053 Surface Mount Temperature Sensor