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Ademco V250FBP-PAK2 - V250FBP-24 Commercial Fire/Burglary/ CCTV and Access Control Platform, 250 Zones, VISTA-250FBP 24V Model + 6160CR Keypad + 5140DLM Dialer Module - V250FBPPAK2

Ademco V250FBP-PAK2 - V250FBP-24 Commercial Fire/Burglary/ CCTV and Access Control Platform, 250 Zones, VISTA-250FBP 24V Model + 6160CR  Keypad + 5140DLM Dialer Module - V250FBPPAK2


Our Price : $756.69

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Kit Includes:
  • one VISTA-250FBP Commercial Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Platform 24V Model
  • one 6160CR Commercial Fire Alpha Keypad
  • one 5140DLM Dialer Module

    24 Volt Model

    Designed to integrate seamlessly with CCTV, access control and Honeywell’s full range of fire and burglary components, the new VISTA-250FBP provides the ultimate protection of life and property. The UL listed Commercial Fire and Burglary Control Platform controls up to eight partitions and supports up to 250 zones/points using hardwired, wireless and V-Plex addressable technologies. A diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, notification circuits, digital dialers, keypads, RF receivers and relays are supported by this extremely powerful control platform. The VISTA-250FBP has been designed to mount quickly and easily in an attack resistant cabinet, and is available in 12V and 24V models. A revolutionary new feature called Panel Linking allows multiple partitions, panels and even buildings, to be armed, disarmed or have status checked…from one location!


    • Comes standard with eight hardwired zones, expandable to 242 V-Plex addressable points/zones or 250 wireless points/zones
    • Can control eight separate areas independently (eight partitions)
    • Supports Panel-Linking: Allows up to eight systems or buildings to be controlled from one central location (using VA8200)
    • Supports Commercial UL Wireless Fire and Burglar
    • Stores up to 1,000 events and can accommodate 250 user codes
    • Supports V-Plex addressable VistaKey access control (up to 15 doors and 500 cards)*
    • Supports up to 16 doors of access control using Vista Gateway Module (VGM)*
    • Supports CCTV applications with the new VistaView-100 CCTV Switcher Module
    • Identifies the point or zone of a fire or alarm using the new FSA-8/FSA-24 Fire System Annunciator
    • Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3A @ 12V or 3.4A @ 24V
    • Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing
    • Four-wire smoke reset using onboard J2 output trigger
    • Supports Dynamic Signaling for long range radio backup
    • Supports remote control via the Internet**
    • Supports Internet Alarm Reporting**
    • Supports Graphical User Interface consoles
    • Supports Alphanumeric Pager: up to eight different numbers using the VA8201
    • Notification Appliance Circuits (two):
      1. – Programmable
        – Temporal code compliant
        – Individually silenceable
    • Programmable on-board auxiliary relay
    • SIA false alarm reduction features:
      1. – Exit error logic
        – Exit delay reset
        – Cross zoning
        – Call waiting defeat
        – Recent close report
    • Supports commercial hardwired, addressable polling loop and wireless zones
    • Hardwired zones:
      1. – Provides eight style B hardwired zones
        – Supports N.O. or N.C. sensors
        – Individually assignable to any partition
        – Up to 32 two-wire smoke detectors each on zones one and two (64 total)
        – Up to 50 two-wire glassbreak detectors on zone eight
        – EOLR supervised for Fire and UL burglary installations

    * Connects to Honeywell Access’ PassPoint Access Control Systems. Maximum 32 doors.
    ** When used with AlarmNet-i.

    Additional Features

    • Patented addressable polling loop technology
      1. – Supports 242 two-wire zone points
        – Global polling technology for faster processing
        – Increased current draw capacity (128mA)
        – Supervised by panel
        – Individually assignable to partitions, notification circuit (bell) output or auxiliary relay
        – 4,000 ft. capability without the use of shielded cable
        – Extender/Isolation bus module
        – Two-wire smoke detector zone/group expansion module adds two or four zones
        – Eight zone – Class A and B extender module
        – Eight zone – Class B extender module
        – One zone supervised contact monitor module
    • UL Listed wireless expansion
      1. – Supports up to 250 wireless zones/points using 5881ENHC Receiver
        – Supervised by control for check-in signals
        – Tamper protection for transmitters
        – Individually assignable up to eight partitions
        – Supports UL864/NFPA approved wireless smoke detectors
    • Access Control Integration
        – Full integration with PassPoint Access Control System
    • Up to 15 doors using VistaKey Access Control
    • Event reporting
    • Local printer of access or VISTA related event
    • Scheduled uploading of events to the central station
    • Stored events for one call retrieval
    • Communication
      1. – Phone mapping by zone response type
        – Supports VIP Interactive Phone Voice Module
        – Panel operation during download
        – Uploading equipment list to the central station
        – Communication to PassPoint via VISTA Gateway Module
    • CCTV integration
        – Supports VistaView-100 ECP based CCTV switchers
    • Applications
    • Supported by a diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, the powerful VISTA-250FBP is the ideal integrated fire and burglary control for applications where a higher level of security is necessary. Some examples of applications include: medical and professional buildings, supermarkets, churches, synagogues, schools, universities, strip malls, factories, warehouses, and larger residences.

    The VISTA-250FBP alarm system has been designed to mount both quickly and easily. It meets all applicable requirements for UL commercial fire and burglary installations.

    Electrical Specifications:

  • Primary power: 18VAC @ 72VA ADEMCO No. 1451
  • Control Panel quiescent current draw: 300mA
  • Backup battery:
    – 12VDC, 12AH min to 34.4AH max
    – Lead acid battery (gel type)
  • Alarm power: 12VDC, 1.7A max for each notification (bell) circuit output Total 2.3A @ 12V
  • Aux. standby pwr: 12VDC, 1A max
  • Total power: 2.3A at 12VDC, 3.4A at 24VDC from all sources
  • Standby time: 24 hours with 1A standby load using 34.4AH battery
  • Fusing: Battery input, aux. and notification (bell) circuit outputs are protected using PTC circuit protectors. All outputs are power limited
  • Optional 24-volt power supply, PS 24 supplies two 24 VFW, 1.7A full wave rectified, unfiltered outputs

    Main Dialer:

  • Line seize: Double Pole
  • Ringer equiv.: 0.7B
  • Formats: ADEMCO Low Speed, ADEMCO 4+2 Express, ADEMCO High Speed, ADEMCO Contact ID, Sescoa and Radionics
  • Dual phone line capability (using 5140DLM module)

    Cabinet Dimensions:

  • 18? H X 14.5? W X 4.3? D


  • Storage temp: 14° F to 158° F (-10° C to 70° C)
  • Operating temp: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
  • Humidity: 85% RH
  • EMI: Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
    – FCC Part 15, Class B Device
    – FCC Part 68
    – IEC EMC Directive

    Agency Listings Burglary:

  • UL609 Grade A Local Mercantile Premises and Mercantile Safe and Vault
  • UL611/1610 Grades A, AA, Central Station
  • UL365 Grades A, AA Police Connect


  • UL864/NFPA72 Local, Central Station and Remote Station
  • Factory Mutual
  • California State Fire Marshal
  • MEA
  • UL985

    Auxiliary Devices:

  • 4204 – Relay Module, four form C contacts
  • 4204CF – Two supervised output circuits
  • 5881 Series – RF receiver supporting 5800 wireless detectors
  • 6220S – System printer used with 4100SM serial module
  • 6160CR – Red Alpha Keypad
  • FSA-8 & FSA-24 annunciator modules
  • VA8200 – (PLM) Panel Linking Module
  • VA8201 – (APM) Alpha Paging Module

    Two-Wire Smoke Detectors Conventional:

  • System Sensor smoke detectors


  • System Sensor Notification Appliances

    Manual Pull Stations:

  • 5140MPS-1
  • 5140MPS-2

    V-Plex (Addressable) Devices:

  • 4101SN Single Relay/Zone Module
  • 4190SN Remote Point Module – two zones
  • 4193SN Two Zone Serial Interface Module
  • 4208SNF Class A/B Expander Module
  • 4208U Loop Expansion Module
    – eight zones
  • 4209U Group Zoning Module
    – two/four zones
  • 4293SN One Zone Serial Interface Module
  • 4297 Isolation/Extender Module
  • VSI Module

    V-Plex (Addressable) Smoke Detectors:

  • 5192SD
  • 4192SD
  • 4192CP
  • 192SDT
  • 4192SDT
  • 4192CPM
  • 4192SDTM

    V-Plex Passive Infrared Detectors:

  • 998MX
  • 4275EX-SN
  • 4278EX-SN

    V-Plex (Addressable) Contacts:

  • 4939SN-WH
  • 4944SN-WH
  • 4959SN

    V-Plex Glassbreak Detectors:

  • FG1625SN

    VISTA Interactive Phone Module:

  • 4286 Voice Module

    Optional 24V Power Supply:

  • PS24 – 24V power supply – 3.4A

    Long Range Radio:

  • Long Range Radio 7720ULF-XX, 7835C, 7835CF, 7845C

    Upgraded software:

  • Upgraded Compass Downloader Windows compatible

    Wireless Devices:

  • 5804 – Wireless Key
  • 5804BD – Bidirectional Key
  • 5804BDV – Bidirectional with voice
  • 5816 – Door/Window Transmitter
  • 5819 – Shock Sensor
  • 5827BD – Bidirectional Keypad
  • 5849 – Glassbreak Detector
  • 5890 – PIR

    Commercial Wireless Devices:

  • 5808W3 – Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector
  • 5809 – Wireless Heat Detector
  • 5817CB – Wireless Commercial Transmitter
  • 5869 – Hold up Transmitter
  • 5881ENHC – Commercial Fire/Burg Receiver

    Access Control:

  • VistaKey V-Plex (addressable) Access Control
  • VistaKey-SK Starter Kit
  • VistaKey-EX Expansion Kit
  • VGM Vista Gateway Module to PassPoint Access Control
  • Pro-Watch
  • WIN-PAK (PE or SE)


  • VistaView-100-CCTV Switcher Module

    Alarm Communications:

  • Graphical user interface with Internet capability
  • Internet Remote Control- Networking Module
  • Internet Alarm Communicator (7845i)
  • 7845GSM – Digital Cellular Communicator
  • 7845i-GSM – Internet and Digital Cellular Communicator
  • GSMCF/iGSMCF – Commercial Fire Communication Kits

  • Accessory or Possible Replacement

    Ademco V250FBP-PAK1 - VISTA-250FBP - Commercial Fire/Burglary/ CCTV and Access Control Platform, 250 Zones + 6160CR Keypad + 5140DLM Dialer Module - V250FBPPAK1

    Our Price : $623.29

    Ademco V250FBP-PAK1 - VISTA-250FBP - Commercial Fire/Burglary/ CCTV and Access Control Platform, 250 Zones + 6160CR  Keypad + 5140DLM Dialer Module - V250FBPPAK1

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