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With more than 2 million units deployed in 150 countries, Alvarion is the world's leading provider of innovative wireless network solutions enabling personal broadband services to improve lifestyles and productivity with portable and mobile data, VoIP, video and other applications. Providing systems to carriers, ISPs and private network operators, the company supplies solutions in both developed and developing countries.
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Alvarion   BU/RB-B100-5.3 BreezeNET B100 Base Unit - Wireless bridge - 853283 ALVARION 736131 BMAX-CPE-ODU-PRO-TDD-SE-2.6 BreezeMAX CPE Pro Outdoor Radio Units - 3600 - 3800 MHz with Connector for External Antenna
External, AC 120/230 V

The BreezeNET B is a family of wireless point-to-point bridging solutions that operate in unlicensed bands and provide an efficient and highly secure solution for building-to-building connectivity and backhauling. It is an ideal alternative to expensive leased lines, providing a near-instant link for connecting remote local offices to headquarters, isolated buildings on campuses and industrial zones. Moreover, ISPs can leverage BreezeNET B as a powerful and cost-effective wireless link to backhaul their point-to-multipoint networks to their Internet point of presence, avoiding the need for expensive leased lines over wire line infrastructures. Alvarion developed the BreezeNET B in recognition of the need to provide a viable and cost-effective solution for dense urban and industrial environments where a clear line of sight for point-to-point applications is not always available. To that end, the BreezeNET B leverages both robust outdoor technologies and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation in the same product. With features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) used to combat multi-path and noisy environments, the product operates seamlessly and efficiently in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments with good throughput. The system also features adaptive modulation for automatic modulation selection to maximize the data rate and improve spectral efficiency. These inherent advantages of the BreezeNET B enable service providers to connect an effective PTP solution to a significantly higher percentage of their subscriber base that would otherwise be inaccessible due to line-of-sight (LOS) restrictions.

BreezeMAX CPE Pro Outdoor Radio Units - 3600 - 3800 MHz with Connector for External Antenna. Indoor to Outdoor cable (CBL-BB) to be ordered separately
ALVARION 809710 AU-E-BS-900-VL Alvarion 824732  BreezeACCESS II Outdoor Subscriber Unit - Wireless bridge
AU-E-BS-900-VL (Base station Equipment, Complete AU system, Indoor Network Interface Card for chassis + Outdoor radio unit, 902-928 MHz OFDM supporting 5 MHz channel OFDM. Antenna and antenna jump cable, Outdoor CAT5 Cable to ODU are not included, order cable 811593) The Alvarion 809710 is also known as ALV-809710 External, AC 120/230 V
BreezeACCESS II is the ideal broadband wireless access system for service providers operating in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band. As a wireless alternative to wired access networks, BreezeACCESS II leverages Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology in Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode to deliver reliable broadband data services, reaching remote locations and bypassing unusable copper. BreezeACCESS II provides an instant and independent infrastructure, which is immediately deployable with lower infrastructure construction and operating costs than any other solution on the market. This Outdoor Subscriber Unit includes: Indoor Network Interface Unit with 10BaseT Port (Full Data Bridge support), High Power Outdoor Radio Unit, Integrated 16 dBi Antenna, 100-240 VAC Power Supply, 100 ft (30 m) TNC Male-TNC Male I/F Cable and mounting hardware.
ALVARION 835653 Global Synchronization Module ALVARION 853277 BU/RB=B28-5.3 Base Unit/ Remote Bridge
Universal Accessories Global Synchronization Module (GPS Synchronization System for Synchronizing AU's in BS-SH Chassis. Includes: Synchronizer Card and Outdoor GPS Unit Radio with Integrated Antenna) The Alvarion 835653 is also known as ALV-835653 Included: Indoor Power Module with 100BaseT Ethernet port outdoor-rated Radio Unit 65ft (20m) baseband cable CD System Manual Configuration Utility Quick Installation Guide. Antenna not included
Alvarion 858283  BU/RB-B100 The BreezeNET B100 5.8 GHz base unit ALVARION 858553 OPS-AC Extended temperature universal AC power supply unit
Alvarion Inc BreezNET B100 Wireless Bridge IEEE 802.11a 54Mbps - 3 x 10/100Base-TX - 4 x T1/E1 Extended temperature universal AC power supply unit (Not water resistant); Fits for BA VL BNET-B BreezeMAX and DS.11 (DS.11 v4.x). Power cable not included.
ALVARION 999101 Cable Alvarion Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU-E-5.4-54-BD-VL - Wireless bridge - 854500US
ALVARION 999101 Cable

Our Price : $226.70

Interface unit between Tropos 5210 and Alvarion SU-54. Includes 7M +/-0.15M water proof cable in both sides. BreezeACCESS VL, Alvarion's broadband wireless platform in the 5 GHz frequency, is part of the BreezeACCESS product family, the world's most deployed wireless broadband platform. Superior features such as non-line-of-sight (NLOS), extended reach, high capacity in all packet sizes, encryption, and end-to-end QoS for time critical applications are key to its success in deployments worldwide. Increase revenue from offering toll quality voice over IP (VoIP) and other triple play services through the use of quality of service algorithms (QoS), multimedia application prioritization (MAP) for wireless link prioritization, and unprecedented high capacity in all packet sizes. BreezeACCESS VL supports hundreds of simultaneous calls per sector. With BreezeACCESS VL, operators offer a wide variety of services and applications, including VoIP, wireless leased line, hotspot feeding, gaming services, secure VPNs, video surveillance and wireless xDSL in urban and rural environments, and all at reduced capital and operating costs than wired alternatives.
Alvarion AU-5G-SECT-16V-90 Antenna - 858170 Alvarion BreezeACCESS 4900 AU-D-SA-4900-120 - Wireless access point -  849513
The AU-5G-SECT-16V-90 kit includes 90 Sector Antenna, 16 dBi, V-Pol, 5.725-5.850 GHz, with 3ft (1m) Antenna Jumper cable and downtilt bracket. BreezeACCESS 4900 is a high capacity, IP services oriented Broadband Wireless Access system operating in the 4.9 GHz licensed spectrum band allocated for public safety. The system employs wireless packet switched data technology to support high-speed IP services with a network connection that is always on. The system is designed for both Point-to-Point and Point-to Multipoint configurations, supporting data, VoIP and video applications. Alvarion's Complete Spectrum solution enables the BreezeACCESS 4900 to integrate seamlessly into other BreezeACCESS networks. Supporting both fixed and mobile platforms at multiple frequency bands, the Complete Spectrum solution enables simultaneous deployment of systems operating at 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and the entire 5 GHz band. BreezeACCESS 4900 is the ideal solution for network access as well as backhauling of data, VoIP and video traffic for public safety, medical emergency, and government security and surveillance applications.
Alvarion: A wireless broadband pioneer

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