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ACT Meters Battery Testers have developed a range of innovative solutions for testing, rejuvenating and charging SLA batteries. Whether its powering an alarm system, classic car, caravan, boat or mobility scooter, you need to know that your standby battery is fully charg
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ACT BTL Battery Tested Labels - 250 labels supplied in a roll ACT Meters GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester - goldibt
Insertions for temperature, volts, Ah, tester initials and date. 250 labels supplied in a roll.

GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester

A volt meter can measure the voltage in an SLA or car battery but cannot tell you how much current is available for use. This means that the battery could fail without warning, just when you need it most. The GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester solves this problem by measuring temperature, voltage AND capacity in under 6 seconds. It achieves this by performing a conventional 20 hour battery discharge in seconds using a patented pulsed frequency load test which accurately measures the available Ampere-hour (Ah) capacity based on the the battery's temperature and condition of charge. That's award-winning intelligence. A battery Ah size table indicates when batteries should be recharged or replaced.

Unlike other battery testers on the market, the GOLD-IBT is extremely easy to use with no complicated settings or switches. Just connect directly to the battery terminals to start the test. Record the test results onto the labels provided and attach to the battery for future reference. When the GOLD-IBT shows less than 65% of the battery's stated Ah capacity, simply recharge or replace.

In future with the GOLD-IBT, you will never be caught out or left stranded by a flat battery...

Applications include...
Security Fire Alarm Systems, Motor Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications, Emergency Lighting, Portable Tools and Instrumentation, Mobility Vehicles, Lawnmowers, Ride-On Toys, Medical Equipment, Back-up Computer Systems, Automotive Electronics, Solar Power, Robotics, Hobby Craft etc

ACT Meters GOLD-PLUS 6V/12V Intelligent Battery Tester ACT 1166 HF Earth Line Choke - B6-ACT1166
Test the most common lead acid battery types all from the one, GOLD PLUS unit. Standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED the GOLD PLUS tests both 6V and 12V models quickly and displays Ah capacity available.

Simply turn the Ah Calibration Control to select either standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED battery types prior to testing. The Calibration Control also allows you to calibrate the battery tester to non standard battery types.

For 6V & 12V battery models
Test 6V battery models between 1.2Ah and 12Ah, and 12V battery models between 1.2Ah and 100Ah. With a wide Ah range, the GOLD PLUS is ideal for testing batteries used in many applications from security, mobility to leisure.

Simple Operation
Connect the clamps to the battery, turn the Ah Calibration Control to the desired battery type under test and press the TEST button. Its that easy. Results will be displayed within seconds.

DC Voltage and Ah Capacity Results
Theres no confusing conversion rates or user interpretation needed when using the GOLD PLUS. Two results are displayed the batterys DC voltage followed by the actual Ah capacity available.

When to Recharge or Replace
Battery manufacturers recommend to recharge or replace a battery when its rated Ah capacity falls below 65%. By giving a clear and accurate Ah reading, the GOLD PLUS will help you identify replacements quickly and easily.

Advanced Pulse Load Technology
The GOLD PLUS uses advanced pulse load technology to analyse Ah capacity, based on the batterys temperature and state of charge. This method is significantly more accurate than measuring voltage and internal resistance and does not deplete the battery unlike a conventional load tester.

Reliable, Continuous Testing
Powered by the battery under test and with ultra low heat generation.

Perfectly suited as a bench tester or out on the job with the engineer.

Identify batteries that still have life remaining and reduce the amount discarded unnecessarily.

Show the customer the result and increase your own battery sales by recommending a new battery for their system.

The ACT 1166 will protect ‘steel boxed’ control panels against RFI signals feeding back from mains earth, onto the 0Volt, affecting the 12VDC supply to the control panel, communicator and alarm detectors. The ACT 1166 can be used on any steel boxed panel which ties 0Volt to earth as a preventative measure against RFI.


• Prevents electrical RFI from affecting the 12VDC supply on metal control panels
• Connect in line with mains earth inside the control panel

ACT 1376 PIR RFI Stabiliser - B6-ACT1376 ACT 1414 24VDC Spike Suppressor - B6-ACT1414
The ACT 1376 will prevent unexplained false alarms caused by troublesome PIRs affected by RFI signals. Such problems are caused by a specific cable length acting as an aerial which passes the signal from the 12V supply onto sensitive components within the detector. RFI can cause a PIR relay to ‘chatter’ or ‘drop out’ altogether resulting in an unexplained false alarm. Once fitted, the ACT 1376 will stabilize the DC supply in the event of a DC spike.


• Prevents RFI from affecting a troublesome PIR or dual detector
• Powers a PIR or dual detector for up to 250ms in the event of a DC spike
• Eliminates replacing non-defective motion sensors
• Fitted either inside or behind the troublesome detector with the 12VDC supply connected through


1. Disconnect 12VDC to PIR at control panel
2. Remove PIR cover and re-locate 12VDC supply into stabiliser terminals red + black -
3. Connect red + and black - wires into PIR 12VDC supply
4. Replace PIR cover and re-connect 12VDC supply at control panel
5. Test PIR operation after installation
The ACT 1414 works in exactly the same way as the ACT 1313 spike suppressor but is designed for 24VDC fire alarm panels.


• Prevents false alarms caused by electrical spikes
• Suitable for all makes of fire alarm panels
• Connects between the 24VDC and earth


1. Connect red + and black - wires across any 24V fire alarm zone
2. Connect green to mains earth
NOTE: Only one 24V spike suppressor is required for the control panel
ACT 230V Mainspike Suppressor - B6-ACT2323 ACT 2468 8-Way RFI Filter - B6-ACT2468
Both the ACT 2323 and ACT 1313 should be fitted as standard to protect against false alarms and system malfunctions caused by induced AC and nearby lightning.

The ACT 2323 provides up to 4,500 Amps spike protection across live, neutral and earth.

Everyone knows the benefits of fitting the ACT 1313 12v spike suppressor as standard! Now we've designed the ACT2323 for the mains - a new Low Cost Mainspike Suppressor which provides up to 4,500 Amps spike protection across Live, Neutral and Earth. Just what you need to protect all your Security & Fire Alarm Panels, CCTV Cameras, Access Control Equipment and Security Lighting. By fitting the ACT1313 and ACT2323 as standard to security systems you have belt-and-braces protection against false alarms and malfunctions.

The ACT2323 is styled in flame retardant Nylon to UL94VO Standards. Its neat modular shape enables it to be installed easily with simple parallel connections to LNE. Once fitted to your security equipment it will continuously protect against nearby lightning and electrical spikes up to 4,500 Amps.


  • Continuously protects all security and fire alarm panels, CCTV cameras, access control equipment and security lighting from false alarms and malfunctions
  • Provides up to 4,500 Amps spike suppression across live, neutral and Earth
  • Neat modular shape fits easily with simple parallel connections to LNE

1. Verify with a digital multimeter that the AC voltage is 250VAC max
2. Switch off mains supply
3. Connect suppressor brown/live, blue/neutral and green/yellow to mains earth
4. Switch on mains supply
The ACT 2468 is a powerful 1Amp rated RFI filter designed to prevent RFI malfunctions on any DC troublesome alarm circuit cable. They are particularly beneficial where data corruption occurs to keypads and LIMs.

  • Used to reduce RFI to alarm detectors, sounders and DC access control circuits
  • Works on 12V and 24VDC, normally closed, end-of-line and fire alarm circuits
  • Offers virtually no resistance to DC circuits but will reduce
    RFI signals between 2.5Hz and 800MHz, making them work quicker and more cost effective than re-wiring in screened cable
  • Connects between alarm circuit wiring & control equipment
  • Supplied as a 1 x 8 block which can be snapped apart to make 2 x 4 ways or 4 x 2 ways as required

ACT 2500 Manual Multimeter CAT II - B6-ACT2500 ACT CA60 mA Current Clamp - B6-ACTCA60
Offering fantastic value for money, our new ACT 2500 provides the security industry with a much needed ‘budget’ manual multimeter capable of performing all the tests necessary for alarm installation and troubleshooting.

Provides two essential AC ranges, 2V and 20V for identifying troublesome induced AC voltage as well as 200V and 750V for direct testing of AC supplies • Five DC voltage ranges • Six selectable resistance ranges to allow testing and troubleshooting of any ‘normally-closed’ and ‘end-of-line’ alarm circuits

AC Range: 2V/20V/200/750VAC
DC Range: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V
Resolution AC: 1mV/10mV/0.1V/1V
Resolution DC: 0.1mV/1mV/10mV/0.1V/1V
Accuracy: AC +/-1/0% rdg+5dgts. DC +/-1.2%rdg+5dgts

Range: 200Ω/2KΩ/20KΩ/200KΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ
Resolution: 0.1Ω/1Ω/10Ω/0.1KΩ/1KΩ/10KΩ
Accuracy: +/-1.2%rdg+3dgts Audible Continuity: below 30Ω

AC Range: 2mA/20mA/200mA/10A
DC Range: 200uA/2mA/20mA/200mA/10A
Resolution AC: 1uA/10uA/0.1uA/10mA
Resolution DC: 0.1uA/1uA/10uA/0.1mA/10mA
Max Accuracy: +/-3.0%rdg+7dgts Note: Above 2A max duration 15secs allowing 15min cooling interval

The approximate forward voltage drop will be displayed
Open Circuit Voltage: About 2.8V Test Current: About 1mA

Range: 1.5V battery load about 20mA. 9V battery load 5mA

LCD: 3¾ digit Max Count: 1999 Auto-Power-Off:10min
Sampling: About 3 times per second

Power: 1 x 9V Alkaline, Battery Life: Approx 500 hrs

Size: 164x85x34mm Weight: Approx 230g

ACT 2500 Manual Digital Multimeter C/W protective holster, test leads and operating manual

Essential for alarm installers, the ACT CA60 will register low mA current readings without the need for disconnecting circuit wires. Used with your own multimeter it will measure milliamps as well as amps.
ACT Luminaire Emergency Lighting Battery Tester - B6-LUMINAIRE ACT Megapulse Battery Rejuvenator - B6-MEGAPULSE
Time is of the essence when you need to escape a building in an emergency. But how many engineers wished they could make quick work of testing the batteries which power the lighting system? What typically takes hours to test can now be done in minutes thanks to the new ACT Luminaire Battery Tester.

MD David Grant says: “Think of the business opportunity here. Companies that previously didn’t offer an emergency lighting service now have a fast and effective solution to use. Also, engineers can even combine PAT testing and emergency lighting testing in one visit and make a fortune. The ACT Luminaire is that easy and quick to use – it’ll open new doors for so many businesses.”

Every effort has been taken to keep the ACT Luminaire Battery Tester a quick and user friendly product. Firstly, there are no complicated settings or switches. Once connected to the battery terminals, all LEDs will indicate briefly to confirm operation and will automatically determine if the battery type is a 2.4v/4.0Ah or 3.6v/1.5Ah NiCad cell – yet another time saving feature. The yellow testing LED will flash continuously until the red fail or green pass LED indicates battery condition. This pass or fail indication.

• Dramatically reduces time taken to perform the 1 hour AND full battery duration test as required by BS5266
• Tests 2.4v/4.0Ah and 3.6v/1.5Ah Nicad batteries in stand-alone emergency lighting systems in minutes
• Identifies defective batteries in seconds
• Leaves sufficient capacity after a full battery duration test to power the emergency light t for at least 30 minutes
• Simple in operation – no buttons or complicated settings
• Automatically detects which battery voltage type is fitted
• Allows ALL emergency lighting luminaires to be tested during one service visit
• Enables engineers to work more effectively, encourages more businesses to offer this test as a service and ultimately, save more lives.


Megapulse is an electronic battery recovery device that operates in conjunction with charging systems to keep your battery in peak operating condition. It will:
• Prevent premature battery death
• Extend battery life
• Keep batteries in 'like new' condition
• Reduce the number of batteries discarded in a lifetime
• Restore 100% battery capacity
• Reduce recharge time

How does Megapulse work?
During normal operation of lead-acid batteries, lead sulphate forms on battery plates. This process is called sulphation. During this process the sulphates expand and crystalise, choking the plates, reducing battery efficiency to the point where the battery will not accept a charge.

Sulphation build-up on battery plates is a common cause of battery failure. The technology of the MEGAPULSE battery rejuvenator reverses this process by cleaning the battery plates of lead sulphate build-up and returning the battery to near-new condition. This will reduce internal resistance and improve battery charge times, capacity and life.

Where can I use Megapulse?
Megapulse can be used in all Wet-Cell, Dry-Cell and Gel-Cell Lead-Acid batteries. Megapulse is availble in 6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt models. Megapulse is essential for deep-cycle applications such as in mobility scooters and golf carts where batteries are drained each time.

Megapulse is also essential for batteries that sit unused for long periods of time, such as in classic cars, pleasure boats, agricultural equipment and back-up systems. In these applications, batteries are required to be replaced frequently as a result of sulphation, but when a Megapulse is fitted this problem is drastically reduced.

Battery Testers

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