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Bluetooth-Enabled Systems
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ATT-TL92278 DECT6.0 Dual Handset Bluetooth w/ ITAD BELKIN INC 7G-F8T0121 100 Meter Bluetooth USB Adapter - BELKIN INC 7G-F8T0121
ATT-TL92278 DECT6.0 Dual Handset Bluetooth w/ ITAD BELKIN INC 7G-F8T0121 100 Meter Bluetooth Usb Adapter - BELKIN INC 7G-F8T0121

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ClearSounds CLS-CLA7-BT Bluetooth Amplified Neckloop Accessory IntelliTouch ITC-BT XLink Cell Bluetooth Gateway
ClearSounds CLS-CLA7-BT Bluetooth Amplified Neckloop Accessory ITC-BT IntelliTouch XLink Cell Bluetooth Gateway
- Intellitouch XLink cell Bluetooth gateway
- Use your home phone with your cell phone and turn your regular corded and cordless telephones into a cellular multi-line phone system
- Connects your Bluetooth enabled cell phone with your standard desktop phone, allowing you to use your regular home or office telephone over your cellular service network
- All you need is a Bluetooth enabled cell phone
- Provides a wireless connection to your Bluetooth enabled cellular phone (no external cables or modules required)
- Displays Caller ID number from your cellular phone on your phone's LCD display
- Call Waiting between calls on one and/or multiple cellular phones
- Integrated echo cancellation for optimal call quality
- Simultaneously connect up to 3 cellular phones to XLink
- Voice dialing as provided on your cellular phone
- Speed dialing
- Voicemail access
- Connect directly to any number of standard telephones using XLink’s built-in RJ11 (standard telephone) jack
- Dial and send numbers manually (press # to send dialed number) or automatically
- Bellcore Standard Line Ringing Voltage ensures home phone ringer performance
- True 5 REN ensures all home phones connected to the XLink ring properly
- User configurable and programmable for cellular phone features (voice mail number)
- Built-in USB port
- Connect your PC and XLink USB ports to: easily upgrade XLink firmware for added features and functionality; adjust unit configurations including, ringing patterns, tones, home phone’s LCD and voltages (compatible with North American, South American, Asian, and European standards)
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Black
Panasonic KX-THA19S Extra Handset for the Bluetooth Cordless Phone Systems Parrot CK-3100 - Advanced Car Kit with Handsfree Bluetooth and Phonebook
KXTHA19S Extra Handset for the Bluetooth Cordless Phone Systems

Put a Handset in Every Room Add additional handsets (each sold separately) to your Link to Cell Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System. You can put one in the den, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the living room — all while using only one base and one phone jack — so you won't have to make a run for it when the phone rings.

Features (full specs coming soon)

  • Talking Caller ID1 2
  • Handset Speakerphone
  • Recordable Ringer
  • Light-Up Indicator with Ringer/Message Alert
  • 50-Station Phonebook and Dialer
  • 50-Station Caller ID Memory and Dialer1 2
  • Phonebook Sharing3
  • Lighted Handset Keypad

    1 Requires subscription to name-and-number Caller ID, Call Waiting and/or Voice Mail services offered by certain local telephone companies for a fee.

    2 Name pronunciation may vary. Name pronunciation quality is based on names most commonly used in the United States.

    3 Requires optional accessory handset sold separately.

  • The CK3100 is one of the most advanced hands-free car kits on the market. With the Parrot CK3100, you will be able to make and receive calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching your mobile phone. The wireless connection between the CK3100 and the Bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as long as the phone is turned on.

    The display of the CK3100 provides information such as caller ID, carrier signal strength, or last calls received, in large well-contrasted digits easy to read at a glance.

    • Seamless hands-free use
    • Comfort and safety while driving
    • Superior user interface with LCD display
    • Works with all Bluetooth phones
    • Can be installed in any vehicle
    • Automatically mutes the radio
    • Uses the car speakers
    • Audio volume control
    • Quality audio (Digital Signal Processing)
    • Up to fives devices can use the system
    • No cradle, No wire, No headset battery to charge
    • Voice recognition dialer
    • Software upgradeable
      Superior User Interface
    • LCD Screen
    • 2 Buttons (Red and Green)
    • 1 Scroll button with validation
      Default Mode
    • Displays carrier name
    • Network signal strength
    • Pick-up and hang-up
    • Scroll button = sound
      Standard features
    • Echo cancellation, noise reduction
    • Voice recognition dialing
    • Volume control
    • Dual call
    • Auto connect on incoming call
      New Features
    • Caller ID
    • Dialing with numbers
    • Phonebook synchronization including: -last calls received -last calls dialed
    • Extension with new voicetags (up to 200)
    • User connection priority management (up to 5 users)
    • Wordspotting
      Characteristics of voice recognition Up to 200 Voice Tags
    • Real time
    • Noise-robust
    • Dynamic adaptation to background noise
    Parrot Minikit Slim- Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Phone-Kit Parrot PAR-MK6100 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit with super thin display and 2 integrated microphones
    Sleek and lightweight

    The Parrot MINIKIT SLIM is a portable Bluetooth hands-free kit sporting a profiled, sleek design. Thanks to its space-saving design, it offers countless uses: in the car, in the office and at home. Its highly intuitive interface will automatically connect to your Bluetooth phone when nearby. Fixed to the sun visor or laid on a table, it adapts to every environment and can easily be carried around in your pocket.

    All your contacts whenever you want

    Once paired, the Parrot MINIKIT SLIM automatically synchronises* its phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. The phonebook on the MINIKIT SLIM is updated seamlessly whenever it connects*. The entire phonebook is available at all times thanks to the voice synthesis of the names (Text-To-Speech function). Practical and indispensable.

    * Function available on most Bluetooth mobile phones. See online help for further details.

    It recognizes every voice

    Fancy calling one of the contacts in the phonebook? Say the name and the MINIKIT SLIM recognises it without any prior training and dials the number. If several numbers are associated with the same person, tell the kit which one you want to dial by saying mobile, work, home, and so on. You can also record a voiceprint (shortcut) for one of your contacts, so that you can call them even more quickly.

    Uncompromising audio quality

    Parrot has combined its audio expertise with the vibrating panel technology. No more speakers - the top panel is connected to the audio circuit and vibrates to reproduce natural, open sound. The results are spectacular - stunning sound quality, crystal-clear conversations and power always ready to go. The especially discreet high sensitivity microphone is fully built into the design.

    With its elegant design and its high-definition OLED screen, the Parrot MK6100 enables you to make and take phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to handle the telephone, you can even leave it in your pocket. Once paired, connection with your mobile is made in a completely transparent way. An incoming call? Press the green button to take the call while the kit mutes the sound of the car radio automatically during the onversation.  Digital Signal Processing is a speciality of Parrot. The Parrot MK6100 integrates new and particularly effective software called noise reduction Parrot Beamforming Technology. Unexpected noises in the car environment are numerous and can become awkward for you and your callers. Parrot Beamforming Technology and the two built-in microphones act as human ears: they eliminate the extraneous noises and focus on the primary voice.  The Parrot MK6100 automatically synchronizes the names and phone numbers in your mobile with its phone book. When you receive a call, the name and the number are displayed on the screen. To follow on your conversation in a private mode, switch the communication instantly to your Bluetooth headset or your cellphone. Another unique feature: the screen of the Parrot MK6100 is detachable from its support when you leave your vehicle, for ultimate security.  The Parrot MK6100 is a music playing hands-free car kit: play your favorite MP3 files on the car’s speakers from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source: mobile phone, MP3 player… Once paired, the music player connects automatically to the MK6100. Press PLAY on the kit’s remote control to start reading the MP3s and benefit from the digital amplifier which transforms your car into a true concert hall!  Positioned on the steering wheel or placed wherever is convenient, the RF remote control of Parrot MK6100 gives you the total control you need right at your fingertips! Simple and intuitive, its interface lets to you browse within your address book or start playing the music of your choice.  Access the list of your contacts in the kit’s phone book and let the MK6100 read them for you thanks to its Text to Speech technology. Press one button to validate your choice and the kit initiates the call. And for often called phone numbers, simply say the name of your contact and the built-in voice recognition finds and dials the number for you.
    Parrot PAR-SK4000 Bluetooth Hands-Free Motorcycle Kit Parrot PMK5800 - Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with FM Transmitter
    Bluetooth Hands-Free Motorcycle Kit

    Ride connected
    Now you can make and take calls, listen to FM radio or play your favorite digital music – all while riding calm and cool. Parrot SK4000 is a full-featured Bluetooth hands-free kit designed expressly for motorcycles. Completely wireless, it fits on your helmet and automatically links to a Bluetooth A2DPenabled cell phone in your pocket or saddlebags. Its built-in, rechargeable battery provides up to ten hours of use and recharges via a mini-USB jack. A 110-240 Volt AC/DC charger is included.
    It talks so you can too
    The Parrot SK4000 automatically synchronizes its phonebook with your cell phonebook. Updates are automatic as well. Calling couldn’t be easier: Use the handlebar remote to browse your phonebook and hear each contact name spoken via Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Indicate your choice or simply speak the name of the person you want to call. Either way, the call will be dialed automatically.
    A sound system for the road
    In addition to hands-free calling, you can listen to the FM/RDS radio, stream digital music from your Bluetooth A2DP-enabled cell phone or device or plug in an iPod® or other music player. The SK4000 also boasts two stunning sound effects: Stereo Widening and Virtual Super Bass, to bring your playlist alive. Thanks to Parrot expertise in Bluetooth technology, phone calls, music and your favorite ball game or motorsports event are crystal clear with the SK4000 kit. And the volume adjusts automatically to compensate for road and wind noise as you ride.
    Control at your fingertips
    The Parrot SK4000 features an innovative wireless remote control that mounts on the handlebars. All phone and music functions can be accessed intuitively so you can keep your hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road for maximum control. And, the controls are large enough to be easily used when wearing gloves.
    Adapts to your helmet
    The SK4000 kit can be fitted to your motorcycle helmet in minutes. The microphone is mounted on a flexible coupling designed to fit most any helmet size and configuration. The headset speakers are positioned inside the helmet with hook and loop or adhesive strip fasteners.

    Plug & Play Bluetooth hands-free kit

    Plug & play hands-free calling

    The Parrot PMK5800 is a full-featured Bluetooth hands-free car kit that plugs into the 12V accessory plug and pairs with your Bluetooth mobile phone. Once paired, the Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone automatically connects to your phone by Bluetooth. Plug it in, pair it up and start enjoying the freedom of making and taking calls without touching your phone. Hands-free calls have never been so simple.

    Voice and music over your car stereo

    The Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone has the advantage of being compact and portable, yet capable of delivering voice and music over the vehicle's speakers. It contains a high-quality FM stereo transmitter that transmits calls and music to the car stereo so that it is heard loud and clear.

    Exceptional sound quality

    Advanced signal processing is a Parrot speciality. The Parrot PMK5800 incorporates the latest Parrot noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies. Sound quality is flawless for phone calls and for listening to your music. The built-in microphone is combined with a special software program that captures the voice and effectively eliminates surrounding noise. The FM stereo transmitter of the Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone ensures a perfect link between the Bluetooth handsfree kit and the car stereo without any interference or parasitic noise. It’s a plug & play car kit with the noise-free clarity usually only found on a Parrot installed car kit.

    Built-in voice recognition

    Unlike most portable hands-free kits, the Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone uses Parrot proprietary voice recognition software for true hands-free calling. You can quickly and safely access your main contacts by simply saying their names (up to 150 contacts per phone) and they are dialed automatically.

    Play your digital music files

    With the Parrot PMK5800 you can play your favorite music tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth (with any Bluetoothenabled A2DP device) or with a wired connection to the PMK5800 (mini- USB cable supplied with the kit). Either way, music is transmitted to the vehicle stereo via FM radio waves and reproduced through the car speakers. The Parrot PMK5800 is the convenient, economical way to enjoy hands-free calling and favorite music in your car.

    Technical and commercial specifications

    Plug & Play Bluetooth hands-free kit

    Audio :

    • Full Duplex
    • Built-in omnidirectional microphone with adaptive gain
    • Advanced noise reduction (new algorithm)
    • Echo cancellation
    • Residual echo cancellation
    • Voice menus
    • Voice recognition: 150 voiceprints per paired phone
    • Keywords for quick access
    • Transmission through the vehicle's speakers
    • Line-in connector for audio players
    • Built-in codec: SBC
    • Plays music stored on compatible Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) devices


    • Six-digit red LED
    • Reversible screen

      General specifications:
    • Up to 10 mobile phones paired
    • Number of contacts: 150 per phone
    • 7-button interface (including a rotary button)
    • Pick up, hang up, confirm…
    • Rotary button: languages, menus, settings…
    • Play/pause, forward, rewind
    • FM frequency adjustment and storage
    • Automatic connection by pairing order


    • Bluetooth v1.2
    • Supported profiles:
      • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
      • AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)
      • HFP (Hands Free Profile)
      • OPP (Object Push Profile)
    • Maximum range: 33 feet (10 meters)
    • Pairing: by PIN code
    • Update via Bluetooth


    Height: 6.0 in. (150 mm)
    Width: 3.2 in. (81 mm)
    Depth: 1.5 in. (37 mm)
    Weight: 3.0 oz. (80 grams)


    • Parrot P5 (32 bits) @ 208 MHz
    • Combo flash = 32 Mbits - SDRAM = 64 Mbits

    Power supply

    • 12V DC – Not compatible with 24V sources

    Kit contents

    1 Parrot PMK5800
    1 mini-USB cable with 3.5 mm plug
    1 adapter ring for 23 mm sockets
    1 user guide

    Wireless technology

    The Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a short distance radio link. It connects a wide range of electronic equipment without requiring additional cables. Furthermore, it extends the communication possibilities for mobile phones and a large number of devices. The Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) profile uses the same short distance radio frequencies to transport musical files from one peripheral to another one.

    Phone & device compatibility

    As Parrot products are 100% Bluetooth compatible, they are compatible with almost every Bluetooth mobile phone. Example: Asus, Audiovox, BenQ, Blackberry, Eten, Grunding, HP, HTC, I-Mate, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Palm Treo, Panasonic, Qtek, Sagem, Samsung, Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, SPV, Telital, VK mobile…

    Plantronics Discovery 925 - Cerise - VFrame Bluetooth Headset in Cerise Plantronics Discovery 925 - Gold - VFrame Bluetooth Headset in Gold

    The Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece is your essential conversation piece, blending an elegantly simple VFrame design with crisp sound quality and lightweight, couture comfort. The effortless set up, AudioIQ noise control technology and carrying case with rechargeable battery let you stay in touch and in style while you’re in motion.


    • VFrame design captures your eye as well as your voice
    • Rechargeable case keeps you in charge
    • AudioIQ noise control technology for clear calls
    • Three sizes of self-stabilizing eartips let you tailor the fit
    • Quick and easy set up with Bluetooth phones
    • Available in metallic and jewel tone colors
    • Enjoy up to 5 hours talk time or 7 days standby from a single charge

    The Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece is your essential conversation piece, blending an elegantly simple VFrame design with crisp sound quality and lightweight, couture comfort. The effortless set up, AudioIQ noise control technology and carrying case with rechargeable battery let you stay in touch and in style while you’re in motion.


    • VFrame design captures your eye as well as your voice
    • Rechargeable case keeps you in charge
    • AudioIQ noise control technology for clear calls
    • Three sizes of self-stabilizing eartips let you tailor the fit
    • Quick and easy set up with Bluetooth phones
    • Available in metallic and jewel tone colors
    • Enjoy up to 5 hours talk time or 7 days standby from a single charge
    Bluetooth-Enabled Systems

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