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Bosch BATB-80 Battery Box Bosch D126 Standby Battery (12 V, 7 Ah)

Bosch BATB-80 Battery Box

Our Price : $260.78

DS-BATB80 / BATB-80 Battery Box
The BATB80 Battery Box holds up to four dry or wet cell batteries. The box can be used with fire alarm systems or with intrusion systems.

The BATB Series Battery Boxes are a distinctive red for use in fire alarm systems. The BATB-40 provides a single level (two battery capacity) of battery storage with an optional shelf that increases the battery capacity to four batteries. The BATB-80 has a mounted shelf and holds up to four batteries. Note: The actual number of batteries the battery box can support depends on the size and weight of the batteries. Refer to Technical Specifications for specific information. These battery boxes are used with the following battery types: Gel-cell Nicad Sealed Lead-acid Wet-cell

  • UL Approved
  • Holds up to four auxiliary batteries
  • D126 Standby Battery (12 V, 7 Ah)
    Sealed lead-acid standby and auxiliary rechargeable power supply.

    A maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid, standby and auxiliary power supply that provides long service life and dependability.

    The battery is for use only with charging circuits calibrated for lead-acid batteries. It is suitable for supplying backup power for fire, security, and access control systems during AC power failures.

    The D126 fits in any of the currently offered enclosures and connects to the two color-coded battery leads supplied with the control panel or module. Use a D122 Dual Battery Harness to connect two D126 batteries in parallel and double the amp hour output.

  • 12 VDC sealed lead-acid
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Maintenance-free
  • For use as secondary power for accessory modules
  • Long service life
  • Bosch D8132 Battery Charger Module
    Suitable for 12 VDC, up to 27 Ah of batteries. Increases battery standby time. Includes one transformer.

    The D8132 and D8132LT Battery Charger Modules work with external batteries to increase standby time and provide additional power to the auxiliary output of compatible control panels. The D8132 model includes the transformer (D1640), while the D8132LT model does not. The D8132 or D8132LT can be used as a stand-alone power supply or as a battery charger. However, the D8132 and D8132LT are UL rated as a battery chargers only, not as a stand-alone power supplies.


  • Provide additional standby Ah for control panels
  • 1200 mA battery recharging circuit
  • Suitable for 12 VDC, up to 27 Ah of batteries
  • Suitable as a stand-alone 12 VDC, 1 A power supply (not rated for UL)
    Bosch Batteries

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