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  Bosch PB-VG432ECS AutoDome 300 Series PTZ Camera System
Bosch PB-VG432ECS AutoDome 300 Series PTZ Camera System


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Bosch's AutoDome modular camera system is a revolutionary new concept in dome cameras. More than just a series of cameras, it's a dome platform built around a system of intelligent, interchangeable modules that allow you to update camera functionality quickly and costeffectively. Using common components lets you install a basic camera system today and migrate to a more advanced version tomorrow - without having to replace the entire dome, thus protecting your initial investment.

Interchangeable modules:

The entire AutoDome system is based on five interchangeable modules: the CPU, camera, housing, communications, and power supply. Simply swap one of AutoDome's interchangeable modules and quickly upgrade from analog to IP, color to day/night, or add motion detection. Never before have you had the ability to adapt a security system to your changing needs this quickly or inexpensively.

By using the same housing components, all installations have a consistent look, and observers have no idea which type of camera (if any) is watching over them. This unique, modular design also gives you the flexibility to move cameras between different housings when special coverage is needed, or as site plan requirements change.

For example, an 18x PTZ camera over a specific area could easily be "hot-swapped" to a 26x or 36x day/night without removing the power. Migrating from a basic dome to one with advanced features such as AutoTrack II intelligent tracking can be done quickly and easily, without requiring dome removal or rewiring. AutoDome's Ethernet communications module allows you to add IP functionality while maintaining connectivity to existing analog inputs and outputs.

300 Series highlights:

The AutoDome 300 Series includes support for 18x, 26x, and the industry-leading 36x day/night PTZ cameras, and several advanced features - including an alarm management "rules" engine and privacy masking.

The AutoDome 300 Series supports a variety of standard and optional video and data transmission methods, including Bilinx (over coax and UTP), fiber, and even TCP/ IP over Ethernet. Remote control, configuration, and firmware updates can also be performed over these cables, offering you unparalleled control of your cameras. Cable compensation provides extended coaxial and UTP distance runs while preventing the image quality degradation caused by signal losses from long cable lengths.

The optional IP Communications Module has hybrid functionality to protect your current analog technology investment while providing a clear and stable migration path to fully digital, IP-based solutions. This allows you to move to IP video at your own pace - all at once or one camera at a time. And since all AutoDome modules are completely interchangeable, there is no need to replace expensive components (e.g., cameras) or labor-intensive components.


The following are some of the features that make the AutoDome 300 Series the most flexible PTZ dome camera systems in the security industry.

High-performance PTZ day/night cameras:
Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ dome system, and the AutoDome delivers. The 300 Series is available with a choice of 18x, 26x, or an industryleading 36x optical zoom lens, and all 300 Series systems offer a full 12x digital zoom. The 18x and 26x cameras provide 470 TVL (NTSC) or 480 TVL (PAL), and the 36x camera provides a full 540 TVL of horizontal resolution for outstanding clarity and image detail. The 36x camera also incorporates technology that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times. Also known as WDR (widedynamic range), it results in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments.

The AutoScaling (proportional zoom) and AutoPivot (automatically rotates and flips the camera) features ensure optimal control. Day/night capabilities and outstanding sensitivity make 300 Series cameras exceptional performers in all lighting conditions. In low light, these cameras automatically switch from color to monochrome by removing the IR filter to boost infrared illumination sensitivity, while maintaining superior image quality. For operation in the darkest conditions, the SensUp control feature automatically extends the shutter speed to as much as one second. This increases sensitivity by more than 50 times.

With super-quick, 360 per-second pan and tilt speeds, the AutoDome 300 Series outperforms other domes in its class. The 300 Series supports 99 pre-positions and two styles of guard tours: preset and record/playback. The preset tour can handle up to 99 pre-positions with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions; the order and frequency with which each preset is visited can be customized. The AutoDome 300 Series also provides support for two recorded tours, which have a combined duration of 15 minutes of movement. These are recorded macros of an operator's movements, including pan, tilt, and zoom activities, and can be played back continuously. Supported menu languages include: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.

Alarm management:
The AutoDome 300 Series takes alarm handling to new levels of flexibility and power.

Inputs and outputs:
The AutoDome 300 Series can handle seven alarm inputs: two of these are analog inputs that can be programmed for EOLR (End-of-Line Resistor) supervision whenever true security applications require it. These inputs enable the dome to "sense" if the contact is opened or closed and whether the wire has been tampered with (either by being cut or shorted). In addition, the AutoDome 300 Series supports four outputs: one relay rated at two amps and three additional open collectors for driving external devices. Each can be programmed individually.

Advanced alarm control:
This new concept in flexibility goes beyond simple alarm handling. Advanced alarm control uses sophisticated rules-based logic to determine how to manage alarms. In its most basic form, a "rule" could define which input(s) should activate which output(s). In a more complex form, inputs and outputs can be combined with pre-defined or user-specified keyboard commands to perform advanced dome functions. There is virtually no limit to the number of combinations that you can program, making the standard software in the dome ready for any application.

Superior privacy masking:
The AutoDome 300 Series allows for a total of 24 individual privacy masks, with up to eight displayed in the same scene. Unlike conventional privacy masks, these can each be programmed with three, four, or even five corners to cover more complex shapes. As the camera is zoomed each mask changes size smoothly and quickly ensuring that the covered object cannot be seen. You also have a choice of colors: black, white, and blurred. Blurred comes in handy when privacy is an issue, but determining the presence of motion is still required.

Optional hybrid analog/IP operation:
AutoDomes equipped with the optional TCP/IP Communications Module use an advanced H.264 encoder to create DVD-quality streaming video across a local or a wide area network, and can simultaneously stream CVBS video via coaxial cabling to support existing analog equipment. Network video streams are sent over IP networks and can be viewed with the Bosch Divar XF Digital Video Recorder, or on a PC running VIDOS video management software. Alternatively, a Bosch IP videoAutoDome 300 Series PTZ Camera System | 3 decoder can be used to display the video on an analog CVBS or VGA monitor. For maximum accessibility, the video can be viewed using a web browser.

Tri-streaming video:
Bosch's innovative tri-streaming feature enables AutoDomes equipped with the optional IP communications module to generate independent streams simultaneously. This feature allows you to stream highquality images for live viewing while recording at a reduced frame rate, and at the same time, stream images to a remote PDA device.

Unsurpassed reliability:
All housings feature recessed screws and latches for increased tamper resistance. AutoDome pendant housings (indoor and outdoor) are rated to provide IP 66 protection. In addition, the pendant housings come equipped with a low-impact, highresolution acrylic bubble for enhanced image clarity AutoDome in-ceiling housings are rated IK 8 (IEC 62262). These housings feature an impact-resistant polycarbonate Rugged Bubble to protect your camera from vandalism. The Rugged Bubble can withstand impacts equivalent to a 4.5 kg (10 lb) weight dropped from a height of 3 m (10 ft).

Outdoor EnviroDome housings provide an operating temperature range down to -40C (-40F). The optional "XT" extreme temperature kit allows an AutoDome to operate in temperatures down to -60C (-76F), ensuring reliable operation in even the harshest environments. The Pressurized Environmental Housing is rated to provide IP 67 protection for a VG4 Series AutoDome Modular Camera System from the elements, both natural and manmade. It is the ideal surveillance solution for applications that require frequent wash-down, including traffic, transit, bridges, tunnels and coastal installations where salt, moisture, dust, insects and fumes threaten the long-term operation of the camera.

Ease of installation and servicing:
Bosch's innovative software, the Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices (CTFID), allows operators or technicians to control the PTZ, change camera settings, and even update firmware from virtually anywhere without need for additional wiring. For the new Ethernet versions, an embedded Web server lets the installer access all the user settings, make camera adjustments, and update firmware via a standard Web browser.


Camera 36x Day/Night
Imager: 1/4 in. Exview HAD CCD (752 x 582 PAL)/(768 x 494 NTSC)
Lens: 36x Zoom (3.4 -122.4 mm) F1.6 to F4.5
Focus: Automatic with manual override
Iris: Automatic with manual override
Field of View: 1.7 to 57.8
Video Output: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm
Gain Control: Off/Auto (with adjustable limit)
Synchronization: Line-Lock (-120 to 120 vertical phase adjust) or internal crystal
Aperture Correction: Horizontal and vertical
Digital Zoom: 12x
Horizontal Resolution: 540 TVL (NTSC, PAL) typical

Camera 26x Day/Night
Imager: 1/4 in. Exview HAD CCD (752 x 582 PAL)/(768 x 494 NTSC)
Lens: 26x Zoom (3.5-91.0 mm) F1.6 to F3.8
Focus: Automatic, with manual override
Iris: Automatic, with manual override
Field of View: 2.3 to 55
Video Output: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm
Gain Control: Off/Auto (with adjustable limit)
Synchronization: Line-Lock (-120 to 120 vertical phase adjust) or internal crystal
Aperture Correction: Horizontal and vertical
Digital Zoom: 12x
Horizontal Resolution: NTSC: 470 TVL, typical PAL: 480 TVL, typical

Camera 18x Day/Night
Imager: 1/4 in. Exview HAD CCD (752 x 582 PAL)/(768 x 494 NTSC)
Lens: 18x Zoom (4.1-73.8 mm) F1.4 to F3.0
Focus: Automatic with manual override
Iris: Automatic with manual override
Field of View: 2.7 to 48
Video Output: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm
Gain Control: Off/Auto (with adjustable limit)
Synchronization: Line-Lock (-120 to 120 vertical phase adjust) or internal crystal
Aperture Correction: Horizontal and vertical
Digital Zoom: 12x
Horizontal Resolution: NTSC: 470 TVL, typical PAL: 480 TVL, typical


Model: Design Rating
In-Ceiling: Plenum Rated
Indoor Pendant: IP66
EnviroDome: IP66

Model: Operating Temp.
In-Ceiling: -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)
Indoor Pendant: -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)
EnviroDome: -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F)

Model: Storage Temp.
In-Ceiling: -40C to 60C (-40F to 140F)
Indoor Pendant: -40C to 60C (-40F to 140F)
EnviroDome: -40C to 60C (-40F to 140F)

Model: Humidity
In-Ceiling: 0% to 90% relative, non-condensing
Indoor Pendant: 0% to 90% relative, non-condensing
EnviroDome: 0% to 100% relative, condensing
Protection: IP 66, IK 8 (IEC 62262)


Sectors/Titling: 16 independent sectors with 20-character titles/sector
Camera Setup/Control: Biphase, RS-232, RS-485, Bilinx Power of 10 (coax)
Communications Protocols: Biphase, Bilinx Power of 10 ,Pelco P, and Pelco D
Pre-positions: 99, each with 20-character titles

Guard Tours Two (2) types of tours:
Recorded tours - two (2), total duration 15 minutes
Preset tour - one (1), consisting of up to 99 scenes, consecutively and (1) customized up to 99 scenes
Supported Languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Cable Compensation:

Max Distance: With Pre-comp OFF With Pre-comp ON
RG-59/U: 1000 ft (300 m) 2000 ft (600 m)
RG-6/U: 1500 ft (450 m) 3000 ft (900 m)
RG-11/U: 2000 ft (600 m) 4000 ft (1200 m)
Cat5/UTP (Passive receiver): 750 ft (225 m) 1500 ft (450 m)

User Connections:

Power (Camera): 21-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power (Heater): 21-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Biphase : Control Data
Audio Line In Power of 11: 9K Ohm typ, 5.5 Vp-p max
RS-232 RX/TX or RS-485 - optional control data (dip switch selectable)
Video: BNC/UTP Power of 12
EOLR Alarm Inputs (2):Programmable for" normally open", "normally closed", "normally open-supervised", "normally closed-supervised
Alarm Inputs (5): Programmable for "normally open" or "normally closed"
Relay Out (1):Dry contact output rating: 2 A @ 30 VAC
Open Collector Outputs (3):32VDC@150 ma max
11 With Ethernet models, the biphase can optionally be used as the audio line in connector.
12 Ethernet models have no UTP analog output only BNC (coax).
  • High-speed PTZ dome
  • Fully interchangeable CPUs, cameras, housings, communications, and mounts
  • Choice of 540 TVL 36x day/night night camera with 128x wide dynamic range or 26x and 18x day/night cameras
  • Optional hybrid operation provides simultaneous analog (coax) and IP connectivity
  • Advanced privacy masking
  • Advanced alarm control with rules engine
  • UTP transmission standard on all analog models
  • Cable compensation extends cabling distances
  • Multi-protocol capable

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