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Control Panels for Burglar Alarm Systems


Control Panel Kit for Burglar Alarm Systems

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Burglar alarms must be adjusted to cover different building configurations. Control panel kits are an easy way to achieve rapid home alarm systems installation for various applications by using one flexible package. Security Store USA stocks control panel kits that easily accept connections for expansion and deliver features such as PC-based control, monitoring and configuration. Our burglar alarm control panel kits offer communication via direct serial port, modem, and TCP/IP networks.
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Macurco AQC-12 Air Quality Controller for use with Alarm Control Panels Mircom MI-EC310 (EC-310) Slave Control Panel
This controller offers variable sensitivity, 120 VAC operation, one SPDT alarm relay, and adjustable time delay on alarm.
  • Detects cigarette smoke, VOCs and many other gases - recommended coverage: 900 sq. feet.
  • Upon alarm, AQC closes SPDT relay to a control panel or other device.
  • Easy installation, unit mounts flush in a standard 4 x 4 electrical box.
  • No maintenance required, sensors have a 7 to 10 year life expectancy.
  • Detectors have customer adjustable settings for:
    a) sensitivity of the unit to smoke and gases.
    b) Time of activation of relay closure.
  • LED lights show the status of the detector.
  • The AQC-12 and AQC-21 both have supervised sensors and will go into alarm condition if there is an internal failure of the unit.
  • Automatic operation; units automatically reset after alarm or power outage.
  • General purpose detector for cigarette smoke, diesel fumes, VOCs and other hydrocarbons. Primary use is detection of cigarette smoke in non-smoking areas.
  • All units are 100% Gas Tested

    NOTE: These units are NOT suitable as smoke alarms, fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. For detection of a specific gas please consult Macurco for the proper detector.
  • EC-310 Slave Control Panel

    NC-N1000K4X Control Panel Kit(Incl.Exp Cntrllr In Encl,S4,X4) - NC-N1000K4X NC-NX4PCB Nx4 Control Panel Only - NC-NX4PCB
    NC-N1000K4X Control Panel Kit(Incl.Exp Cntrllr In Encl,S4,X4) - NC-N1000K4X

    Versatility, reliability and expandability are the three main features that make the N-1000 the most popular access control panel ever
    Another key feature of the N-1000 is its completely distributed database. All card information, time zone information, relay control information and alarm point information is loaded into the N-1000ís memory. The unit can operate completely stand alone without dependence on any other equipment
    The most important feature of any access control system is the ability to be expanded. The N-1000 will operate as a stand alone two or four door controller, and as needs increase, up to 31 N-1000's may be connected on an RS485 drop-line
    Using WIN-PAKTM access control software, a total system is achieved by having each drop-line connected to a communication port, modem or ethernet terminal server
    N-1000 is designed to operate off-line, making access control decisions independently from a PC or other controlling device. It can also be connected to a host computer for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Connectivity to the host computer is accomplished via direct serial communication (RS232 or RS485), dial-up modem or TCP/IP network connection
    The N-1000-IV-X allows for a card database of 25,000 cards and a transaction buffer capable of storing 6,600 transactions

    NC-NX4PCB Nx4 Control Panel Only - NC-NX4PCB

    Northern Computers NC-N1000K3 N-1000-III Control Panel Kit Northern Computers NC-N1000K3X N-1000-IIIX Control Panel Kit
    Complete N-1000-III assembly with enclosure (N-1000-III) transformer (X-4) and four suppressor kits (S-4). Complete N-1000-IIIX assembly with enclosure (N-1000-IIIX) transformer (X-4) and four suppressor kits (S-4).
    Northern Computers NC-N1000K4 N-1000-IV Control Panel Kit Northern Computers NC-N1000K4X N-1000-IVX Control Panel Kit
    Complete N-1000-IV assembly with enclosure (N-1000-IV) transformer (X-4) and four suppressor kits (S-4). Complete N-1000-IVX assembly with enclosure (N-1000-IVX) transformer (X-4) and four suppressor kits (S-4).
    Sentex EM3000 EntryMaster Full Feature Access Control Panel with Software Signal Communications AU388CPIA - CONTROL PANEL INTERFACE OPT A
    The EM3000 by Sentex is a PC-based integrated access control system designed to manage the flow of employees, visitors, and vehicles where enhanced security measures and tighter controls are required. The EM3000 system is comprised of the intuitive EMWin software and the battery backed-up EMC intelligent controller.

    The EMWin software can be installed on Windows 98, 2000, NT or XP operating systems and manages up to 3000 individual cardholders. The EMC controller can support the connection of up to two card readers and doors. Multiple EMC controllers can be linked together, making the EM3000 ideally suited for small and medium-sized applications.


  • Configuration Wizard
  • Area Counter
  • Long Access & Shunt
  • Automatic Start & End Card Dates
  • Four Access Levels per Cardholder
  • Anti-Passback
  • Automatic Leap Year and Daylight Savings Control
  • Built-in Reports
  • Flash Ram Updates
  • RS485 Communications
  • Auto-Calibrated Supervised Inputs
  • Supervised Reader Protection
  • Electronically Fused Power, Inputs and Outputs
  • Battery Backup O2-EM3000
  • Signal Communications AU388CPIA - CONTROL PANEL INTERFACE OPT A

    Control Panel Kit for Burglar Alarm Systems

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