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EP-880 Scramble Encrypted Phones - Sold as Set of Two ONLY Vivikai DV-1228 12 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA /CAMCORDER /MP4/MP3/ VOICE RECORDER 6IN1 8X Zoom
Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery time

EP-880 Scramble Encrypted Anti-Tapping Phone

EP-880 Scramble Encrypted Phone is designed for voice communication protection by our unique Frequency Band Scrambling (FBSS) technology. Secure voice communication over public telephone networks can be achieved by integrating this technology with normal telephone functions.

The EP-880 is a analogue scramble encrypted phone. Frequency Band Switching and Scrambling ensures the voice transmission remains secure.

EP-880 comes with 743 billion cryptographic codes, which are randomly set. The EP-880 is very user friendly, encryption can be achieved if one of both calling partners press the encryption button. (Caller and Receiver need 1 model EP-880 phone each)

The EP-880 needs only to be connected with the PSTN line. During a normal conversation, by pushing the encryption button both phones will start to encrypt. So you just need to push one button, and both phones will encrypt. Therefore we sell, the phone always with at least two pieces.


  • 1) EP-880 is equipped with all the features and functions of a normal telephone.
  • 2) The two parties can communicate in a secured environment when they are both using the EP-880.
  • 3) EP-880 allows switching between secured operation mode and normal operation mode by press one button.
  • 4) High security communication is supported by dynamic frequency change and scrambling technique of FBVS which makes decoding almost impossible.
  • 5) EP-880 interlocks the link between 2 communication parties, blocking out any 3rd party even if it uses an EP-880.
  • 6) EP-880 is equipped with an automatic identification function of Normal or Scrambling mode communication. If the 2 parties are using EP-880, it will be able to detect so and will automatically engage into scrambling mode communication and a green light will flash. If one of the 2 parties is not using EP-880, it will detect so and will automatically engage in Normal mode communication and no flash light will appear.


    1 ringer output
  • 1.1 Ringer sound level(at 20Hz, 75Vrms) ≧ 70dBA

    2 DC Characteristics

  • 2.1 on Hook (resistance 80VDC) > 5M
  • 2.2 Off Hook @20mA < 9V

    3 Frequency Responses

  • 3.1 Transmit U.S.A
  • 3.2 Receive U.S.A

    4 Objective Loudness Rating

  • 4.1 TOLR
  • 4.1.1 @0K ft -53 ~ -40dB
  • 4.1.2 @15K ft -49 ~ -36dB
  • 4.1.3 TX Distortion ≦ 5%
  • 4.2 ROLR
  • 4.2.1 @0K ft 41 ~ 51dB
  • 4.2.2 @15K ft 45 ~ 55dB
  • 4.2.3 RX Distortion ≦ 5%
  • 4.3 SOLR
  • 4.3.1 @0K ft > 4dB
  • 4.3.2 @15K ft > 4dB
  • 4.3.3 SOLR Distortion < 8%

    5 Return Loss

  • 5.1 @0K ft
  • 5.2 200 Hz ~ 3500 Hz > 10dB

    6 Echo Return

  • 6.1 @0K ft 6.2 500 Hz ~ 2500 Hz > 15dB

    7 DTMF Dialing Test

  • 7.1 @20mA Low Group -10 ~ 0 dBm
  • 7.2 @20mA High Group -8 ~ 0 dBm
  • 7.3 Twist Level 0 ~ 4dB
  • 7.4 @80mA Low Group -12 ~ 0 dBm
  • 7.5 @80mA High Group -10 ~ 0 dBm
  • 7.6 Twist Level 0 ~ 4dB
  • 7.7 Frequency Deviation < 1.5%
  • 8 Flash Time 600ms±30ms

    9 CID

  • 9.1 Type FSK Signal Level Detection(S/N 25dB) -12 ~ -44dBm
  • 9.2 Type DTMF Signal Level Detection(S/N 15dB) -32 ~ -4dBm
  • 10 Operation Current ≦ 250mA
  • 11 Standby Current ≦ 250mA

    Frequency Band Switching and Scrambling
    Frequency Band Switching and Scrambling is different from code encryption technology. It is mainly used in securing voice transmission to ensure high confidentiality, making it extremely difficult to decode.

    A brief description: by changing certain frequency F(x) to F(y) and producing different carrier frequencies within a frequency range, we choose various modulation frequencies and demodulation frequencies. Based on this, F(y1, y2… yn) carrier frequencies will be changed within different time domains T (t1, t2……tn) to achieve “frequency-hopping order mechanism” of both frequency domain and time domain, thereby actualising scrambling and descrambling functions on analogue communications to ensure information security.

    The technology integrates normal telephony functions, scrambling module and descrambling module. First the caller’s terminal divides voice frequency band into different frequency bands which are to be scrambled, mixed with modulating frequencies and then output. Receiver’s terminal reservation mechanism will do reverse processing to complete descrambling. Division of band in this technology varies randomly. The scrambling key also varies according to random permutation. Scrambling technology does not have a rigid receive-call synchronization mechanism scrambling and descrambling, could only be correctly done by both calling parties.

    Mode of scrambling: during conversation, process scrambling and descrambling among different carrier frequencies. The variation of carrier frequencies is accomplished by software, therefore difficult to be deciphered.

    The IC chip a brief description
    The chip IC is a frequency domain scrambler for the use inside the analogue phone systems. It contains separate Tx and Rx paths for full duplex operation and operates under Processor control via simple serial interface.

    In the Tx path, scrambling is achieved by splitting the audio band into two parts, or sub-bands, and frequency inverting each one. The frequency at which the signal is split, the “Split-point” can be either fixed or rolling between four possible settings resulting in a transmitted audio signal which is unintelligible to eavesdroppers. Descrambling is achieved by a receive device set to the same split point as the remote transmitter. Thus if the Tx and Rx devices are synchronously cycled through the same sequence of split points, a clear recovered signal will emerge at the output of the receiver.

  • Brand new 12 mega pixel digital video camera/camcorder. Still images get an amazing cutting edge 12mp digital quality. This amazing device also takes incredible digital video and with a highly sensitive built in microphone it takes great sound.

    The built in internal 32meg memory allows you to take up to 258 photos. What's great about this device is, it is upgradeable to a whopping 2gb of memory. It liberally accepts either an mmc or standard SD card. With the SD card you can record 2 hours of great quality video with great sound.

    This device is also a great mp3/mp4 player! You can upload all your favorite mp3's, wav music onto the device to listen and watch where ever you go.

    It also includes a built in speaker. You can play back the video you shot and your stored mp3 and mp4's with great sound! A built in jack and pair of earphones are also included as well. Insert a 2gb sd or mmc card in and you hold 1000 songs.

    The device is built with a swivel 360 degrees TFT LCD 2.0' high resolution color screen to preview the photos you shoot as well watch the video live as you shoot it. It is also great to play back the video you shot, watch your mp4's and preview the photos you shoot. This device is also a webcam which you can hook up to your computer for great webcam use and digital conferencing. With the Swivel LCD it would allow to you set this up as a great webcam and watch the recording on the LCD screen as you go.

    It is also a digital voice recorder. Take it anywhere with you to record that class or business meeting. using a 2gb sd card would give you whopping 160 hours of voice recording capacity.

    This amazing device can also be used as a mass storage device to store all your powerpoint, word, excel, wordpad and other office documents. No need to buy batteries. This camera contains a new powerful li ion battery which will give you hours of straight mpeg and video recording. The included ac charger adapter will recharge quickly so it can be ready to use when you need it.

    For a device that has so many features it is quite compact and light. It weighs only 146g and is 102 X 54 X 31mm. it fits in the palm of your hand for easy transport anywhere!

    This camera is also hardware based. It contains software but isnt needed for newer operating systems such as ME,XP and VISTA. You just plug the USB in and it detects it in as a mass storage device and you are ready to upload all your movies and photos to your computer. It's that simple.

    The camcorder function is also great if you do YouTube videos and uploads since it shoots video on flash memory which uploads easily and quickly.

    this amazing compact 6 in 1 digital video camera is a true cutting edge technological revolution

  • Max.Resolution:12Megapixel (interpolation)
  • Image Sensor: 3.1Megapixel CMOS
  • Image Resolution : 640x480,2048x1536,4032x3024
  • Internal Memory:32MB Flash ,External: MMC or SD card
  • Resolution and Images storage:
  • -4032x3024(12.0M Pixels):about 16 photos
  • -2048x1536(3.0M Pixels):about 50 photos
  • -1600x1200(2.0M Pixels):about 80 photos
  • -640x480(1.30M Pixels):about 258photos
  • Video Recording mode:640x480pixels;Frame rate:30fps or 15fps
  • -320x240pixels;Frame rate:30fps or 15fps
  • PC Camera :YES
  • MP3 Player: YES,MP3
  • MP4 Player: YES, AVI
  • Audio Record:YES, WAV
  • Digital Zoom:8X
  • File Formats:JPEG /AVI /MP3 / WAV
  • LCD COLOR Viewfinder:2.0 TFT LCD(360 degree swivel)
  • Exposure: Auto or EV +2.0 ~ -2.0
  • White balance: Automatic/Daylight/Tungsten/Fluorescent/Cloudy
  • Flash: auto/off
  • Internal microphone: yes
  • Internal speaker: yes
  • Direct print system: compatible with "PictBridge" system
  • Scenery: Auto / Scenery / Flower / Night Scene
  • Color: Normal / Sepia / B & w
  • Shooting Mode;Single shot/Self-time shot/Multi
  • Self-Timer: 10s/20s delay
  • Interface:USB1.1 / TV OUT/MP3
  • Lens: Fixed f=9.3mm , F=2.8
  • Focus range: 20cm ~30cm(Macro) / 1.2m~8(Normal)
  • Shutter speed: 1/30second
  • OSD Language:Chinese/English/Japan/France/Germany/Spain/Italy/Russian
  • Power Source: Li-ion battery
  • Automatic Energy Saving: 60s, 120s, Always on
  • Size:102 X 54 X 31mm
  • Weight:146g(absence battery)
  • System Requirement For PC: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA and is compatible with MAC
  • Standard accessories: li-ion battery , USB / AV cable ,hand strap, earphone, AC adapter,pouch, CD ROM,user manual
  • Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ / Oven Thermometer Parrot Minikit Slim- Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Phone-Kit
    Perfect for FATHER’S DAY!!!

    AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ / Oven Thermometer

    We’ll let you know when your BBQ is ready from a football field away!

    No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready—this wireless thermometer verbally alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrées, choose the doneness desired and you’re good to grill.

    · Digital LCD screen with remote wireless probe to identify temperature/readiness of meat
    · Speaks in five languages with corresponding display (English, Spanish, German, French, Danish)
    · Sensor has temperature range from 32°F to 572°F
    · Programmable entrée programs include beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish
    · Four doneness selections include rare, medium rare, medium, and well done
    · Four verbal and audio alert options let you know the status of your meal—almost ready, ready, overcooked, and out-of-range
    · Audio alarm sounds when selected temperature is reached
    · Main unit will receive the probe signal from up to 330 feet away
    · Stainless steel probe detaches from sensor for easy cleaning
    · Low battery indicator

    Sleek and lightweight

    The Parrot MINIKIT SLIM is a portable Bluetooth hands-free kit sporting a profiled, sleek design. Thanks to its space-saving design, it offers countless uses: in the car, in the office and at home. Its highly intuitive interface will automatically connect to your Bluetooth phone when nearby. Fixed to the sun visor or laid on a table, it adapts to every environment and can easily be carried around in your pocket.

    All your contacts whenever you want

    Once paired, the Parrot MINIKIT SLIM automatically synchronises* its phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. The phonebook on the MINIKIT SLIM is updated seamlessly whenever it connects*. The entire phonebook is available at all times thanks to the voice synthesis of the names (Text-To-Speech function). Practical and indispensable.

    * Function available on most Bluetooth mobile phones. See online help for further details.

    It recognizes every voice

    Fancy calling one of the contacts in the phonebook? Say the name and the MINIKIT SLIM recognises it without any prior training and dials the number. If several numbers are associated with the same person, tell the kit which one you want to dial by saying mobile, work, home, and so on. You can also record a voiceprint (shortcut) for one of your contacts, so that you can call them even more quickly.

    Uncompromising audio quality

    Parrot has combined its audio expertise with the vibrating panel technology. No more speakers - the top panel is connected to the audio circuit and vibrates to reproduce natural, open sound. The results are spectacular - stunning sound quality, crystal-clear conversations and power always ready to go. The especially discreet high sensitivity microphone is fully built into the design.

    EOS Core Black - Eos Core System bundle: Base station, Wireless speakers SmartShopper electronic grocery list organizer - Perfect Gift for Mom

    Eos Core System bundle

    Get ready to enjoy the experience of true multi-room audio without any of the hassles. Just plug in your Eos base station/transmitter anywhere and get ready to enjoy your music everywhere. The Eos system supports any iPod with a dock connector.

    With Eos, you can broadcast music from your iPod or connect to Eos auxiliary analog input to broadcast audio from any audio source (XM or Sirius Satellite radio, San Disk or Zune MP3 players, computers, CD players, stereos anything with an audio output.)

    The Eos base station transmits interference free, digital, CD quality audio from your iPod or other audio source to up to 4 Eos wireless stereo speakers, inside or out -- up to 150 ft from the Eos base station.


    • Base Station/Transmitter
    • Wireless Stereo Speaker
    • Infrared Remote Control
    • iPod dock adapters
    • Auxiliary audio cable
    • Available in Black or White
    Creating a complete and organized shopping list is easy and fun with the SmartShopper. This voice-recognition listmaker prints grocery shopping lists sorted into errands and food types. Speech-recognizing SmartShopper records, organizes and prints your grocery list. Simply speak into SmartShopper. It automatically organizes your items.
  • The Perfect Gift for Mom!!!
  • - SmartShopper electronic grocery list organizer
  • - Records, organizes, and prints your grocery list
  • - Voice recognition
  • - Built-in printer
  • - Errand tracker
  • - Categorized lists
  • - 2500 Pre-loaded items
  • - Intuitive interface
  • - Push record button and talk to add an item to your list
  • - Can also learn new items
  • - Automatically organizes items into categories for simplified shopping
  • - Internal thermal printer is ink-free
  • - LCD screen
  • - Built-in magnet for attaching to refrigerator use, also includes hardware for mounting to wall
  • - Includes 3 paper rolls
  • - 4 AA batteries required, not included
  • - Silver
  • Parrot PAR-MINIKIT Handsfree Speakerphone Mini Kit Oregon Scientific AW129BLRS Wireless BBQ Thermometer
    PAR-MINIKIT Handsfree Speakerphone Mini Kit
  • - Parrot handsfree speakerphone mini kit
  • - Compact and portable speakerphone for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • - Digital signal processing technology
  • - Powerful 2 watt speakerphone
  • - Compatible with most Bluetooth cell phones
  • - Battery charger input
  • - Universal metal clip
  • - Omni directional microphone
  • - Soft-touch control knob to adjust volume and access vocal menus and settings
  • - Pick-up/redial and hang-up/reject call buttons
  • - Black PARMINIKIT

  • - Oregon Scientific wireless BBQ thermometer
    - Know when the food is fully ready to eat, even from up to 100' away
    - No need to have to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready; this wireless thermometer alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature even if you’re in another room entertaining guests
    - Digital LCD screen
    - Remote wireless probe to identify temperature/readiness of meat
    - Temperature sensor's range -32F to 392F
    - Detachable belt clip
    - Table stand
    - Entrée programs for beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish
    - Doneness selections: rare, medium rare, medium, well done
    - Audio alert options: almost ready, ready, overcooked, out-of-range
    - 100' Transmission range
    - Low battery indicator
    - Includes 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries
    Oregon Scientific AW131BLR Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer ION Drum Rocker Kit for Gaming for PlayStation 2 & 3
    OR-AW131BLR Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer
    - Oregon Scientific talking wireless BBQ/Oven thermometer
    - Digital LCD screen with remote wireless probe to identifiy temperature/readiness of meat
    - Speaks 5 languages with corresponding display (English, Spanish, German, French, Danish)
    - Sensor has temperature range from 32F to 572F
    - Programmable entree programs include beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken and fish
    - Four doneness selections include rare, medium rare, medium and well done
    - Verbal and audio alert options let you know the status of your meal; done and nearly done
    - Main unit will receive the probe signal from up to 330 feet away
    - Count up/down timer
    - Customizable temperature alarm with audio alert
    - Stainless steel probe detaches from sensor for easy cleaning
    - Low battery indicator
    - Red with black trim

    Package Contents:
    - Wireless BBQ/Oven thermometer
    - Wireless sensor
    - Stainless steel probe
    - Detachable belt clip/table stand
    - Two AA (main unit) and two AAA (sensor) batteries


    You've got the rhythm and the timing it takes to be an awesome drummer in your favorite music simulation games. Now experience what it feels like to be a real drummer with this configurable and authentically styled drum set controller. The Drum Rocker features four ultraquiet drum pads, two cymbal pads and a metal kick drum pedal to enhance the sense of realism you'll feel the next time you pick up your sticks to drum out another rocking performance.

    The Drum Rocker's professional-quality drum pads are designed to deliver a realistic response and reduce stick noise so you can concentrate on the sounds emitted by the game rather than the smack of your sticks against the drum pads. The two cymbal pads give you the authentic feeling of hitting cymbals, rather than hitting drum pads as a substitute, and the metal kick drum pedal offers enhanced durability. The drum set's aluminum stand allows for convenient configuration, so you can set up the drum kit in a way that ensures your comfort while you pursue rock legend status.

    - Ion Audio Drum Rocker for gaming (Xbox 360, Playstation, Wii)
    - Delivers the most realistic drumming experience available to any gamer, regardless of platform
    - Built by the engineers at Alesis, one of the largest manufacturers of professional electronic drums in the world
    - Designed to take a real beating, with all the positioning flexibility that professional drummers demand
    - Professional aluminum drum rack lets you position your snare, tom and cymbal pads wherever you want
    - When you're ready to move from playing Rock Band to playing in a rock band, you can swap the game controller module with one of the professional drum brains made by Alesis, and you're ready to hit the road for real!
    - Ultra-quiet, velocity sensitive pads feature a playing surface that is much quieter than other drum controllers
    - Stick rebound off of the pad is much more natural and consistent than anything else available
    - Pad housing is made of high-impact plastic, designed to be whacked on stage night after night; no matter how much you punish them, the drum rocker drum pads can take it
    - Pads are mounted to the drum rack with a metal L-arm and clamp system, which allows them to be tilted, swiveled, raised and lowered to whatever position you want
    - Cymbals can be placed anywhere around the kit as a hi-hat/crash, crash/ride or hi-hat/ride combination: includes two cymbals and mounting hardware out of the box, and a third cymbal is available as an optional accessory
    - All-metal kick drum pedal with velcro and retractable spikes: right amount of tension to replicate the feeling of playing a real drum pedal
    - Officially licensed premium drum set for Rock Band 2 video game
    - Low-noise, velocity sensitive pads
    - Fully-adjustable setup
    - Extremely durable
    - Expandable with third cymbal or second bass pedal
    - Includes: four gum rubber drum pads with mounts, two gum rubber cymbal pads with mounting arms, drum pedal, game controller, pro-quality drum rack for mounting all pads and controller, all necessary cables, one pair drumsticks
    - Drum Rocker does not ship with the Rock Band 2 video game
    - Black
    ION Audio SLIDE2PC - 35mm Slide and Film Scanner ION IED07C - Accessory Cymbal (Drum-Rocker Cymbal Expansion Kit for ION IED07 or ION IED08)


    SLIDES 2 PC makes it easy and fun to rediscover your 35mm film negatives and slides on your computer. Incredibly fast, one-touch scanning and a single-cable connection make SLIDES 2 PC perfect for updating your memories, your family's memories and your friends' memories!

    If you're like one of the millions of people who have boxes of slide carousels in the attic or a stack of those little yellow boxes in the kitchen, SLIDES 2 PC is perfect for you! Don't know what happened to your projector? Don't know where to buy a replacement bulb for your projector? FILM 2 PC eliminates the hassle and brings those memories of family dinners, graduations, vacations, and joyous occasions back into your life.

    Just install the included software on your computer, and connect SLIDES 2 PC using the attached cable, and you're ready to reacquaint yourself with your old pictures! A blue light even indicates when SLIDES 2 PC is correctly connected to your computer and ready to scan.

    SLIDES 2 PC is a high-resolution, five-mega pixel scanner with a high-quality four-glass optic element. This outstanding attention to quality ensures that you can capture all of the color and detail in each one of your slides or negatives. Fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance guarantee that your memories are captured optimally with accurate color conversion and perfect imaging.

    Don't let your memories collect dust or turn yellow one day longer! Enjoy them every day and share them with SLIDES 2 PC.

    • Transfer 35mm negatives and slides to your computer
    • High-resolution 5MP, 2592 x 1680 scanner
    • Fast, one-touch scanning takes just one to two seconds
    • Single-cable, high-speed USB 2.0 computer connection
    • Portable design with ultra-small footprint
    • Includes easy image-transfer and editing software
    • High-quality f=6.0, four-glass optic element
    • Fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance
    • Blue light indicates power when connected to computer


    • SLIDES 2 PC scanner
    • Two slide trays
    • Negative tray
    • Optics cleaning tool
    • Software CD (Contains ArcSoft PhotoImpression 6)
    • Quick start guide 


    • Windows: XP or Vista
    • Pentium III 450 processor or equivalent (PIII 800 recommended)
    • 128 MB RAM (256MB recommended)
    • 50 MB available hard disk space (100MB recommended)
    • USB 2.0 port
    The Drum Rocker Cymbal Expansion Kit contains everything you need to add a third cymbal to your Drum Rocker. Just mount the included hardware anywhere on your Drum Rocker stand, attach the cymbal, and connect the cable to add another assignable cymbal pad. We've included a set of color-assignment rings so it's easy to tell which color your cymbal pad corresponds to on screen.


    • Cymbal
    • Boom attachment
    • Colored washers (Yellow, Blue and Green)
    • Cable (attaches to controller)

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