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Control Panels for Burglar Alarm Systems


Wired Control Panels for Burglar Alarm Systems

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HAI Control Panels
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HAI 20A00-42 OmniPro II flagship home control and security system Spanish language version (Español) HAI 21A00-1 Omni LT Home Control System
HAI 20A0042 OmniPro II (Español)

El controlador OmniPro II viene con gabinete, cerraduras con llaves, Módulo Interfaz de Powerline UPB y cable, RJ31X cordón con modulo, y manuales.

El OmniPro II es el sistema de control y seguridad más completo de HAI. Esta diseñado para instalaciones domesticas y comerciales más grandes.

OmniPro II es el sistema más conectable de HAI. Además de las conexiones para los dispositivos de seguridad, termóstatos, interruptores de ilumiacion, teléfono y batería de reserva, el OmniPro II ofrece tres puertos serie incorporados para conectar ha adicionales dispositivos de control. Por otra parte, tiene un puerto de Ethernet que permita la conexión a su red domestica.

Otros Números De Pieza El controlador OmniPro II de lenguaje en español para los gabinetes de alambre estructurados es Número De Pieza de HAI 20A00-44. Viene con un controlador de OmniPro II en una placa de montaje para tipos de gabinetes como Leviton,OnQ/Legrand, UStec, "Open House", Módulo Interfaz UPB™ con cable, cuerda RJ31X y modulo, manuales, paquete de accesorios, digrama eléctrico para la puerta del gabinete.


HAI Part Number: 21A00-1

The Omni LT is an automation controller with integrated security that is an ideal and economical choice for homes, townhouses, condos, apartments and small businesses.

The system provides enhanced comfort, safety, convenience and energy savings by coordinating lighting, heating and air, security, scenes and messaging based on lifestyles and schedules.

This model comes with an Omni LT controller with enclosure, RJ31X jack and cable, manuals, and accessory kit.

Omni LT comes with several standard modes, such as Day, Night, Away and Vacation, and can accept customized scenes such as "Good night", "Good morning" or "Entertainment" that set temperatures, lights and security to the desired levels with one touch.

Security settings, temperature sensors, and motion sensors may be used to adjust lights, appliances and thermostats, monitor activity and track events.

Omni LT also features telephone accessibility that allows you to change system settings via a phone in your house or by calling your system remotely. It also has a built-in digital communicator for use with a central station and can dial up to 8 additional phone numbers chosen by the owner for voice notification. Omni LT has an expanded vocabulary for voice notifications and announcements.

The system includes HAIs Advanced Control Programming (ACP) logic that allows installers and homeowners to set schedules and actions performed by the system, and add new macros or modes as desired. Omni LT has an astronomical clock and automatic daylight savings for accurate dusk to dawn lighting control year round.

Expandability You may add additional interface options, such as an OmniTouch touchscreen or OmniTouch with Video touchscreen, to your Omni LT system.

Omni LT is primarily intended to support HAI's HLC products, which include dimmers, Scene Switches, and House Status Switches. It can operate lighting devices by other manufacturers, including X-10 based devices, ALC hardwire, RF, custom hardwire, and others provided by HAI's connectivity partners.

The Omni IIe may be interfaced with the Hi-Fi by HAI multi-rrom audio distribution system. HAI's OmniTouch Touchscreen or OmniTouch Touchscreen with Video may be used to graphically select and distribute music from any audio source to different rooms in your house simultaneously and independently. You can control on/off, volume, muting, transports, audio source, and many other functions for each audio zone.

If you add HAI's Omnistat Communicating Thermostats, you may control your home's temperatures through your Omni LT system. HAI offers temperature sensors and a number of other accessories to expand your system, including a variety of wireless options. You may choose to access your Omni LT system remotely through several software options or via products offered by HAI's connectivity partners.

Omni LT Specs Number

  • Household SQ Footage up to 2,000
  • Consoles & Keypads 4
  • Touchscreens *** 3 *
  • Thermostats 2
  • Audio Control No
  • Lighting Scenes 16
  • Lighting Addresses 16
  • HAI Lighting/Rooms 2
  • Zones 8
  • Zone Expanded Total 24
  • 2 wire smoke loops 1
  • 12 volt triggers 2
  • Expansion triggers total 10
  • User Codes 8
  • Programming Lines 100
  • Vocabulary 200
  • Custom Vocabulary No
  • RS 232 ports 1
  • RS 232 expansion total 2
  • Ethernet ports 0
  • Format Contact ID 4/2 3/1
  • Transformer Required 16.5V 40VA
  • Battery (Typical) 12V 4 Ah
  • Aux current Max 500 mA
  • Bell current max 1 A
  • Aux current (UL 24 hr) 200 mA
  • Bell current (UL 24 hr) 350 mA
  • Warranty 2 years

    * Recommend using a Touchscreen Hub & Power Supply (HAI Part # 32A30-x) for 2 or more Touchscreens.
    *** Systems must include at least one console. Each Touchscreen uses 1 console address.

  • HAI 2H-PROMO10S - OmniLT for Structured Wiring Kit HAI 2H-PROMO15S - OmniPro II for Structured Wiring Kit

    HAI 2H-PROMO10S - OmniLT for Structured Wiring Kit

    • Award-winning
    security/automation controller,
    8 expandable to 24 zones
    • Snaps or screws into most
    structured wiring enclosures
    • Built-in telephone, serial ports
    • Controller, flush LCD,
    RC-80 thermostat, outdoor sensor
    • UL Listed, contact ID, 2-wire smoke


    HAI 2H-PROMO15S - OmniPro II for Structured Wiring Kit

    • Award-winning security/automation controller, 32 expandable to 176 zones
    • Snaps into most structured wiring enclosures
    • Built-in telephone, Ethernet port, 3 serial ports
    • Controller, flush LCD, RC-80 thermostat, outdoor sensor, 16-zone expander
    • UL Listed, contact ID, 2-wire smoke


    HAI 2H-PROMO9 - OmniLT & Console Promo 9

    HAI OmniLT & Console Promo 9 Automation Controller System

    • Built-in phone, serial I/F
    • 8 zones, expandable to 24
    • 2 thermostats, 16 lights
    • Contact ID 2-wire smoke


    HAI Control Panels

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