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Honeywell / Ademco Video HRM20CD2000 Rapid Eye Multi-Media Modem & Network 20 ips, CD-RW Drive, 2000 Camera Days

Honeywell / Ademco Video HRM20CD2000 Rapid Eye Multi-Media Modem & Network 20 ips, CD-RW Drive, 2000 Camera Days


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HRM20CD2000 Rapid Eye Multi-Media Modem & Network 20 ips, CD-RW Drive, 2000 Camera Days

More than a DVR, Rapid Eye Multi-Media (REMM) provides a powerful, and intelligent digital storage management tool that combines video, audio, and data capabilities in a single recorder unit. The system is designed to record, search and transmit your video, audio and data transactions—providing users with both live and post-event assessment options.

The system consists of three major components which include: the Remote Unit (RU), featuring LocalView, the local user interface that provides on-site video, audio and data management capabilities and basic system and camera configuration; ADMIN Software, the workstation/server-based administration tool capable of enterprisewide site and user management; VIEW Software, the feature-rich, workstation-based operator program. The powerful combination of ADMIN and VIEW truly differentiate the REMM system from the competition.

Superior video images, dramatically improved connection times and dynamically selectable video resolution are the highlights of the V6.2 release. Speedup your Live connections and refresh rates by using the new thumbnail resolution and image size (160 x 120 NTSC) as your default VIEW setting.

REMM can be seamlessly integrated with existing video equipment and incorporated into any TCP/IP and/or Dial-up network—making it one of the most cost-effective solutions for both new and existing video security systems.

Hardware Features :

  • 16 Looping Video Inputs
  • Optional CD-RW drive for clip generation and easy software upgrades
  • Storage capacity from 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4500 & 6250 Camera Days
  • 16 Alarm Inputs
  • 8 Control Outputs
  • Fault Relay (Alarm panel ready)
  • Public Display Mode – Multiplexed using dual VGA Outputs
    – Switching using SPOT Monitor Output
  • Dual Audio Channels (Bi-directional)
  • 10/100 Network (RJ45)
  • Internal Modem standard on all models except 80 ips units
  • 2 RS-232 Serial Ports (DB9) for POS data capture, PTZ control and external modem
  • Shock mounted field replaceable hard drives
  • Easy integration with existing or new CCTV equipment

Software Features :

  • Multiple Site - Single Workstation License of ADMIN & VIEW included with unit
  • 100% compatible with all Rapid Eye Multi and Multi-Media units
  • Multiple Resolutions selectable on a per camera basis: – Independently electable for Live & Record
    – 704 x 480 * 640 x 480 * 640 x 240 * 320 x 240 * 320 x 192 * 160 x 120 (NTSC)
    – 704 x 576 * 704 x 288 * 384 x 288 * 192 x 144 (PAL)
    – Dynamic Live Resolution (change on the fly)
  • DHCP enabled for networks supporting DHCP Server and WINS or DNS
  • SNTP client automatically synchronize to SNTPservers
  • S.M.A.R.T. - Alarm to detect potential hard disk drive failures
  • LocalView – Mouse driven local user interface – VGA or Composite Video Output
  • Built-in POS or ATM data capture capability – up to 4 devices AVBPIT4POS
  • RapidSearchTM for video evidence by Events, Data, Motion or Alarm
  • Record & Alarm Scheduling
  • Remote Alarm monitoring
  • Remote Site Tours – Local Live Tour
  • Authenticated proprietary file format (REM) for integrity of evidence
  • VxWorksTM - A secure, stable multi-tasking real-time operating system (RU)


Recorder Unit, LocalView & Public Display
Recorder Unit

The RU is the heart of the REMM system and designed to satisfy the security industry’s growing demand for an integrated video security tool. The RU was engineered from its inception for durability and expandability to meet the stringent requirements of today’s security environment.

The new rugged chassis offers a sleek, modular design suited for desktop or rack-mount installations. It fits perfectly into a standard 19" EIA rack and can be fitted with the optional slide rack-mount kit (HRMSLIDE) that makes servicing your installation simple. Theremovable front panel features a key lock, concealing four field replaceable/expandable hard drive bays; the optional CD-RW drive for creating evidence clips of your security data locally at the RU site; and red power button for front panel power control. The detachable rear BNC panel allows servicing of the unit without the removal or disruption of your coaxial cable leads. The RU is equipped with two independent 2-way audio channels that offer users the ability to monitor and record synchronized audio streams. Data handling capabilities enable the RU to connect with a growing list of POS devices such as cash registers and ATMs for monitoring, recording and retrieval of critical business data. All physical connections are made directly to the RU, including 16 cameras, 16 alarm input devices, eight auxiliary control outputs, two serial ports for control of most industry standard PTZ domes, and connection to POS and ATM devices. Using our multi-port protocol interface translator (AVBPIT4POS) up to four POS or ATM devices can be connected to a single serial port on the RU.

The REMM RU is offered in 38 standard configurations, making it one of the most versatile products in the industry. This versatility focuses on the real issues confronting users of digital recording products today including, length of time for storage of video, video capture rate (ips), and the option to record incident clips to a CD-RW at the RU site. Our intuitive RU model number allows you to configure the right unit for every application.(See ordering information)


LocalView, the local user interface, enables the user to define basic system and camera configurations, view live and recorded video, audio, and data at the RU site. LocalView features three levels of password protected security. Using only a VGA monitor (not supplied), and a PS2 mouse (supplied), the user can configure system and network settings such as: unit name, time zone, date, IP address, network mask and gateway. Camera configurations include: live video window, settings box for manual and AGC controls, selected camera box for name and type (camera) designation, a resolution box, a recording box for rate (capture) and quality settings. Video management capabilities include: eight live video tabs that are individually configurable by selecting from one of 15 pre-defined camera grids. The grids range from a single camera to a 4x4 matrix, allowing a multiplexed view of all 16 cameras in a single panel. The live video tabs can be made to cycle through automatically, creating a user definable "live tour" of all cameras attached to the RU.

Recorded video, audio and data can also be reviewed and played back in its own video tab called clip builder. Clip builder can be arranged in any of the 15 pre-defined grids allowing up to 16 video streams to be displayed. A user can store the clip to the RU’s hard drive or directly to a CD-RW if the unit is equipped with the optional CDRW drive. The clip player tab provides a utility to review a pre-recorded clip from the RU’s hard drive, or from a previously recorded CD, loaded in the CD-RW drive. Both clip builder and clip player provide mouse selectable, VCR-like controls, such as, play, pause, fast-forward and rewind.

Public Display

The RU provides several methods for satisfying Public Display requirements to a composite video output. The Spot Monitor Output provides a user configurable switching output of all available cameras. LocalView can be used to display a multiplexed view or several different multiplexed views of all cameras using the Public Display option. The VGA output of the RU can then be converted to a composite video output using a VGA to composite converter and the resulting analog signal can be displayed on a composite video monitor.

ADMIN Software HRM62ADMIN (included w/RU)

ADMIN Software, REMM’s system administration tool, is capable of enterprise-wide site, user, tour and alarm station management. This Windowsbased administration software provides a user friendly GUI for creating REMM’s database. The database can be as small as a single site with a sole user, based on a single computer, using Microsoft Access as the default database. ADMIN can also be hosted on a network server using any of these common networked database protocols including, Access, SQL or MSDE, serving thousands of users and sites. ADMIN makes controlling and administering a multi-site, multiuser, enterprise-wide system fast, easy and secure.

VIEW Software (single copy included w/RU)
HRM62VIEW (can be ordered separately)

VIEW Software is the feature rich, Windows-based operator software that provides a user friendly GUI for complete operation and configuration of one or many different RU’s simultaneously.

Observe and monitor live or recorded video, audio and data from any RU listed in your site tab. Connect to multiple sites simultaneously using multiple connection methods from the same or multiple workstations and connect to the same RU site using multiple connection methods. LAN/WAN networks and dial-up connections are supported with a standard TCP/IP protocol. Dial-up connections can be made using PSTN or ISDN with appropriate hardware. Control multiple PTZ cameras, monitor two independent 2-way audio channels, monitor up to four streams of POS or ATM generated data, configure 16 alarm input devices, and control eight auxiliary outputs— all from within a single session of VIEW. Define event and alarm conditions including motion detection on a percamera basis, search for events, logs and data strings and review the associated video, audio and data instantly using the RapidSearch™ feature in VIEW.

Video Features:

  • 16 BNC composite video looping inputs with auto termination
  • RU available with capture rates of 20, 40, 60 or 80 ips, shared between recording and live transmission
  • Individual camera configuration including name, camera type, manual or AGC control of video image, recording rate in ips and image quality
  • Advanced video motion detection with user definable exclusion zones per camera
  • Auto detection and changeover of camera type from color to monochrome in low light situations (when using color/monochrome changeover cameras)
  • LocalView the local user interface provides on-site live monitoring, review of recorded video, audio & data, local clip generation and record clip to a CD-RW on RU equipped with CD-RW drive
  • LocalView a single live stream of video will be displayed at a resolution of 704 x 480 (NTSC) 704 x 576 (PAL) when using a single stream grid in a Live tab
  • Public Display Mode- User-configurable switched and/or multiplexed outputs available

Audio Features:

  • Two independent channels synchronized with the video and data streams
  • Bi-directional audio – The VIEW operator can talk and/or listen on each channel independently, directly to the remote site(s)
  • Monitor, record and record-to-clip with associated video and data streams locally and remotely

Data Features:

  • Monitor and record critical business data from ATM and POS devices
  • Review and search recorded data using our data search engine; review associated video stream
  • Support for up to four separate data sources, with each data stream displayed as an individual window within the VIEW environment (additional hardware required)
  • Capture Rate: 20 images per second
  • CD-RW Drive
  • Storage Capacity: 2000 camera days

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