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Multi Link
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Multi Link MK-POWERSTNE Power Re-Boot System Multi Link MK-PWSATX Power Supply for the Stick

The Power Stone? is a call-activated AC power controller for rebooting and powering up/down off-site computers and other devices by phone. The Power Stone passively monitors the phone line and does not actively "interface" with any equipment connected to the phone line. The feature-rich power controller offers you a wide variety of operating modes to fit your specific application. Control power to connected equipment "Automatically" using one of three Automatic Operating Modes. Or control power "Passively" until you call in and input your security access code to direct functions using touch tone commands.

Multi Link MK-PWSATX Power Supply for the Stick

Multi Link MK-STICK Voice/Fax/Modem/Proceser Multi Link MK-STICK2 2 Line Voice/Fax/Modem/Proceser
Multi Link MK-STICK

Perfect line sharing device for your small or home business. Automatically routes calls to the right device every time! Use up to three telecommunication devices plus an answering machine on one single phone line.This is our most popular fax switch. The Stick? is an automatic call processor that screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time. Hook up to three telephony devices plus an answering machine on one line. The Stick screens each call for CNG fax tones, pulse, and touch tones and then routes the call to the appropriate equipment, leaving other phones/devices undisturbed.

Multi Link MK-STICK2 2 Line Voice/Fax/Modem/Proceser

Two-line Voice/Fax/Modem/Data call processor. If you use two lines in your home or business, this two-line automatic phone fax switch is what you are looking for. The only two-line Automatic Call Processor that actually turns your existing inside phone wires into a mini-network. Never worry about busy signals or missed faxes when on the Internet again. The Stick II ? is a true two-line call processor that lets users share equipment such as, fax machines, modems, credit card readers, tank monitors, POS equipment, and other devices between two phone lines! The Stick II screens each call for CNG fax and touch tones and routes the call to the appropriate equipment, leaving other phones and devices undisturbed. The Stick II has five independent ports and lets multiple devices share two phone lines. Eliminating dedicated lines and incorporating the line sharing technology of The Stick II adds up to huge savings.

Multi-Link ML-IPS Internet Powerstone Multi-link The STICK 4-port Fax Switch 4-Port line sharing device - STK29112
Multi-Link internetPowerstone IPS
   Provides various methods of initiating and AC power reset to meet any requirement for complete in and out-of-band network control
   By telephone: the basic root function involvesa POTS telephone line and a connected AC device. An incoming call will trigger an auto Reboot, based on a user defined number of rings.
   By Heartbeat: can work with Heartbeat software that will automatically reboot a computer when a problem occurs. Download Heartbeat Software at
   By web browser: can be controlled by a Master Control Unit that is IP addressable via the Internet. Password Protection and power status feedback are available. Visit for a Live Demo
   120VAC or 240VAC in one unit
   Local control by RS-232
   Automatic reboot with heartbeat software
   International compatibility
Reduce your telecom expenses with The Stick from Multi-Link, Inc. The Stick automatically screens and routes all incoming voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time so there is no more need for multiple costly phone lines. The Stick is easy to use; there are no drivers or software to install. It works with any type of phone system or telephony device. The Stick's reliability and programming flexibility can handle demanding business applications, yet it is simple enough to use at home. Other features, like DSL & Caller ID compatibility, surge protection, barge-in protection, and Bell Spec ring-back tones have made The Stick a favorite with professional installers for over 20 years. The Stick is a proven money saving solution. Thousands of satisfied Multi-Link customers are cutting their telecom expenses each and every month.

The Stick works on a standard POTS line and answers inbound calls at the first sign of ring voltage. After The Stick goes off-hook, it immediately screens for CNG (fax) and DTMF transfer codes. During this 5.5 sec processing period, a bell spec "ring back" is issued out to the calling party. Once a transfer command is received, the call is routed to the corresponding port. In the absence of fax/transfer codes, the call is defaulted to the voice ports. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion with barge-in protection.

Multi Link

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