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Omni FB-624ATPK3 - OMNI624EU 24 zone hybrid control system + OMNILCDUS KEYPAD + 747 SIREN + IS215T PIR + BATTERY + TRANSFORMER + CORD + JACK - FB624ATPK3

Omni FB-624ATPK3 - OMNI624EU 24 zone hybrid control system + OMNILCDUS KEYPAD + 747 SIREN + IS215T  PIR + BATTERY + TRANSFORMER + CORD + JACK - FB624ATPK3


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FB-624ATPK3 24 Zone Hybrid Control System

Honeywells FB-624ATPK offers lightning fast installation solutions and complete customer satisfaction.

The FB-624ATPK delivers unsurpassed power and versatility. Capable of handling a total of 24 zones using both wired and wireless on the same control, the FB-624ATPK is perfect for any home, apartment or business. Standard features include a built-in telephone line monitor, 32 user codes, a 128 event SmartLog, four programmable trigger outputs, up to 20 relays and much more. Installers can also take advantage of the unique zone doubling option, which expands the FB-624ATPK with ease and at no extra cost.

You can decide which zones to double or when to add on wireless, allowing you the flexibility and comfort you deserve to meet the most demanding installation challenges.


  • CK-IS215T PIR, 40 X40 W/TAMPER


  • Six fully programmable wired zones standard (12 zones with our unique zone doubling option)
  • Expandable to 24 zones with hardwired or wireless
  • Operates with 5800 (exept bi-directional) wireless devices
  • Supports eight independent keyfob zones
  • Four totally programmable trigger outputs on board
  • Up to 20 fully programmable relay outputs
  • Two partitions
  • System Log retains the past 128 Events New selectable SmartLog
  • 32 user codes with four authorization levels
  • Auto Arming
  • Tamper option by zone
  • Built-in telephone line monitor
  • Zones may be configured as wired, wireless, E.O.L., D.E.O.L., N.O.,
  • N.C. or zone doubling
  • Follow Me (Beeps audio format), domestic dialing
  • Paging
  • Inactivity zones



  • Six fully programmable EOL or DEOL supervised wired zones on main board (up to 12 N.C. wired zones with our unique zone doubling option)
  • Expansion through plug-in modules - OPTIONS: Model OMNIEXP8 (Eight Zone Wired Expander), ZR401 (345 MHz) wireless receivers
  • 14 traditional EOL or DEOL supervised wired zones with OMNIEXP8 zone expander module (up to 24 N.C. wired zones with our unique zone doubling option)
  • Zones five and six may be programmed as fast zones (10 msec)
  • Zone programming selectable as EOL, DEOL, Zone Doubling, NO, NC
  • Four emergency keypad conditions (Fire, Panic, Personal Emergency, Duress)
  • Versatile Zone Types:
    Controlled zone types include: instant, exit/entry, interior, day, and keyswitch, with options for fast loop response (zones 5 & 6), restore, chime, bypass and dialer delay by zone
    24 Hour Zone Types include: Fire, Burglary, Silent, Trouble, and Medical
  • Programmable central station reporting codes per zone
  • Individual reporting codes for Ambush, Panic, AC Loss, 24 Hour Test, Low Battery, Open/ Close, Trouble, Restore
  • Cross zoning
  • Stay Delay Mode provides an additional 40 seconds of dialer and/or siren delay for special interior zones when armed in the stay mode
  • Arm while a zone is faulted option
  • Restore options: after siren timeout or follows loop
  • Keyswitch option per zone
  • Chime option by zone
  • Inactivity option by partition transmits signal to C.S. if zones have not been activated in a preset time

    Wireless Operation:
  • 48 zone (ZR401) wireless receiver attaches directly to PCB
  • Compatible with 5800 wireless peripherals (except bi-directional devices)
  • Dual diversity antenna
  • Fully supervised wireless displays complete zone status, low battery and RF trouble by zone on all keypads
  • System supports eight independent keyfob zones
  • Wireless remote keyfob transmits Open/Close IDs for each remote
  • Separate dings for arming and disarming with remote keys

  • Supports up to 20 relays per system (five per XL4705 External Relay Module)
  • Relays and triggers can be linked to zones, wireless remote keyfobs, keypad emergency and system conditions
  • Select time duration for momentary conditions

  • Two partitions
  • Zones, user codes, keypads, and remote keyfobs may be assigned to each partition
  • Extensive cross partition support
  • Separate account and pager numbers for each partition
  • Auto arming by partition
  • Inactivity zones programmable by partition
  • View all partitions from a single keypad
  • Partition descriptor uniquely identifies each partition
  • Multi Partition mode allows secure operation of the system through any keypad by authorized users
  • Arm/disarm all partitions through a single keypad by authorized user
  • Partition Status keypad mode

    User Codes:
  • 32 user codes, with four authorization levels
  • Four or six digit user codes
  • Programmable Open/Close IDs for each user
  • Option to transmit O/C signals by user
  • Ambush/Duress and Door Strike codes
  • Quick Arming, Quick Forced Arming, Quick Bypass, QUICK EXIT options
  • Arm only code
  • Paging option by user

    Additional Features:
  • Cancel code feature, with siren verify option
  • Dual entry delay timers
  • Installer walk test feature
  • Telephone line monitor
  • Real-time clock with reminder when time needs to be reset
  • Siren Test option, Smoke Detector Reset and Verification options
  • Separate alarm cutoff times for BURG and FIRE siren
  • Programmable entry/delay times, and siren lockout feature
  • Intermittent sensor shutdown option
  • AC or crystal based Real-time clock (50/60hz selectable)
  • Siren supervision
  • End-user chime selection
  • System stabilization mode prevents false alarms during power-up
  • Recent close and exit error options
  • Keypad tamper function with optional C.S. transmission
  • Keypad lockout option
  • Quick Exit
  • Arm while a zone is faulted
  • Option to display zone status upon entry delay
  • Programmable dialer attempts programmable between 1-16
  • LED Extinguish option
  • AC/LB sounder disable option
  • Display bypassed zones during armed state
  • Chime on/off option through keypad
  • Single key arming options by pressing either the Stay or Instant key on all FBII keypads, or by using the Chatbak-V or wireless remotes
  • Auto Stay option
  • Auto Unbypass option
  • Flexible system test timers (1, 7, 27, 60, 90 days) with options for test by time, event or both. Additional one hour test time option for high security applications

  • OMNIs unique SmartLog option allows you to choose the events to be stored in memory
  • Panel retains past 128 events
  • 90% or 100% full indication of system log transmitted to C.S.
  • System log viewable locally at LCD keypad or uploaded to Alarm Company
  • Date (DD/MM or MM/DD) and time (24 hour or AM/PM) option
  • End-user log view option

  • Supports up to twelve keypads per system (fixed word LCD, and custom language programmable LCD)
  • OMNI-KP-US: Fixed word LCD keypad displays status of each zone, with indications of Alarm, Fire, Trouble, Tamper, Bypass, Page, RF Supervision, Canceled, Chime, Phone, Test, AC, Battery, and Not Ready conditions
  • OMNI-LCD-US: Custom language LCD keypads display complete system status, in 2 line by 16 character Supertwist display for easy viewing

    Programming/Remote Operations:
  • International Compass downloader must be used for programming
  • On-site programming directly through keypads
  • Security features include special CSID and Installer codes, callback number, default lockout feature and option to inhibit keypad programming
  • Online and unattended downloading
  • Up/Download remotely even in the presence of fax/answering machines
  • Remote operations can be performed through single or a two call method
  • Remote operations include: arm, disarm, bypass zones, change user codes, read system status, view event log and more

    Central Station Communications:
  • Two CS account numbers (3 or 4 digits)
  • Pulse or DTMF dialing options
  • Pulse formats include 3+1, 4+1, 4+2, Expanded: Speeds 10, 20, 40PPS with or without parity
  • OMNI Superfast, Ademco Express 4+1, and 4+2 formats, Ademco CID format
  • Split and Dual reporting option
  • Sounder ringback feature
  • Follow me (domestic dialing), paging, beeps audio formats

    Power Specifications:
  • Total Aux. power: 500mA. regulated
  • Transformer: 16.5V 25VA
  • Alarm Power: 1 Amp

  • UL Household Burglary/Fire
  • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM)
  • CE, TBR21 approved

  • OMNI-KP-US: Fixed Word LCD Keypad.
  • OMNI-LCD-US: Custom Language LCD Keypad
  • OMNIEXPX8: Eight Zone Wired Expander (16 zones with our unique zone doubling option)
  • ZR401: 48 zone wireless receiver available in 345Mhz
  • XL4705: Relay Expansion Module

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