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Tester Probes

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Tester Probes
ACT Meters
Tester Probes
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ACT Meters GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester - goldibt ACT Meters GOLD-PLUS 6V/12V Intelligent Battery Tester

GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester

A volt meter can measure the voltage in an SLA or car battery but cannot tell you how much current is available for use. This means that the battery could fail without warning, just when you need it most. The GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester solves this problem by measuring temperature, voltage AND capacity in under 6 seconds. It achieves this by performing a conventional 20 hour battery discharge in seconds using a patented pulsed frequency load test which accurately measures the available Ampere-hour (Ah) capacity based on the the battery's temperature and condition of charge. That's award-winning intelligence. A battery Ah size table indicates when batteries should be recharged or replaced.

Unlike other battery testers on the market, the GOLD-IBT is extremely easy to use with no complicated settings or switches. Just connect directly to the battery terminals to start the test. Record the test results onto the labels provided and attach to the battery for future reference. When the GOLD-IBT shows less than 65% of the battery's stated Ah capacity, simply recharge or replace.

In future with the GOLD-IBT, you will never be caught out or left stranded by a flat battery...

Applications include...
Security Fire Alarm Systems, Motor Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications, Emergency Lighting, Portable Tools and Instrumentation, Mobility Vehicles, Lawnmowers, Ride-On Toys, Medical Equipment, Back-up Computer Systems, Automotive Electronics, Solar Power, Robotics, Hobby Craft etc

Test the most common lead acid battery types all from the one, GOLD PLUS unit. Standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED – the GOLD PLUS tests both 6V and 12V models quickly and displays Ah capacity available.

Simply turn the Ah Calibration Control to select either standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED battery types prior to testing. The Calibration Control also allows you to calibrate the battery tester to non standard battery types.

For 6V & 12V battery models
Test 6V battery models between 1.2Ah and 12Ah, and 12V battery models between 1.2Ah and 100Ah. With a wide Ah range, the GOLD PLUS is ideal for testing batteries used in many applications from security, mobility to leisure.

Simple Operation
Connect the clamps to the battery, turn the Ah Calibration Control to the desired battery type under test and press the ‘TEST’ button. It’s that easy. Results will be displayed within seconds.

DC Voltage and Ah Capacity Results
There’s no confusing conversion rates or user interpretation needed when using the GOLD PLUS. Two results are displayed – the battery’s DC voltage followed by the actual Ah capacity available.

When to Recharge or Replace
Battery manufacturers recommend to recharge or replace a battery when its rated Ah capacity falls below 65%. By giving a clear and accurate Ah reading, the GOLD PLUS will help you identify replacements quickly and easily.

Advanced Pulse Load Technology
The GOLD PLUS uses advanced pulse load technology to analyse Ah capacity, based on the battery’s temperature and state of charge. This method is significantly more accurate than measuring voltage and internal resistance and does not deplete the battery unlike a conventional load tester.

Reliable, Continuous Testing
Powered by the battery under test and with ultra low heat generation.

Perfectly suited as a bench tester or out on the job with the engineer.

Identify batteries that still have life remaining and reduce the amount discarded unnecessarily.

Show the customer the result and increase your own battery sales by recommending a new battery for their system.

Ademco 470PB - Additional Water Probe for the 470-12 Water Sensor Ademco T280R (TS300R) Temperature Probe for TS300

Additional Water Probe for the 470-12 Water Detector.


The T280R is a Remote Temperature Probe for use with the TS-300. The Remote Probe is a sealed temperature sensor with 15 feet of two conductor, 24 AWG stranded cable.

  • Chemical Properties: Non-corrosive Waterproof
  • Max. Compression Force Applied To Probe: 10 lb. force
  • Max. Tensile Force Applied Between Probe and Cable: 5 lb. force
  • Max. Cable Length: 300 Feet. The T280R may be extended from 15’ up to 300’ using shielded 24 AWG cable.
  • Bosch DS1110i Series Glassbreak Tester Caddx 5709C-W - ShatterPro handheld glassbreak tester
    DS1110i Series Glassbreak Tester is Used to test DS1100i Series Glass Break Detectors. Powered by a 9 V Alkaline battery (supplied). The ShatterPro Plus is an acoustic glassbreak sensor combined with a passive infrared motion detector for the purpose of eliminating occupant-generated false alarms. When a person enters the motion detector’s field of view, the glassbreak sensor is shunted for as long as the person remains in the area. The sensor can be wired into a 24-hour perimeter loop, free from concerns about false alarms generated by a noisy environment. It can also function as a combined PIR/glassbreak with individual alarm outputs to the panel for separate zoning. A simple hand clap feature lets the user confirm that the sensor is operational, or a handheld tester can be activated at close range.

    Standard Features

    • 24-hour acoustic glassbreak application
    • Motion-sensitive sensor determines if area is occupied and eliminates residentgenerated false alarms
    • Combines high-quality ShatterPro II analysis with SureShot™ motion signal analysis and detection patterns
    • Two-relay output arms either perimeter, interior loop, or both
    Caddx GT-2 - Glass Break Tester EDCO EL-ST2000 Surge Tester - EDCO EL-ST2000

    Caddx GT-2 - Glass Break Tester

    EDCO EL-ST2000 Surge Tester - EDCO EL-ST2000

    The Edco ST-2000 Surge Tester is a "suitcase style" TVSS tester designed exclusively for the Traffic Signaling industry. Specifically, the ST-2000 provides non-destructive impulse testing of Edco's "PC642","SHA-1250", "MRA6LC-6", "MPA303-9" & "MPA303-6" modules. With easy LCD readout, the ST-2000 enables quick, accurate field site testing of these popular Traffic Signaling surge protection devices. Its durable suitcase enclosure allows for convenient, portable accessibility

    FENWALL FN-061178831 06117883001 Magnetic Tester - FENWALL FN-061178831 Fluke XG-MT820046E MicroProbe Inductive Probe
    FENWALL FN-061178831 06117883001 Magnetic Tester - FENWALL FN-061178831

    MicroProbe Inductive Probe

    The MicroProbe is an inductive probe used for locating cables hidden in floors, ceilings, walls and in bundles.

  • Inductive plastic tip with non-conductive tip (prevents accidental shorts)
  • Traces and identifies wire or cable in a bundle or group without damaging cable insulation
  • Works with any tone generator
  • Adjustable volume control and a LED indicator great for noisy work environments
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Low-battery indicator
  • GRI  2600T  Water Sensor/normally Closed For A Closed Loop Circuit/12 Volts DC/With 2 Probes GRI  2826P  Replacement Probe for Use w/2826FS - AVAILABLE IN GROUPS OF  10 ONLY
    GRI 2600T Colors G, Water Sensor/normally Closed For A Closed Loop Circuit/12 Volts DC/With 2 Probes - 2600T

    Undetected water damage such as that caused by leaking pipes or corroded water heaters cost homeowners ten’s of thousands of dollars each year. Such repairs are time consuming and costly to correct. Applications could include computer room sub-floor areas, telephone equipment rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, any areas adjacent to a water storage tank or piping. Also evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains

    The G.R.I. 2826 Sensor was designed in response to a direct request for a small electronic sensor capable of detecting non-volatile liquids in remote hard to reach locations. The sensor, in conjunction with your favorite wireless transmitter, can be used to detect and report the encroachment of non-volatile liquids into an isolated sensitive location.

  • Detects Non-Volatile Liquids
  • For Use With Wireless Transmitters
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Installs Easily
  • “C” Form Relay Contacts
    Tester Probes

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