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Wander Prevention

  Watchmate System & Watchmate Wander Prevention
Patient Wandering Monitoring Solutions
Watchmate System & Watchmate Wander Prevention
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USP EM-900WA Wanderer Alert-Wireless up to 40 resident monitoring station
Advanced wireless technology. It's Portable! Can be carried with you! Shown above seated in re-charging cradle.


  • Medical alert or emergency alert device
  • Medical alert pendant
  • Medical alert bracelet
  • Hospitals for patient monitoring
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Assisted living centers
  • Alzheimers wanderers
  • Dementia sufferers

    The EM-900WA is our 40 person advanced wireless Wanderer Alert electronic monitoring system. Recommended for all Health Care facilities. We also manufacture a single person personal alarm system here.

    If this system is coupled with our Dialer, it can be used in unattended applications such as hospitals, health care clinics, elderly care and assisted living facilities. When an alarm situation occurs, the base unit can initiate a phone call to notify remote staff.

    The EM-900WA Wanderer Alert monitors up to 40 residents who wear a transmitter as a pendant or bracelet on a wrist or ankle. When the person wearing the alert device wanders a selectable distance from the unit, Short (50ft) or Long (500ft) the alarm sounds!

    It’s portable, allowing continuous monitoring while away from the work station. The transmitters continuously send signals to the Wanderer Alert Monitoring station. Whenever residents “Wander Away” or move outside areas or facilities, the signals are no longer received from the transmitter. The Wanderer Alert detects the missing signals and sounds the alarm.

    The LCD displays the person's name, location, etc (the alpha-numeric information that you have entered) - received from the transmitters. Staff can quickly respond to the emergency.

    A special feature “Resident Locator” is built into the Wanderer Alert and allows search and location in the event of missing or lost residents. Other advantages are “Call waiting” for multiple alarms and “Data Log” for later review. Now... residents can be cared for without the need of confinement or physical restraints! Wanderer Alert is cost effective...get it for your residents, you’ll be glad you did!

    Hospitals and eldely care facilities appreciate the freedom it gives staff to move about and still be able to monitor patients with a tendency to wander.

    The transmitter can be used as a pendent, or bracelet, worn around the neck, wrist or ankle.

    Wander Prevention

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