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Watchmate Wander Prevention

Watch Mate Protection you can count on

You're running a care facility not a security facility. Let the proven technology of the WatchMate system take the responsibility of door watching from your staff so they can concentrate on what matters most: taking the best care of the residents in your charge.

With the WatchMate system, protection is simple and reliable.

The WatchMate system is designed to protect a wandering resident from leaving a facility undetected and becoming lost or injured. Such residents typically have been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's etc., or have suffered a head injury.

At-risk residents wear a small Watchlet bracelet on their wrist or ankle, and points of exit are discreetly secured by WatchMate monitors. When a resident approaches a door, the WatchMate system can activate a magnetic lock to temporarily lock the door or sound an alarm if the doorway is open.

The result is peace of mind for everyone—residents, their families and your staff—without restricting movements within your facility.

Possible Applications:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Geriatric and psychiatric wards
  • Adult day services centers
  • Rehabilitation and assisted living facilities
  • Development centers

Thousands of nursing homes, hospitals, long term care, and assisted living facilities rely on the WatchMate system to protect their residents who have a tendency to wander.

"I was impressed with the WatchMate system when I first saw it. Now that we’ve upgraded our facility with the WatchMate system, I’m even more impressed. It has performed flawlessly since the day it was installed in 1997. The Watchlet bracelets take quite a beating and just keep working. I can’t say enough about how well the WatchMate system has exceeded our expectations. It was also within my budget, flexible to our needs and easy to install."

Calvin Callaway—Administrator, Folsom Convalescent Hospital, Folsom, California

WatchMate System Overview

Easy-to-use wander prevention systems for senior care facilities, large and small

Click Image to Enlarge - The WatchMate system consists of a Watchlet bracelet worn on the resident's wrist or ankle and a monitor installed above a protected door, zone or elevator.

If a monitored resident approaches an open door, an alarm will immediately sound. The addition of magnetic door locks that can be activated by the WatchMate system will ensure residents cannot exit the building.

The monitor's detection area can be adjusted to fit a variety of openings, from extra wide hallways to outdoor areas.

To clear an alarm, staff can either enter a pass code on the keypad or use the WatchMate escort key. The escort key also allows staff to quickly bypass a protected area in the company of a monitored resident.

Depending on the model, alarm information can be displayed at the alarm location and/or sent to central nurses stations that are equipped with WatchMate controllers or annunciators.

Benefits of the WatchMate System

Why thousands of facilities have chosen the protection and peace of mind of the WatchMate system:

  • Highly reliable FM technology reduces false alarms and is not susceptible to interference from other electronic equipment or electrical storms.
  • Three models and feature sets to suit any facility. Customers can configure the system that best meets their needs and budget.
  • Individual and multiple resident detection and identification saves valuable time. Staff knows who and how many residents they need to secure.
  • Active Watchlet bracelet with 3 year warranty offers predictable and long battery life.
  • Adjustable detection range protects double doors, wide hallways, elevators and outdoor areas.
  • Multilevel password protection prevents unauthorized tampering and accidental disabling.
  • Easy installation, training and use lowers installation time, and costs. Increases staff confidence.
  • Built in Watchlet bracelet low battery indicator on all three models provides staff with an early warning to ensure continuous protection.
  • Outdoor protection capabilities gives residents the freedom to be outdoors safely.
  • Expert local service and support.

Over 5000 long term care facilities rely on wander prevention technology from VeriChip to keep their wander prone residents safe. The WatchMate system provides effective, restraint-free protection for facilities of any size. Whether you have a single door to protect or multiple floors, VeriChip has a cost-effective solution to your needs.

The WatchMate system provides easy, stand-alone protection of one or several doors, and offers non-PC based central reporting.

Watchmate Case Study:

Silver Creek Leisure Living, Bull Head, AZ

Brighton Gardens of Towson, Baltimore, MD


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