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Wireless PIR Sensors for Burglar Alarm Systems

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Burglar alarms can deliver outstanding security without the hassle of wire installation through Security Store USA’s selection of wireless PIR sensors. Our wireless PIR sensors feature long battery life, easy mounting options, and great performance for commercial and home alarm systems. Yet our wireless PIR sensors maintain all the standards of wired sensors with characteristics such as anti-tamper measures, wide coverage areas, addressable technology, and false alarm control.
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Ademco 998MX - Multiplex PIR with Lookdown Bosch RF920 Wireless PIR Detector
It makes sense to use ADEMCO's 998MX multiplex motion detector. Not only is it smarter than ever, but it provides the opportunity to reduce your overall installation costs! Whether it's a commercial or residential installation, the 998MX offers you the following benefits:

  • Point ID identifies the exact location of the intruder with either a DIP Switch Address or a Serial Number Address as distinctive as a fingerprint. And with the built-in Remote Point Module, the cost is less than a separate module and sensor.

  • ADEMCO's patented Global Polling technology senses alarms up to up to 8 times faster than conventional multiplex.

  • ADEMCO's unique 2-wire multiplex reduces installation costs over conventional 4-wire hardwire and multiplex approaches. Wire cost is reduced and less than half the number of connections are necessary. No more need to home run wiring.

  • Each sensor draws super low current, reducing power & battery requirements on large installations while allowing for longer wire runs or smaller gauge wire.

  • 50' x 50' coverage
  • Built-in Remote Point Module
  • Both DIP switch and serial number addressing
  • EZ-Mount features for fast installation
  • Includes additional long range and pet alley lenses
  • Horizontal and vertical pattern adjustment
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Extremely low current
  • Tamper
  • 6 year over-the-counter warranty
  • The RF920 is a high performance PIR detector that uses advanced signal processing to provide outstanding catch performance and unsurpassed false alarm immunity. It contains an RF transmitter with a maximum range of 150 m (500 ft) in open air. The RF920 is UL Listed for residential use when used with the DS7400XiV4 Control Panel, the RF3222 RF Receiver, and a wall tamper switch.


  • Broad coverage area of 10 m x 12 m (35 ft x 40 ft)
  • Supervisory signal is sent every 65 minutes
  • Cover tamper and optional wall tamper
  • Adjustable internal coverage
  • Complete status sent with every transmission
  • Caddx 60-703-95 - WIRELESS MOTION DETECTOR CRYSTAL SERIES WITH BATTERY Caddx NX-400 - Wireless Motion Sensor, 2 Door Window Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, Kit

    The Crystal passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor utilizes the latest in technical improvements to provide superior battery life and improved motion detection in harsh environments. The 60-703-95 Crystal PIR uses one or two (to further increase battery life) AA lithium batteries. This PIR detects movement within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body as it moves across the sensor's field of view, causing a temperature change in the sensor's zones. When this motion is detected, the sensor transmits an alarm signal to the control panel. The indoor motion sensor can be used to protect locations where door/window sensors are impractical or not needed. For example, use a motion sensor to protect large areas or open floor plans. Motion sensors also provide backup protection for door/window sensors. Use the outdoor motion sensor to identify motion in an outdoor area. Detected motion in this protected area can sound chimes or turn on outside lights.


    • 35 feet by 40 feet coverage area for standard and optional animal alley lenses
    • Masking kit provided to block portions of coverage area
    • Three minute transmitter lockout time after an alarm that helps extend battery life
    • Cover-activated tamper (optional wall-activated tamper is included)
    • Supervisory signal transmitted every 64 minutes to the control panel
    • Sensor low battery reports (trouble) to the control panel
    • Field-selectable sensitivity options (indoor PIRs)
    • Compatible with all ITI Learn Mode™ Control Panels.


    • Power source: 1 or 2 AA lithium batteries; ITI Part # 60-619 (six batteries per package)
    • Typical battery life: 8-10 years at 68 F (with one battery - not verified by U.L.) 14-18 years at 68 F (with two batteries - not verified by U.L.)
    • Operating temperature range: 32° to 120°F
    • FCC ID# B4Z-693-PIR
    • Dimensions: L = 2.875” X W = 2.375” X H = 1.875”
    Contains a NX408 Receiver, (2) NX450 Door/Window Transmitter, (1) NX481 Pet Immune Motion Sensor.
    Caddx NX-401 - Wireless Motion Sensor - 2 Door Window Sensors, 1 Keychain Touchpad, Kit CAPRICORN CORP CP-PI460 Wireless Motion Sensor Passive Infrared - CAPRICORN CORP CP-PI460
    Contains a NX408 Receiver, (2) NX450 Door/Window Transmitters, (1) NX470 Keyfob CAPRICORN CORP CP-PI460 Wireless Motion Sensor Passive Infrared - CAPRICORN CORP CP-PI460

    GE 605110195 Learn Mode DS924I PIR Motion Sensor, 40' X 40' Standard Coverage Pattern Honeywell / Ademco 5890 Wireless PIR Motion Detector

    The DS924i Motion Sensor is a supervised, wireless sensor that detects intruders in large, open areas and can monitor multiple entry points. The sensor also includes a built-in tamper switch that causes an alarm if an intruder attempts to remove the sensor from its mounted location.

    Standard Features

  • Detects movement inside an enclosed structure
  • Use in large rooms, narrow corridors, and stairwells
  • Passive infrared detection
  • 3 sensitivity settings
  • Includes masking kit to adjust coverage pattern
  • 3-minute motion lockout to conserve battery life
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art wireless technology
  • Learn Mode technology for easy installation
  • Wall-tamper that causes an alarm if the sensor is removed
  • Lithium battery lasts for 3-5 years
  • Supervision of battery and transmitter status
  • Wireless PIR motion detector
    • 40' x 56' coverage
    • Wireless operation for fast installation
    • For use with Q.E.D. control panels only
    • Tampered cover - unit transmits if cover removed
    • Up to 5 year battery life
    Unique Point ID

    Every ADEMCO  Wireless Sensor contains a serial number that is as distinctive as a fingerprint - over one million different serial numbers are possible. This unique "fingerprint" serves two purposes:

    • The location of an intruder within the area protected by an alarm system can be identified at both the control panel and the central station.
    • Wireless signals easily penetrate walls and can travel over a hundred feet. Neighboring installations, which may use similar wireless systems, can receive these signals as well as the desired receiver. However, due to the uniqueness of each Point ID, it is virtually impossible for any peripheral in the neighboring system to have the same serial number.

    Honeywell / Ademco 5894PI Wireless 80 lb. Pet Immune PIR Motion Honeywell 5800PIR-OD Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor - 5800PIROD

    Honeywell's 5894PI Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor provides reliable detection with pet immunity up to 80 lbs. Optimum performance is obtained by using Uniform Sensitivity Optics, which provides the same level of detection through out the entire coverage area—no matter what the distance.

  • Immune to pets up to 80 lbs.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics
    – Fresnel lens provides the same sensitivity at the edges of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensors
  • 10 year battery life reduces service costs
  • Temperature Compensation
    – Adjusts for ambient temperature for improved performance
  • Shares the same sleek, sophisticated packaging across the DUAL TEC® and PIR family lines
  • EZ opening case with (no tools required) makes changing batteries a snap
  • Pulse Processing
    – Intermediate, Standard, or Harsh selectable via jumpers
  • Case Tamper Protection
  • Patented Black Bug Guard for improved white light immunity
  • The 5800PIR-OD is a AA lithium battery powered wireless outdoor motion detector intended for use with Honeywell alarm systems that support 5800 Series wireless devices. The 5800PIR-OD is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations— avoiding the costs and time to trench hardwired solutions. It’s perfect for both residential (activity monitors, e-mail alerts, turning on video cameras) and commercial (protecting copper theft, utility and electrical substations, cellular sites, commercial buildings, car lots and more) applications.

    The 5800PIR-OD consists of two passive infrared (PIR) sensors that must both be tripped to declare an alarm, providing immunity to false alarm sources, pets and other animals. These sensors can be adjusted to alter the detection range. The transmitter can send alarm, tamper and low battery condition messages to the alarm panel.

    Ademco / Honeywell 5890PI - Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity INSITE VIDEO SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE GH-3300BWA Pir-Bw-A-Upgrade System - INSITE VIDEO SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE GH-3300BWA
    The convenience of wireless systems extends to include pet immunity with the 5890PI. Using Split Zone Optics technology, the 5890PI ignores pets and other animals up to 40lbs., while continuing to detect even crawling intruders.


    The Honeywell Edge:

    • 35 x 45 (10.6m x13.7m) coverage pattern
    • Immune to pets up to 40lbs.
    • Split-Zone Optics technology
    • Compatible with all 5800 series Wireless devices
    • Up to five year battery life


      Detection Method:

    • Passive Infrared


    • Pet Immune Lens-30 zones
    • Long range zones-8
    • Intermediate zones-7 over 7
    • Short range zones-4 over 4

      Pulse Count:

    • Intermediate or standard- Selectable via jumpers
      * Note: Use Standard for Pet Immune applications

      Detectable Walk Rate:

    • 0.5-10'/per second (0.15-3m/per second)

      Mount Height:

    • 7.0' nominal (2.1m)

      Agency Listings:

    • FCC
    • IC
    • UL


    • Red LED enabled/disabled via jumpers

      Input Voltage:

    • Two 3V Lithium batteries; use only Honeywell 466, Duracell DL123A, Panasonic CR123A or Sanyo CR123A or Varta CR123A

      Operating Temperature:

    • 14F-122F (-10C- +50C)

      Operating Humidity:

    • Up to 95% RH (max) non-condensing


    • 2-11/16" W x 4-3/4" H x 1-7/8" D (68mm x 120mm x 48mm)


    • Cover Tamper

    Wireless PIR Sensors for Burglar Alarm Systems

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