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Alarm Controls ZAC-32 32 Zone Annunciator Controller

Alarm Controls ZAC-32 32 Zone Annunciator Controller
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  • 32 Hard wired zones can be Normally-Open or Normally-Closed
  • Hi-tech four wire Remote Annunciator Console
  • Standard 19 Inch rack mount remote annunciator available
  • Built-In audible signal - 80 db @ 3 Feet
  • Exclusive digital Keypad for system security
  • All zone control and zone status indication on Remote Console
  • Zone Bypass capability w/ Bypass Output
  • Day Zone Option included
  • 32 LED zone status indicators
  • AC Power Failure Output
  • Common Zone Annunciate Output
  • All field wiring terminated in centrally located control cabinet
  • Remote printer capability for complete record of system activity
  • System can be expanded to accommodate additional zones
  • Manual battery and indicator test

    SYSTEM OVERVIEW The ZAC-32 Zone Annunciator/Controller is a two component system comprised of a Central Zone Processor and a Remote Display/Control Console.

    ZAC-32 provides total zone monitoring and control at the full featured Remote Console for ideal central systems management. It is capable of zone expansion in thirty-two zone multiples. Optional Remote Printer provide s a hard copy of all zone activity by user number, time and date.