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Altronix AL1002ULADAJ Proprietary Power Supply

Altronix AL1002ULADAJ Proprietary Power Supply
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Altronix AL602ULADAJ, AL802ULADAJ and AL1002ULADAJ are very versatile devices. They can be used with or without specific synchronization modules provided by some manufacturers. Multiple units can be synchronized by using either the built-in sync mode or a external synchronization module. Please note, that only notification appliances with synchronization capabilities can be synchronized. Contact signal manufacturer for more detailed information.Units can operate with either one (1) or two (2) outputs from the FACP. Two (2) outputs from the NAC power extender can be paralleled to achieve up to 4 amp, for circuits requiring additional power.

Also known as

  • Altronix Corp. 24VDC@10A 4OUT NAC JMBO ENCL - AX-AL1002ADJ