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Altronix AL642ULADA Proprietary Power Supply

Altronix AL642ULADA Proprietary Power Supply
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Model AL642ULADA is an extremely cost effective 6.5 amp voltage regulated remote NAC Power Extender. It may be connected to any 24 volt Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). Primary applications include Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) expansion (supports ADA requirements) and will provide auxiliary power to support system accessories. The unit delivers regulated and filtered 24 volt power via up to four (4) Class B, four (4) Class A or combination of Class B and Class A Notification Appliance Circuits. Additionally, the unit can supply up to 1 amp from continous AUX output and up to 1 amp from AC disconnected AUX ouput. The 6.5 amp rated supply current can be divided between the four (4) outputs for powering notification appliances and the AUX outputs. Each output is rated at 2.5 amp max (total not to exceed 6.5 amp), and can be independently programmed for Steady, Temporal Code 3 or Strobe Synchronization. All outputs may be programmed for Input to Output Follower Mode (output will follow input. i.e. March Time Input, March Time Output). An individual output of 4 amp is achieved by paralleling 2 outputs. In non-alarm condition units provide independent loop supervision for Class A and/or Class B FACP NAC circuits. In the event of a loop trouble the FACP will be notified via steered inputs (input 1 or input 2). In addition, there are common trouble output terminals (NC, C, NO) which are used to indicate general loop/system trouble. A common trouble input is provided for optional NC (normally closed) devices to report trouble to the FACP. Two (2) FACP signaling outputs can be connected to power extender inputs. These inputs can then be directed to control supervision and power delivery to any combination of the four (4) outputs. The unit also feature "Loop Output" trouble memory indication to help identify troublesome sporatic loop problems.

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  • Altronix AL642ULADA Proprietary Power Supply - 110 V AC Input Voltage - Wall Mou