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Atlas Sound Atlas Sound CJ46 Projector Horn for Wide-Angle Sound Dispersion

Atlas Sound Atlas Sound CJ46 Projector Horn for Wide-Angle Sound Dispersion
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Atlas Sound Atlas Sound CJ46 Projector Horn for Wide-Angle Sound Dispersion


Reflex projector Model CJ-46 is for directional sound and signalling distribution where wide-angle dispersion and maximum audibility are required. Combine this weatherproof unit with a 1 3/8"-18 male threaded compression driver for use at various indoor/outdoor events where crowds gather in large areas. Model CJ-46 offers positioning flexibility for horizontal, vertical or stacked clusters enhancing its usage as a sound system component at various outdoor activities including political rallies and sporting events. The wide-angle sound projector is also ideal for use with community warning systems and for installation in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation terminals and recreational buildings.

The all-purpose Model CJ-46 wide-angle sound projector screw mounts to Atlas Sound PD and SD Series compression drivers to provide maximum audio penetration through adverse ambient sound levels and coverage over long distances. For versatile mounting applications, Model CJ-46 features a heavy-duty steel mounting bracket with positive lock for horizontal and vertical positioning in single or stacked multi-unit clusters. To meet applications requirements, the prime sound dispersion axis may be changed from horizontal to vertical via a 90 bell rotation and four 1/4" screws. Model CJ-46 is a low silhouette reflex unit manufactured of non-resonant fiberglass with a spun aluminum re-entrant section. Weight is 14 1/2 lbs.


  • Directional High-Efficiency Reflex Sound Projector with Wide Angle Dispersion
  • Equipped with Standard 1 3/8"-18 Male Threads for Use with Compression Driver Units
  • Heavy-Duty Positive Locking Steel Mounting Bracket for Secure Positioning
  • Environment-Resistant Construction for Outdoor/Indoor Applications
  • Specifications

  • Dispersion: 120 x 60
  • Low Frequency Cut Off: 115 Hz
  • Air Column Length: 4 1/2 ft
  • Bell Size: 22" x 12"
  • Horn Length: 17"
    • Also known as

      • Atlas Sound - CJ46 - Atlas Sound CJ-46 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - Black - Wall

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