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Atlas Sound UHT70CU518

Atlas Sound UHT70CU518
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Atlas Sound UHT70CU518


Atlas Sound's UHT70CU518 are 8" diameter single voice coil loudspeakers equipped with dual (whizzer) cone and 10 oz. ceramic magnet to deliver extended frequency response with high intelligibility and minimal distortion. Cost-effective units are complete with fire-retardant moisture-proof cones, factory-mounted 70.7V transformer, 6" color-coded leads, DC blocking capacitor and a 51-8 baffle. To comply with UL requirements, loudspeaker packages must be used with UL-approved enclosures

    Also known as

    • Atlas Sound - UHT70CU518 - Spk Pkg 8 T7/5w Ul Rn Cap

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