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Atlas Sound - WPVT6SN - Wthrprf Intrcm Spr, Surfc Mnt - WPVT-6SN

Atlas Sound - WPVT6SN - Wthrprf Intrcm Spr, Surfc Mnt - WPVT-6SN
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WPVT-FN/ WPVT-SN Series are flush- and surface-mounting, weather-resistant, electroacoustic signaling devices respectively. They are ruggedly constructed to withstand moisture, corrosion, dust, vibration, and temperature extremes from -30° to 150° F. Stations include high-intelligibility, environment-resistant compression driver, choice of semirecessed enclosure or flush face plate, a variety of mounting accessories, and a weatherresistant call button for protected call-in signalling capability. Stations are available in 15 or 2 watt versions with optional 25 volt transformer. The 8 ohm compression driver is the patented VT Series model with water-sealed, die-cast zinc construction and integral, exponential sound projector to provide clear audibility. Call switch is a momentary-action, heavy-duty push button with a contact rating of 3 amps. The call button has a SPDT-type switch which is protected by a weather-resistant rubber boot to provide durable and safe operation in outdoor and high humidity environments.

Also known as

  • Atlas Sound - WPVT6SN - Wthrprf Intrcm Spr, Surfc Mnt