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Atlas Sound FA978

Atlas Sound FA978
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Atlas Sound FA978


The Atlas Sound FA978 extra deep recessed enclosure with dog legs for 8" Strategy series. The unit installs quickly and easily in plaster, drywall, or suspended tile ceilings up to 2 3/8" thick utilizing three, easy-to-adjust rotating clamps that rotate and secure into position with a screwdriver.

The enclosure front-loads Atlas Sound's Strategy Series 8" dia. loudspeaker Models FA138 and FA118. This direct loudspeaker to enclosure mounting method removes all load-bearing requirements from the grille, allowing the use of welded studs for convenient, push-on grille installation - a time-saving feature which presents a clean and hardware-free appearance. It also facilitates fast and easy grille removal for painting or other maintenance.

The FA978 enclosure allow the high-performance coaxial FA138 and FA118 loudspeaker to achieve maximum potential.

This high-quality loudspeaker/enclosure combination is perfect for applications where high-fidelity music and intelligible speech are imperative.

    Also known as

    • Atlas/Soundolier BACK BOX 8 DEEP FOR 8 SPEAKER - AT-FA978

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