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Atlas Sound EZHD72W

Atlas Sound EZHD72W
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Atlas Sound EZHD72W


The Atlas Sound EZHD72W is an 8" loudspeaker package with a 25V/70.7V 4W transformer and a 51-8 baffle. The EZ Mount Support System transfers the composite weight of the loudspeaker, baffle, and enclosure to the ceiling's support members via adjustable support rails (included). The rails may be adjusted vertically and then secured to the specially designed, pre-mounted enclosure brackets with screws (furnished). No tile bridge or time-consuming screw mounting is necessary. The support rails are heavy-gauge CRS and finished in a galvanized coating.

    Also known as

    • Atlas/Soundolier AT/ SND SPKR C10LWT72/ 51-8 RAIL - AT-EZHD72W

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