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Atlas Sound 8CXT60

Atlas Sound 8CXT60
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Model 8CXT60 is a 150 watt loudspeaker that combines an 8" diameter, low frequency transducer and a 1" exit, true compression driver. The unit features a curvilinear, polypropylene cone for lower harmonic distortion, and a built-in crossover network for proper frequency transition between the two reproducers. Model 8CXT60 operates within a frequency response range of 48 Hz to 18 kHz (±10dB) with a sensitivity of 92dB and a dispersion angle of 90°. Model 8CXT60 includes a factory installed, high efficiency, 60W, 70.7/ 100V step down line transformer. Power taps are provided at 7.5, 15, 30 and 60 Watts (@70.7V).