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Atlas Sound I128SYS

Atlas Sound I128SYS
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Model I128SYS IP speaker from Atlas Sound consists of a factory assembled loudspeaker, baffle, tile support, enclosure system with PCB amp/ control board securely mounted to the rear of the speaker via concealed weld studs.The amp / control board is capable of producing 9 Watts RMS into the 8 Ohm loudspeaker with 9VDC minimum power provided by IEEE 802.3 AF compliant POE switches. (local 12-18VDC PSUs may also be used instead of POE switches). Interconnection is via a board mounted female RJ-45 connector.The industry standard C10A loudspeaker used in the I128SYS is a dual cone 8" (205mm) loudspeaker with a 10oz (260g) ceramic magnet. It includes a curvelinear paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. The loudspeaker is also equipped with a full 1" (25mm) diameter copper voice coil with aluminum former for better heat dissipation.The 18 gauge construction of the metal baffle provides security and durability in commercial applications. The baffle is finished in neutral white electrostatic powder coat and is packaged with all necessary mounting screws.