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Atlas Sound IHVP

Atlas Sound IHVP
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Model IHVP IP speaker from Atlas Sound consists of a factory assembled horn loudspeaker/ baffle with PCB amp/ control board securely mounted to the rear of the baffle via concealed weld studs. The amp/ control board is capable of producing 9 Watts RMS into the 8 Ohm loudspeaker with 9VDC minimum power provided by IEEE 802.3 AF compliant POE switches (local 12-18VDC PSU's may also be used instead of POE switches). Interconnection is via a board mounted female RJ-45 connector. The industry standard APF-15 loudspeaker used in the IHVP is a highly efficient 15 Watt compression driver with a proven record of outstanding service reliability. A double re-entrant design provides superior audibility of voice and tone signaling. The vandal resistant, cast aluminum alloy baffle provides security and durability in commercial applications. A perforated 22-gauge stainless steel metal screen is provided over the loudspeaker to maximize protection and performance by allowing the optimum percentage of open area forward of the loudspeaker.