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Bosch / Detection Systems DVR4C1081 - 4 CH DVR, 80GB

Bosch / Detection Systems  DVR4C1081 - 4 CH DVR, 80GB
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Bosch / Detection Systems  DVR4C1081 - 4 CH DVR, 80GB


The Bosch DVR4C1081 is a 4-channel digital video recorder, perfect for small to medium sized surveillance applications such as retail stores, banks or parking lots. The DVR accepts up to 4 analog security cameras and supports simultaneous playback, recording and live viewing of all 4 cameras on a quad monitor. Switching between cameras can be done manually or by programming auto switching with sequential dwell times for each camera. An operator can also access the DVR from a remote Internet location to view cameras and recorded images or to change settings, with a multi-level password system determining the level of access for each user.

The DVR accepts an optional microphone and speaker, offering two-way voice communication between a system administrator and a person at the camera location. Search and playback is quick and easy with an operator able to do a search based on a particular date and time, an alarm event or when motion was detected. Video is recorded at a high rate of up to 30 IPS per channel and is embedded with proof of authentication to preserve its legal integrity.

Key Features

4-Channel video and audio

Simultaneous recording and playback

Quad monitor display

Manual or sequential switching

Up to 30 IPS per channel (NTSC)

Two-way voice communication with optional microphone and speaker

80GB Storage hard drive

Ethernet connection for remote viewing, playback and control

Built-in motion detection configurable for area and sensitivity

Easy search by date and time, motion detection or alarm event

Pre alarm event recording

Multi-level password protection

Local archiving via USB connection

2x Digital zoom

Proof of authentication to prevent video altercation

RS-232 Remote control port

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