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Bosch PB-BRSBASE08 Recording Station Base Licnse 8 IP-Channel 4 Remote Station

Bosch PB-BRSBASE08 Recording Station Base Licnse 8 IP-Channel 4 Remote Station
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The Bosch BRS-BASE-08A Recording Station Base License (8 IP Cameras), with DiBos technology, HD / Megapixel camera support, provides live viewing and recording of IP based surveillance videos at a resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 pixels. You can retrieve live and recorded video across the entire network. In addition, it offers authorized user easy access to all the information, even if they are on site or at remote network locations. Supporting 8 IP cameras, the recording station software is compatible with compression standards such as Bosch H.264, Bosch MPEG-4, Axis MPEG-4, MJPEG via HTTP, and TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol). The individual camera offers in-window pan/tilt/zoom functionality from local or remote locations. In addition, the camera images can be displayed with date/time, location, camera name, and the connection status for devices such as detectors/sensors. Built-in scalable GUI (graphical user interface) allows you to view live/recorded images from multiple remote locations on a single PC. This enables the security managers to monitor and supervise multiple locations at the same time, even if remote stations are connected via WAN. The BRS-BASE-08A recording station software can be programmed to handle specific situations and events automatically. It can respond to alarms by recording videos at higher quality and transmit alarm messages to the security workforce. With graphical timeline control, the recording software can playback videos easily using search and navigation functions. Employing one interface, the users can playback video recordings from multiple stations simultaneously and synchronously. Featuring Smart Motion Search function, the recording software eliminates tedious manual search operations. The recording software allows you to archive videos that are digitally watermarked to maintain credibility of your data. Using scheduled export, you can regularly backup your video recordings on devices such as external disk arrays, and NAS (network attached storage). In addition, the software supports export of multiple camera information from different recorders. Multiple user authorization levels can be used to set individual permissions for each user determining the system access rights. In addition, the recording software supports individual configuration of parameters such as camera viewing and control, playback and export of recordings, and types of permissible system configuration settings. The BRS-BASE-08A Recording Station software maintains a log of events such as login, log-off, status changes, image transmission, video export, and system shutdown in a database. In addition, the information stored in the database can be easily transferred to MS Excel. Built-in video authentication detects any alteration in the recorded images. Using the OPC (OLE for Process Control), the recording station software can be integrated with the security and building management systems. For advanced integration, you can use VideoSDK that offers complete package of modules for playback, searching, and viewing. In addition, the Recording Station software can be used with systems such as Bosch access solutions and alarm panels, ATM and POS terminals, fire alarm systems, number plate capture equipment, and video content analysis solutions. Specifications: Resolutions: Recording resolutions: QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, 4CIF, HD 720p, HD 1080p Megapixel (arbitrary JPEG resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels) Recording Rate: Recording rates per channel: PAL: 0,5 - 25 IPS, NTSC: 0,5 - 30 IPS Video Codecs: Supported video codecs / protocols: Bosch MPEG-4, Bosch H.264, Axis MPEG-4, JPEG/MJPEG via HTTP/TFTP Supported Cameras: Supported Bosch MPEG-4 IP cameras: Dinion IP, AutoDome IP, FlexiDome IP, Megapixel IP, Extreme IP Supported Bosch H.264 IP cameras: NBC/NDC-225/255-PDinion NBC-455-P, NBN-498-P, FlexiDome NDC-455-P, NDN-498-P, AutoDome Easy IIAutoDome VG4 IP Supported and tested AXIS MPEG-4 IP cameras: 211, 211A, 211M, 221, 223M Supported Bosch JPEG IP cameras: NWC-0700/0800 Megapixel IP camera,NWC-0900 Day/Night Megapixel IP camera Supported JPEG IP cameras from other manufacturers: IP cameras from Arecont Vision, Axis, Mobotix, Sony and other compatible cameras that support HTTP/TFTP and provide Video Output Encoder: Supported Bosch H.264 and MPEG-4 encoders (video servers): VIP X1 XF, VIPX1600 XFM4, VideoJet X10/20/40 VIP X1600, VIP X1/X2, VIP 10 VideoJet 8004/8008VideoJet 10S, VideoJet 1000 Remote: Maximum number of configured remote station at one receiver station: 200 (can be configured, visible in devices list) Number of simultaneously connected remote stations at one receiver station: Maximum: 32, 4 connections included free of charge, Expansion possible with BRS-XREM-01A / BRS-XREM-04A Supported Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, English, Finnish, French, Hungarian Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish Web Browser Access: HTTP Browser Access (WAN): IIS must be installed and configured on theBosch Recording Station. A custom HTTP port is possible. ActiveX required on browser. Maximum number of connections to one station: 3 Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Professional SP3, 32-bit versions, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed Windows 7, 32-bit versions (NetLimiter not supported) Windows Server 2003, 32-bit versions, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed Windows Server 2008, 32-bit versions, Desktop Experience installed (NetLimiter not supported) Minimum Requirements: For Workstation PCs running Bosch Recording Station (Recorder and Receiver): Maximum recording rate: 50 Mbit/s CPU: Core 2 Duo CPU RAM: 2 GB Graphic Card: 32-Bit color depth (DirectX 9 Hardware Support, no shared memory) Free disk space: 2 GB on system partition Recording partition: Dedicated partition (e.g. D:) for recording Network adapter: 1000 Base-T, Gbit Graphics: Graphic adapter recommendations: Standard performance: NVIDIA FX380, NVIDIA FX580 High performance: NVIDIA FX1700, NVIDIA FX1800, NVIDIA FX4800