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Bosch PB-DSAN2B41T FAS2040 Base Unit 12X1000GB

Bosch PB-DSAN2B41T FAS2040 Base Unit 12X1000GB
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The DSDA iSCSI series represent the second generation of Bosch Digital Video Disk Arrays and are designed for the security industries most demanding digital video storage applications to manage the relentlessly growing digital video data. The DSA-N2B40 provides the utmost scalability and performance within the Bosch iSCSI disk array portfolio. The DSA-N2B40 is the co-branded FAS Series FAS 2040 from NetApp which provides a scale-out network storage solution that provides security, high "in-the-box" scalability, peace-of-mind data protection, and simplified management of all your video data. NetApp's FAS Series are based on a 16-year enterprise proven and well tested OS-Data ONTAP. NetApp pioneered the iSCSI protocol years ago and remains the market leader. Designed as a scale-out system, the DSA-N2B40 allows connecting up to six disk shelf expansion units to one base unit. The base unit provides a maximum of 12 x 1 TB SATA-II hard disk drives and each disk shelf expansion unit will provide a maximum of 14 x 1 TB hard disk drives. The DSA-N2B40 is a fully featured RAID protected disk array which provides RAID-4 protection for capacityoriented environments and RAID-DP protection for availability oriented environments. RAID-DP (Double Parity) is a form of RAID-6 without any performance penalty. RAID-DP is strongly recommended if the system will be used with disk shelf expansion units.