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Bosch PB-DVA8E41RA Disk Array 4 X 1TB HDD 8 Bay Lite

Bosch PB-DVA8E41RA Disk Array 4 X 1TB HDD 8 Bay Lite
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The Bosch Digital Video Storage Array (DVSA) Lite series is built for the security industries most demanding digital video storage applications, providing high capacity, unlimited flexibility and unmatched reliability. Bosch DVSA satisfies the ever increasing demands of CCTV for video - high speed recording, high performance playback, uninterruptable reliability and massive capacities. With complete RAID 5 protection and SATA -II hard drives, it is ideally suited for when the highest level of data availability is demanded. The "Lite" models are fully featured RAID 5 disk arrays with a single SCSI U-320 interface (no loop-through for cascading supported). With the focus on non stop reliabillity all critical components, including the drive trays and cooling modules are hot-swappable within the cableless modular chassis. In the event of a failure, the Bosch Digital Video Array sounds an audible alarm to notify a user. The units also ensure that system managers can be constantly updated with their status via a choice of channels, including email, fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP traps, MSN Messenger and SMS messages depending on the infrastructure in place and user preferences. The 8 SATA-II drive channels are routed through the backplane board to the lockable drive trays installed via the front of the Bosch DVSA. The completely cableless, backplane-based design eliminates problems associated with cable connections and offers a higher level of serviceability. The Bosch RAIDWatch Manager is a Java-based RAID management software that provides a user-friendly graphical interface for configuring and monitoring RAID systems. The program is specifically designed to manage Bosch DVSA. Bosch RAIDWatch simplifies the otherwise complicated process of array configuration, giving system integrators a wide range of convenient Raid management options. The Bosch DVSA is equipped with an Ethernet port for local and remote management. The software gives system administrators fingertip control to instantly deploy, configure, manage and monitor multiple storage subsystems at local or remote locations. The "Install Once, Run Anywhere" convenience saves time and ensures continuous operation. With WAN/LAN support an operator can manage multiple Bosch DVSA from a single workstation.
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