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UTC (Formerly GE Security/Caddx) NX64FASTPACKLM

UTC (Formerly GE Security/Caddx) NX64FASTPACKLM
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With available add-on modules to accommodate enhancements such as wireless integration, X-10 home automation, two-way voice, and cellemetry backup, the NX-6 provides flexible expansion capabilities for mid-size installations.

Features and Benefits
  • 6 fully programmable zones
  • Zone doubling to 12 zones option
  • Wireless expansion up to 16 zones
  • All zones programmable as fire or burglary
  • 2 true partitions
  • Up/downloadable with competitor lockout
  • Modular design with slide in PC boards
  • 4 on-board outputs (47 events programmable by partition)
  • Maximum 8 keypads per partition
  • 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors
  • Automatic arming with auto retry
  • Assign zones to one or multiple partitions
  • 40 user codes (4 or 6 digit)
  • Built-in siren driver/voltage out
  • Siren supervision


  • SIA and Contact ID formats
  • Supports all major formats
  • Event activated pager format
  • Flexible auto-test reports
  • Failure to communicate reporting
  • Reports entering/exiting program mode
  • Will communicate alarm events during programming

185 Event Log

  • Includes date,time,event and partition number
    The NX-6 is a full-featured, mid-sized security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection.The NX-6 is a flexible security system that is easy to install and simple to use.With two partitions and up to sixteen zones, the NX-6 can handle most medium size residential and commercial security needs.

    High Standards
    The panel comes standard with six hardwire zone inputs. Four programmable outputs can be set up to activate external devices during an alarm or other system event.The Modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure. Adding more zones or expanding capability is fast and easy.

    Easy Expansion
    Expand the NX-6 capabilities by adding up to three optional Expander Modules. Modular design allows NetworX modules to slide into the enclosure easily for quick installations. The NX-320E Smart Power Supply and Bus Extender, the NX-508E Output Module and the NX-534E Two-Way Voice Module are just a few of the flexible options for the NX-6. Expand the system even further with a phone interface/voice module for on-site and off-site system control using touchtone phones.

    Effortless Programming
    Conduct quick and easy on-site programming with alphanumeric keypads and a menu driven text interface. Off-site programming is also available with the DL-900 software for Windows.

    Operating power16.5VAC 40VA
    Auxiliary power
       w/40VA or 50VA transformer1 Amps
       w/NX-320E power supply3 Amps*
    Loop resistance
       For standard loop300 Ohms Maximum
       For 2-wire smokes30 Ohms Maximum
    Built-in siren driver2 Tone (Temporal & Yelp)
    Alarm current available
    (if above driver is not used)
    2.5 Amps
    Loop response500ms
    Operating temperature32F to 120 °F (0 to 49 °C)
    LCD keypad dimensions6.4"W 4.0"H 1.1" D
    LED keypad dimensions6.4"W 5.3"H 1.0" D
    Keypad materialWhite / ABS
    Enclosure dimensions9.25"W 8.25"H 3.5" D
    Enclosure colorOff White
    Shipping weight (Panel Only)8 lbs
    *When using the NX-320E (w/50VA transformer) rated at 2 Amps and NX-8 (w/40VA or 50VA transformer)rated at 1 Amp, the combined available power is 3 Amps.

    Ordering Information
    Part NumberDescription
    NX-68-zone control only. Keypad and transformer sold separately.
    NX-6-KIT8-zone control with NX-108E keypad and transformer.
    NX-108E8-zone LED keypad.
    NX-1316E16-zone LED keypad with removable door.
    NX-1448E48-zone fixed display LCD keypad.
    NX-148E48-zone custom display LCD keypad with removable door.
    NX-408E/416E8, 16-zone wireless expander receivers.