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Camden CM-5030 Push/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Mushroom Exit Switch

Camden CM-5030 Push/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Mushroom Exit Switch
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Camden CM-5030 Push/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Mushroom Exit Switch


Push/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Mushroom Exit Switch

CAMDEN DOOR CONTROLS 4000/5000 Series of push switches are heavy duty pushbuttons, specially designed and manufactured to meet the stringent demands of exit controls. Buttons are available in either green, red, or blue, 1 5⁄8 " or 2 3⁄8 " diameter. They are supplied with a 1⁄4 " thick brushed aluminum plate in 1 3⁄4 " or 2 3⁄4 " widths. Optional duranodic finish (US 40) is also available.

No set screws are required, due to the bayonet interlocking of the modular assembly. Buttons are free spinning, for additional protection against vandalism.

The switches are UL/CSA approved, rated at 10 amps @ 125V AC. The design of the CAMDEN Push Button is modular, so that the contact block switches can be stacked to control up to six distinct functions simultaneously. They can be configured for either spring return (momentary), push / pull (maintained), or push/turn to release (maintained) operation. Optional 1-60 second pneumatic timer. Pneumatic timer features 10 amps @ 125 - 250 VAC DPST (N/O and N/C) contacts.

CAMDEN Push Switches are ideal for high traffic areas, such as store and building front entrances, and exits. They can be surface, flush, or mullion (narrow stile) mounted.

CAMDEN Push Switches are designed to control overhead doors, electric locks, electro-magnetic locks, electric strikes, automatic doors, and handicap operators. They may also be used for shunting, bypassing alarms, request to exit, timed functions, and other applications. The switches are made for high frequency usage, in an indoor or outdoor environment. CAMDEN Push Switches are versatile, and are supplied in various configurations to suit commercial, industrial and residential applications.

ALL CM- 4000 SERIES MUSHROOM Push SWITCHES come with a 1 5⁄8 " mushroom button (red, green, or blue), brushed aluminum faceplate, modular contact block, 2 socket/slotted screws, and 2 tamperproof screws.

  • Large 2 3/8" palm button. Red, blue, or green
  • Vandal & tamper resistant
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Large engraved symbols or words
  • Spring return, push/pull, or push/turn to release operation
  • Available with integrated 1-60 sec pneumatic time delay
Cm-5000 shown with optional handicap logo

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