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Panasonic EX-DVD External Storage Device (writes to DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R) Panasonic LM-HB94LU DVD-RAM Disc 9.4G
Panasonic's model EX-DVD is an external digital archiving solution that further enhances the performance and efficiency of the Panasonic WJ-HD300 digital video recorder series and hybrid recording servers. The unit offers the versatility to record in DVD-RAM, DVD-R and CD-R formats and connects easily via standard USB 2.0 port. Archived images can be played back in their native formats on standard PCs. Native image files are also ideal for FTP downloading via direct or network connections and for viewing from external storage devices.


• 3X Speed DVD-RAM Writing

• 4X Speed DVD-R Writing

• 1X Speed DVD-RW Writing

• 12X Speed CD-R Writing

• 8X Speed CD-RW Writing

• 32X Speed CD-ROM Reading

• 12X Speed DVD-ROM Reading

• Buffer Under Run Protection

• DVD Multi Read/Write Support

• 4.7GB Data Capacity (single side DVD only)

• 2MBytes Buffer Memory

Compatible Players DVD Video Recorders and DVD-RAM Drives (for computers)


* Rewritable (record, erase & rewrite data)

* Formatted for Recordable DVD-RAM Drives for Computers

* Double-sided

* High-Speed Series version 2.1 / 3x

* 3x Recording Speed - Capable of recording at 2x and 3x speed

* Type 4 Cartridge with double-sided disc that can be removed

* Data Capacity 9.4GB

* High Picture Quality Recording Mode (XP) About 2 hours

* Standard Recording Mode (SP) About 4 hours

* Long Recording Mode (LP) About 8 hours

* Extra Long Recording Mode (EP) About 12 hours

* Panasonic Part Number: LM-HB94LU (formerly LM-HP94V)

Panasonic SCT08P Camera Control Code Converter - 8 Channel Panasonic WJ-HDE300 Extension Unit For WJ-HD300 Series, 1000GB
SCT08P Camera Control Code Converter - 8 Channel

This device enables control of Pelco PTZ cameras through the Panasonic WJ-HD300/A DVR series utilizing Panasonic system controllers, WV-CU650 or WV-CU360C. The SCTO8P converter gives you the ability to upgrade existing VCR / MUX systems to the Panasonic WJ-HD300A DVR Series, while utilizing previously installed Pelco PTZ cameras.
• Up to 8 Pelco protocol camera control with 1 converter
• Ability to select the first 8 channels (108), or 2nd set of 8 channels (9-16)
• Supports P-Protocol and D-Protocol
• Supports basic control functions (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Preset)
• AC adapter, RJ-11 cable for Panasonic camera RS-485 port included

Panasonic presents the new WJ-HD300 Series with a unique new system featuring a high compression ratio of 1/30 for practical use. Under the "All-in-One Solution" concept, all the vital recording components and features are condensed into one unit. With one single unit, unprecedented, highly reliable surveillance recording is possible in a wide range of applications. The WJ-HD300 Series also features System Scalability to meet extended user needs.
Panasonic WJ-HDE300/640 Expansion Unit for WJ-HD300 Series, 640GB Panasonic WV-AS65 Disk Recorder Management Software for the WJ-ND300 NDR and WJ-HD300A DVR Series
4 Drive Bays for Optional HDD Units Panasonic Disk Recorder Management Software WV-AS65

Viewing Software for the WJ-HD300 DVR Series
The WV-AS60 is a powerful program designed for comprehensive record control of up to 100 Panasonic WJ-HD300 digital video recorders and pan/tilt/zoom camera control over a network. The viewing software runs on a Windowsฎ XP platform thus allowing for easy system integration and centralized control of DVRs anywhere on the network. The versatile software gives users the ability to control, access, playback and transfer images from one unit to another accross a digital network platform. Images can also be accessed randomly or automatically though alarm logs and can be downloaded from the DVRs onto the PC's hard drive or external device.


  • Works with WJ-HD300A DVR Series Up to 100 recorders can be registered, and up to 16 recorders can be viewed at a single time
  • Users can create their own custom screens with up to 16 images from any camera on the network regardless of their connection to any recorder – using simple drop and drag
  • Screen setups and camera can be easily named, saved and recalled using drop down menus
  • Still images and video clips can be saved to local hard drives using scheduled or manual FTP sessions
  • Saved images can be easily converted to JPEG
  • Video clip files can be downloaded with or without a built-in player while preserving the proprietary recording format
  • WV-AS65 software for configuration and management of multiple WJ-ND300 NVR’s, as well as WJ-HD300A DVR’s, to allow migration platform for analog and IP systems
  • Panasonic NVR120HDSG - 120 GB Hard Disk Drive for WJ-ND200 NVR Panasonic NVR16-A0-500-1 - NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER WITH 500GB, UP TO 16 CAMS

    Panasonic NVR120HDSG - 120 GB Hard Disk Drive for WJ-ND200 NVR

    Panasonic NVR16-A0-500-1 - NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER WITH 500GB, UP TO 16 CAMS

    Panasonic NVST120PQ - S-VHS Professional Quality Cassette - Recording Time: 120 Minutes

    Panasonic NVST120PQ - S-VHS Professional Quality Cassette - Recording Time: 120 Minutes


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