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Matrix Switchers

  Matrix Switchers Accessories
Matrix Switchers Accessories
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Panasonic  WJ-PB85R08 8-Channel RS-485 Data Communications Board for WJ-SX850 Panasonic  WJ-SX850 Card Cage, Large Scale Matrix w/Power Supply
8-Channel RS-485 Data Communiction Board for WJ-SX850 Matrix System 850's scalable, high density modular architecture allows users to design systems of various different sizes up to 8,192 video inputs, 1,024 video outputs and 128 system controllers and space-saving installation. With enhanced or high-speed CPUs, the system doubles input and in turn quadruples output. Extended coverage is made possible by cable compensation circuitry, which allows cables to be extended up to 1.2km long. With video, control and synchronization signals all being transmitted over a single coaxial cable dramatically reduces time & costs of installation of this Matrix System 850.


Up to to 8,192 video inputs, 1,024 video outputs, 128 system controllers

Scalable, space-saving, high-density modular architecture

Roll free switching thanks to Panasonic VD2 timing pulse

Ethernet 10Base-T network for system communication

Hot-swapping and front access maintenance

Optional backup CPU or syatem reliability

Flexible system partitioning

Flexible alarm handling

Panasonic PCA85DB8 Patch Cable, DB 25 Male to 8 BNC Female Panasonic WJ-CA65L20K WJ-SX650 Expansion Cable (2m)
Patch Cable, DB 25 Male to 8 BNC Female WJ-CA65L20K WJ-SX650 Expansion Cable (2m)

Expansion cable (2m) for WJ-SX650

Panasonic WJ-CA68 WJ-SX650 D-sub/BNC Video Cable Panasonic WJ-MPU850 Standard Main CPU Unit for WJSX850
WJ-CA68 WJ-SX650 D-sub/BNC Video Cable

WJCA68 Loop through cable for WJ-SX650

The Panasonic Matrix 850 high density video matrix system provides scalable CCTV system architecture for up to 8192 inputs and 1024 outputs. It is used primarily for large security and surveillance operations where system reliability and feature programmability are paramount. Features: Ethernet controller network (10Base-T) Centralized time/date generation 3000' cable compensation Video, control and synchronization over 1 cable ISO 9001 approved Full nonblocking video switching Any input can be switched to any or all outputs simultaneously.
Panasonic WJ-MPU855 Enhanced Main CPU Unit For WJ-SX850 Panasonic WJ-PB65C32 Video input board for WJ-SX650 switcher
Enhanced main CPU unit for WJ-SX850. SPECIFICATIONS
Camera Input (CAMERA IN 1 to 32)
1 V [P-P]/75 Ω (BNC x 32), composite video signal
0.5 V [P-P]/75 Ω data signal and
2.5 V [P-P]/75 Ω vertical timing pulse multiplexed

Video Output (VIDEO OUT 1 to 4)
1 V [P-P]/75 Ω (25-pin D-sub connector x 4), active loop-thru output

Alarm Input (ALARM IN)
N.O. (Normally Open contact) or
N.C. (Normally Close contact) selectable x 32 (37-pin D-sub connector)

Dimensions (W x H x D) Main Board 346 mm x 42 mm x 225 mm [13-3/5" x 1-3/5" x 8-4/5"]
IN X-2 Board 355 mm x 21 mm x 115 mm [14" x 4/5" x 4-1/2"]
IN X-1 Board 355 mm x 38 mm x 115 mm [14" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/2"]

Panasonic WJSX650 Mid-range analog matrix switcher Panasonic WJSX650U Expansion cage for WJ-SX650 analog matrix switcher
The Matrix System 650 from Panasonic is the new, easier way to configure mid-sized to large surveillance systems. This remarkable new system makes it simple to fully integrate up to 256 cameras, 32 monitors, and 60 registered users. Adding the WJ-HD300A Series Digital Disk Recorders delivers the high image quality and high storage capacity that state-of-the-art surveillance requires. The Matrix System 650 is a simple, flexible architecture that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including shopping malls, multipurpose complexes, office buildings and banks.

Supports Up to 256 Cameras (using 8 video input boards)
Front Access for Main Board and Power Supply Maintenance
Supports up to 1,024 Alarm Inputs and Up to 64 Alarm Outputs
Output Support for up to 32 Monitors
Supports Connection of up to 16 WJ-HD300A Series Recorders (using 2 video output boards)
Supports simultaneous use of up to 16 WV-CU650 System Controllers + Personal Computer (PC)

Panasonic WJ-SX650U Matrix Card Cage for WJ-SX650 Analog Matrix Switcher; Expansion Slot x 3; RS-485 (Camera) Port 6-conductor modular jack x 12 (2-wire or 4-wire communication, With termination switches (MODE 1 to 4)) Specifications
Expansion Slot: x 3
RS-485 (Camera): Port 6-conductor modular jack x 12 (2-wire or 4-wire communication, With termination switches (MODE 1 to 4))
Extension Port (EXTENSION 1 IN, OUT): 6-conductor modular jack x 2 (With a termination switch (TERM: ON, OFF))
Extension Port (EXTENSION IN 2, 3): 37-pin D-sub connector x 2
Extension Port (EXTENSION OUT 2, 3): 37-pin D-sub connector x 2
Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 mm x 265 mm x 372 mm [16-9/16" x 10-7/16" x 14-3/5"] (excluding rubber feet and projections)
Weight: 18.0 kg (40 lbs.)
Panasonic WV-CA50 Cable, Non Auto-Pan, Receiver to Pan/Tilt Panasonic WV-CA64 Cable, Loop-through for Matrix System 500
Cable, Non Auto-Pan, Receiver to Pan/Tilt Cable, Loop-through for Matrix System 500

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