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Service Input Hub
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GE/Kalatel   DVMREPRO1 10 Channel Color Triplex 160GB GE/Kalatel KA-DVMREPRO DVMRKPRO 10320DVD 10 Channel 320GB

The DVMRe Triplex combines a digital video multiplexer and a leading-edge technology digital video recorder in one unit. It records video from up to 16 cameras and single-channel audio to its internal hard drive. Because its digital, it gives you superior

Standard Features:

* View live and recorded images while continuing to record

* Access recordings from a PC

* Search for images by alarm, time, date, ATM or POS text, or motion

* Email digital images or transfer to a CD

* Easy to use with VCR-like controls

* Eliminate VCR maintena

he GE Security DVMRe Pro digital multiplexer/recorder has all the features of the DVMRe Triplex plus a built-in CD-RW or optional DVD+RW and one-button printing for quick, easy evidence sharing. The DVMRe Pro's Turbo Recording Mode lets you record at 120

Standard Features:

* Built-in CD-RW or DVD+RW for easy evidence sharing

* One-button printing

* 120 pps Turbo Recording Mode

* Triplex capability that lets you watch live or playback images while recording

* Programmable record rates, image quality and modes for each camera

* Hard dis

GRI AC180W  Dual Function Switch Set, 3/4" RECESSED CONTACT W/A&C FORM REED BAG 10 WHITE OpenHouse CS-H616 4 x 6 Telephone Master Hub

The AA and AC switches can be used in numerous security applications where you need to isolate input from two different pieces of equipment that require a signal from the same source.

The GRI “Combo” Series switches are dual function reed contacts that monitor two separate functions.

By combining two reeds in one package, either two “A” forms or one “A” and one “C” form, GRI offers the installer savings in labor cost along with a wide choice of switch designs for multiple applications.

Other configurations including wide gaps are available. Please contact the factory for further information.


  • Security to Access Control
  • Security to Relays
  • Access to VCR for CCTV Timers
  • Security to Recorders
  • Security to Pool Alarm
  • 4 x 6 Telephone Master Hub

  • Telephone service for 4 lines with outputs to 6 separate locations
  • RJ-31X for connection to alarm systems
  • 110 punch-down connectors, expansion RJ-45 jack
  • OpenHouse CS-H618 4 x 8 Telephone Expansion Hub OpenHouse H616: Telephone Master Hub

    4 x 8 Telephone Expansion Hub

  • Expansion hub to models H611 and H616
  • Telephone service for 4 lines with outputs to 8 separate locations
  • Remote power for connected cameras, automatic picture compensation
  • 110 punch-down and connectors, expansion jack
  • Includes Cat 5 jumper cable
  • The Model H616 Telephone Master Hub provides a superior method of telephone distribution for structured wiring systems. The Model H616 distributes up to four telephone lines to up to six telephone wall plates. An RJ-31X jack is provided for security system connection. Additionally, the Model H616 includes an RJ-45 jack for telephone line expansion.

  • Telephone service for four lines with outputs to six separate locations
  • RJ-31X for seizure of line one
  • 110 punch-down connectors
  • RJ-45 expansion jack
  • Six enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25" x 1" x 2.75"
  • OpenHouse H618: Telephone Expansion Hub OpenHouse H619: RJ-45 Telephone Interface Hub
    The Model H618 Telephone Expansion Hub distributes up to four telephone lines to up to eight telephone wall plates. The Model H618 also includes an RJ-45 expansion jack for connecting multiple H618s.

  • Telephone service for four lines with outputs to eight locations
  • Expansion accessory to models H611, H612 or H616
  • 110 punch-down and connectors
  • Cat-5 jumper cable included
  • Expansion jack for multiple H618s
  • Six enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25" x 1" x 2.75"
  • The Model H619 Telephone Interface Hub distributes up to four telephone lines to up to 12 telephone locations via RJ-45 jacks. The Model H619 also includes an RJ-45 expansion jacks for connecting multiple H619s.

  • Telephone service for four lines with outputs to 12 separate locations
  • 12 RJ-45 connectors for output
  • Expandable to additional H619s
  • Six enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25" x 1" x 2.75"
  • OpenHouse H628: Data Termination Hub HAI 106080 Touchscreen Hub Replacement Power Supply
    The Model H628 Data Termination Hub terminates up to eight Cat-5 data lines. The hub features eight RJ-45 jacks and eight 110 punch-down connectors. Each RJ-45 jack connects directly to its associated 110 punch-down connector.

  • Certified 100 Base-T performance
  • Cat-5e performance in a multi-port hub
  • Terminates 8 Cat-5e cables
  • 110 punch-down connectors
  • Circuits may be bridged
  • Buy now and take advantage of our low prices and great services for HAI 106080 Touchscreen Hub Replacement Power Supply.
    HAI 32A30-4 Touchscreen Hub with No Video Encoder with Structured Mounting Plate HAI 55A001WH 1000W Dimmer Switch - White (WH)
    The Touchscreen Hub is available in an HAI enclosure (same as used on Omni IIe and OmniPro II) or on the Universal Mounting Plate for installation in Structured Wiring enclosures. It is supplied with a switching power pack and uses two standard sealed, rechargeable security batteries (not supplied). The Touchscreen Hub supports up to eight OmniTouch 5.7, OmniTouch, or OmniTouch with Video touchscreens. A video encoder for the Touchscreen Hub is no longer available. If you wish to view video on an HAI Touchscreen, your options are as follows:

    You must use one of HAI's IP-based Touchscreens, such as an OmniTouch 5.7e. You may use IP Cameras that provide jpg or mjpg output or Analog Cameras that are connected to an HAI Camera Server.

    The Touchscreen Hub provides battery backed power for multiple touchscreens, cameras and the Video Encoder. It has convenient connections and power terminals for a neat installation. There are inputs for six individual cameras, which can be selected by the touchscreens for viewing. Six individual outputs allow the cameras to also be viewed on monitors, TV sets, video recorders, etc. HAI designed the Hub to eliminate the unsightly and unreliable "wall wart" transformers, power strips, "Y" connectors, external power supplies, battery back up units and complex wiring normally associated with camera and Touchscreen installations. In addition to simplifying the installation, the power supply has low voltage cut out and automatically sequences the start up of Touchscreens for long term reliability and zero maintenance. The batteries are recharged automatically.
    HAI 55A00-1WH 1000W Dimmer Switch (Standalone, Omni family or Lumina family home control systems). HAI Part Number: 55A00-1xx, where xx = color code of White (WH), Almond (AL), Black (BL), Ivory (IV), Brown (BR), and Grey (GR). The 1000 Watt UPB Dimmer Switch is used for controlling and dimming lighting loads up to 1000 Watts. It comes with connectors and instructions. HAI sells wallplates for this switch. The white Wallplate is HAI Part Number 55A02-1, and the ivory Wallplate is HAI Part Number 55A02-2. While this switch comes in a default mode of dimming it may be set to non-dimming.

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