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HAI 10A17-1 RS-232/RS-485 Serial Interface Module HAI 17A00-8 Lumina PRO / OmniPro II Expansion Board
The Model 10A17 Serial Interface can be used with an Omni, OmniPro, or Aegis controller. It allows the controller to be connected to a personal computer or other system to exchange data and commands. The controller can be accessed continuously and in real time though the interface without affecting the operation of the controller. HAI offers two standard protocols: Omni-Link and Pro-Link. All HAI Omni, OmniPro, and Aegis systems with Version 1.5 or later firmware support Omni-Link. Omni-Link has defined message formats to retrieve status and send commands to the controller. OmniPro and Aegis systems with Version 1.6 or later firmware also support Pro-Link. Pro-Link is a programmable protocol whose messages can be programmed into the controller. Using Pro-Link, an HAI controller can send commands to and interpret commands from systems that are not programmable, such as lighting controls and infrared controls. The Model 17A00-8 Expansion Board adds sixteen voltage outputs for control and sixteen inputs for additional security/fire zones, auxiliary or temperature inputs. The 17A00-8 can be mounted up to 1000 feet from the main controller and requires its own power supply and battery. It reduces wiring use in larger installations. It is commonly used for sprinkler systems, control of pumps, motors, remote control circuit breakers, and additional security/fire zones.
HAI 19A00-1 8-Relay Module HAI 21A05-2 Serial PC Cable
HAI 19A00-1 8-Relay Module

Our Price : $89.98

HAI 19A001 8-Relay Module. Relay Modules are used to convert HAI voltage outputs to Form C relay contacts for switching pumps, motors, commercial lighting, remote control breakers, and sprinkler systems. This Relay Module provides 8 independent Form C Relays. Contacts rated 5 amps at 24 VDC. LED indicators show which relays are energized. This model has mounting holes. Mounts in Lumina Pro / OmniPro II 17A00-1 Expansion Enclosure.


Manufacturer: HAI
Manufacturer Product No.: 19A00-1
Compatibility: Omni II and OmniPro II Systems
Contact Rating: 5 amps at 24VDC
Relay Count: 8
This cable connects the built in serial port of a Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LT, Omni II, Omni IIe, or OmniPro II home control system to personal computers for HAI Web-Link II, HAI Windows PC Access, and other systems. Cable is 7 feet long and has a DB-9F connector.


Manufacturer: HAI
Manufacturer Product No.: 21A05-2
Compatibility: OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II
Length: 7'
HAI 22A00-1 Omni LT Expansion Module HAI 36A05-4 Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit
This module expands the Omni LT by adding 16 zones and 8 voltage outputs with overload protection and reset. The module comes with mounting hardware and cable to attach to the Omni LT home control system. The 16 zones can be programmed for burglary, temperature or auxiliary inputs. The 8 outputs have individual overload protection, with overload indicator and reset button.


Manufacturer: HAI
Manufacturer Product No.: 22A00-1
Recommended Use: Homes smaller than 2,000 sq. ft.
Control Capability: Up to 26 different lights, appliances or groups; 16 via powerline carrier control modules
Zones: 8, expandable to 24
Outputs: 2 hardwire, expandable to 10
Power Supply: 16.5-Volt AC power supply and back-up battery required (each sold separately)
The 36A05-4 Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit is a Modular to DB-9M adapter and a 7-ft 4-conductor modular cable used to connect Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LT, Omni II, Omni IIe, and OmniPro II modular serial ports to DB-9F serial port on devices such as Lutron RadioRA, NuVo Concerto and Essentia (Lumina Pro and OmniPro II only), Russound CAV6.6 and CAM (Lumina Pro and OmniPro II only), and similar devices.


HAI Product No.: 36A05-4
Dimensions: Adapter: 2 3/16" x 1 5/16" x 5/8"; cable: 7'
Ethernet Cord: 4-conductor cable
Approvals: CE certified
HAI 36A10-1 Omni LT HLC Expansion Kit HAI 44A03-1 24V 40 VA Transformer
The Model 36A10-1 HLC Expansion Kit contains a serial interface, cable, and PIM to add HLC to an Omni LT home control system that does not have a free serial port. Buy now and take advantage of our low prices and great services for HAI 44A03-1 24V 40 VA Transformer.

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