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Fire-Lite ACC-25/50DAZS Distributed Audio panel 25 Watt, 25 Vrms w/ Zone SPlitter Fire-Lite ACC-TR: Trim Ring, semi-flush mounting
ACC-25/50DAZS Single channel, 25 Watt, 25 Vrms, emergency voice evacuation panel. Can be automatically activated via the Zone System serial communication link from the ACC-25/50ZS.

The FireLite ACC-25/50DAZS is a state-of-the-art, compact, DA (Distributed Audio) panel which is designed to interface directly to addressable or conventional fire alarm control panels or can be automatically activated via the Audio Command Center25/50 (ACC-25/50) Series' Zone System serial communications link. The ACC-25/50DAZS is offereed in a self-contained, cost effective modular design that includes a single channel, 25 Watt, 25 Vrms audio amplifier, a zone page module (ACC-APM), and a zone splitter module (ACC-ASM). The additional optional digital message generator module provides a factory-prerecorded voice announcement and field record and playback capability.

The ACC-25/50DA, which supports up to eight speaker circuits, can be used to distribute voice evacuation audio over a building's speaker system. The audio riser input provides automatic gain control (AGC) which compensates for any sudio signal loss due to circuit loading or cable length, to ensure delivery of a full output signal to the speakers. The built-in power supply and battery charger provides up to 18 AH for systems requiring 24-hour bacup. Other options include a 25 Watt, 25 Vrms audio amplifier for system expansion to 50 Watts (providing dual 25 Watt speaker circuits) or as a secondary, backup amplifier. A 70.7 Vrms converter is also available for independently converting amplifier to meet retrofit needs. Suitable applications include, but are not limited to: schools, auditoriums, dormitories, theaters, restaurants, places of worship, motels/hotels, office buildings, factories, etc.

Features :

  • 25 watts of 25 Vrms audio power (Expandable to 50 watts) per panel.
  • Up to four Style Z or eight Style Y speaker circuits with use of optional zone splitter module (ACC-ZSM).
  • Automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Optional 70.7 Vrms conversion module available for each amplifier.
  • Integral primary AC power supply or secondary battery charging circuit.
  • Designed for maximum system flexibility and expansion.
  • Unobstructed module access and removable terminal blocks for ease of service and maintenance.
  • Optional digital message generator module (FC-MGM) with factory-prerecorded emergency evacuation message or custom 60-second recorded message capacity.
  • Five Command Input Circuits.
  • Field-selectable message and field recording capability using optional FC-MGM's RCA jack or mini audio input jack for connection to a personal computer.
  • Built-in alert tone generators with steady, slow whooop, high/low or chime tones.
  • Integral diagnostic LEDs include: Power, System Trouble, ALARM,
  • Message Generator Trouble, Tone Generator Trouble, Amplifier Fault and others.
  • Independent Form-C trouble relay allows FACP to monitor voice system while in active (alarm) state. 35 mA Special Application auxiliary power output for addressable modules and End-of-Line power supervision.
  • Optional lock playback speaker for use with optional message generator module.
  • Can be controlled by the ACC-25/50ZS via the Zone System serial link (EIA-485) to the ACC-ZPM.
  • ACC-TR: Trim Ring, semi-flush mounting.
    Fire-Lite ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module Fire-Lite ACM-8RF Relay Module 8 Form-C relays @ 5 amps
    FireLite ACCZSM Zone Splitter Module (ACC-ZSM) divides the output of the Audio Amplifier Module(s) (ACC-AAM25) into up to eight speaker circuits (i.e., zones). ACM-8RF Relay module, 8 Form-C relays @ 5 amps.

    The ACM-8RF is a relay module in the Fire•Lite AFM Series of annunciators. It provides the MS-9200 198-point addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel and MS-5210UD 10-zone Fire Alarm Control/Communicator with relay-by-zone capability for elevator recall, HVAC control, etc. The ACM-8RF provides eight (8) Form-C mappable relays with contacts rated at 5 amps. The ACM-8RF mounts remote from the MS-9200 and MS-5210UD in an ABS-8RF enclosure.
    Up to 32 ACM-8RF relay modules may be installed on the MS-9200 and MS-5210UD’s EIA-485 circuit.

    • Provides eight Form-C relays with 5-amp contacts.
    • Up to 32 ACM-8RFs may be installed on the MS-9200 and MS-5210UD’s EIA-485 serial output.
    • Mounts remotely in ABS-8RF enclosure.
    • Requires only two wires for communication and two for power.
    • Removable terminal blocks for ease of installation and service.
    • DIP switch selectable memory mapping of relays.

    The ACM-8RF will only mount to an ABS-8RF annunciator surface-mount backbox with blank faceplate.

    Fire-Lite BAT-12120: Battery, 12 volt, 12.0 AH Fire-Lite BAT-12180: Battery, 12 volt, 18.0 AH
    FL-BAT12120 / REPLACES FL-PS12120

    BAT-12120: Battery, 12 volt, 12.0 AH, (two required for stand-alone applications; requires BB-17F Battery Box.)

    FL-BAT12180 / BAT-12180: Battery, 12 volt, 18.0 AH, (two required for stand-alone applications.
    Fire-Lite BAT-1270 battery, 12 volt, 7.0 AH Fire-Lite FC-LPS optional Local Playback Speaker
    BAT-1270: battery, 12 volt, 7.0 AH

    FC-LPS used with FCMGM
    • Provides local digital message playback for user review of field-recorded custom messages.
    • Allows local review of digital messages (no need to broadcast over system speakers).
    NOTE: The FC-LPS is not intended for permanent installation.

    Fire-lite FC-MGM: Optional Message Generator Module Fire-Lite FC-RM Optional Remote Microphone
    FL-FCMGM / FC-MGM: Optional Message Generator Module.

    • Provides custom message recording capabilities and system audio backup.
    • Custom messages may be recorded from audio sources connected to audio jack on FC-MGM.
    • Built-in tone generators provide tones before and after messages as well as backup on message failure.
    FC-RM: optional Remote Microphone, includes backbox (only one FC-RM per system).
    • Microphone module provides general paging capabilities over speaker circuits.
    • When used with the ACC-25/50DA, a FCMIM (Microphone Interface Module) must be installed.
    Fire-Lite FC-XRM70 optional 70.7 VRMS Converter Module (one required per amplifier, consult factory for availability). FireLite ACC-MCB Replacement Board for ACC2550

    • Converts 25 VRMS audio outputs to 70.7 VRMS for retrofit applications.
    • Plugs directly on ACC-AAM25 module(s), allowing independent conversion to 70.7 VRMS.

    FireLite ACCMCB Replacement Board for ACC2550

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