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Fire-Lite 4XTMF: Transmitter module Fire-Lite ANN-80: Remote LCD Annunciator
4XTMF: Transmitter module. Provides a supervised output for local energy municipal box transmitter and alarm and trouble reverse polarity. Includes a disable switch and disable trouble LED. A module jumper option allows the reverse polarity circuit to open with a system trouble condition if no alarm conditions exists. Mounts to the main circuit board connectors J4 and J5. The ANN-80 annunciator is a compact, backlit, 80-character LCD fire annunciator that mimics the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) display. It provides system status indicators for AC Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, and Alarm Silenced conditions. The ANN-80 and the FACP communicate over a two-wire serial interface employing the ANN-BUS communication format. Connected devices are powered, via two additional wires, by either the host FACP or a remote UL-listed, filtered power supply. ANN-80 is red; for white, order ANN-80-W.

The ANN-80 displays English-language text of system point information including device type, zone, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory status, as well as any custom alpha labels programmed into the control panel. It includes control switches for remote control of critical system functions. (A keyswitch prevents unauthorized operation of the control switches.)

Up to eight ANN-80s may be connected to the ANN-BUS of each FACP. No programming is required, which saves time during system commissioning.

Fire-Lite ANN-S/PG: Serial/parallel printer gateway Fire-Lite BB-26: Battery backbox
ANN-SPG: Serial/parallel printer gateway. Provides a connection for a serial or parallel printer. BB-26: Battery backbox, holds up to two 25 AH batteries and CHG-75.
Fire-Lite BB-55 Battery backbox Red Fire-Lite CAC-5X: Optional Style Z (Class A) Converter Module
BB-55 Battery backbox, holds up to two 25 AH batteries. CAC-5X: Optional Style Z (Class A) Converter Module. Converts Style B (Class B) Notification Appliance Circuits to Style D (Class A) and Style Y (Class B). Connects to J2 on the MS- 5UD-3(E) and MS-10UD-7(E) main circuit board and to J7 on the MS-10UD-7(E). NOTE: Two Class A Converter Modules are required for the tenzone panel.
Fire-Lite DP-51050: Optional dress panel Fire-Lite MRP-4424 (C/E) 4-Zone, 24 VDC Agent Releasing Panel
DP-51050: Optional dress panel. Restricts access to the system wiring while allowing access to the membrane switch panel. The MRP-4424(C/E) is a 24-volt, Agent Release Control Panel. Compact and cost-effective, the MRP-4424 is powerful, offering a variety of options designed to meet most low-end releasing applications. (C)= Canadian
Fire-Lite TR-CE: Optional trim-ring Fire-Lite VisorALARM-Plus: Receiver with LCD display and keypad
TR-CE: Optional trim-ring for semi-flush mounted cabinets. VisorALARM PLUS 2U IP Alarm Receiver for MIP and IPDACT modules

The VisorALARM PLUS IP 2U receiver is Teldat’s solution to manage and receive alarms from burglar and/or fire alarm panels equipped with Teldat’s MIP or FireLite’s IPDACT IP alarm transmission modules. Each VisorALARM PLUS 2U receiver supports up to 3,000 alarm panels and provides the industry’s most advanced set of features including line supervision, 512 bit encryption and a three level redundancy system for the highest possible availability and reliability levels. Integration with central station automation software packages is almost immediate as the VisorALARM PLUS 2U receiver is able to emulate the industry’s most common receiver protocols. Communication between the VisorALARM PLUS 2U receiver and the automation server computer is done via a regular serial connection.


• Scalability: Simultaneous management for up to 3,000 mIP and/or IPDACT remote devices.

• Line monitoring: Monitors connectivity status with all registered devices, generating technical alarms for communication loss and restored events.

• Network access monitoring: Monitors the status of its network access to avoid generating false technical alarms under a communications failure situation.

• Support for dynamic and static IP addresses on the remote MIP and IPDACT devices. Encryption: Uses 512 bit AES encryption algorithm for all communications with installed IP modules.

• Communicates alarms to the automation server via a serial connection, using ContactID format and emulating Surgard, Radionics or Ademco receiver protocols.

• Smart card: Saves all configuration information on an external smart card that can be used for immediate system replacement under crash recovery situations.

• Secondary receiver support: Two VisorALARMs PLUS 2U can be setup in a primary/secondary configuration for high availability and redundancy options. MIP and IPDACT units in the field will report to the primary unit and will automatically switch to the secondary receiver if the primary becomes unavailable.

• Secondary receiver automatic synchronization: The primary and secondary VisorALARM PLUS 2U receivers support the TRCP protocol that allows them both to maintain identical configuration files.

• Back up receiver automatic takeover: An additional backup VisorALARM PLUS 2U receiver can be placed in the same network as the primary receiver, programming the unit to takeover the identity of the primary receiver under the event that it becomes unavailable.

• Local and remote management tools: Local management is available through a console-type serial connection. Remote management is implemented via a telnet session.

• Real time embedded operating system: for maximum performance and protection against viruses and hacker attacks.

• Display and keyboard: Management, monitoring and alarm validation directly from your receiver front keys and display.

Fire-Lite ANN-SB80KIT-R Red Surface Mount Box Kit
Fire-Lite ANN-SB80KIT-R Red Surface Mount Box Kit

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