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Honeywell AUDZ41RC  A-BUS Large learning remote (optional) Honeywell AUDZ45 - A-BUS MSMZ wall keypad
The “large” learning Remote offers not only the full capabilities of the smaller A-BUS Remote, but also the ability to be programmed to control all the other entertainment devices. Typically, these include devices such as TVs, VCRs, Satellite receivers, CD and DVD players. The AUDZ45 allows fingertip and/or remote control of up to four sources from any room in the home. The AUDZ45 is designed to match the new A-BUS Multi-Source/Multi-Zone Structured Wiring Hub as well as the AUDZ400/MDADZ600 or HBADZ600 multiple input, single zone products.
Honeywell AUDZBX75  A-BUS Source Input Wallplates Honeywell AUDZDBC  A-BUS Intercom Entry & Door Communicator (silver color)
The Source Input Wallplate Module is designed to connect to an A-BUS Multi-Source Audio Hub, which is the core of your A-BUS system. The Multi-Source Audio Hub will accept up to four AUDZBX75 Source Input Modules to connect the Hub to a maximum of four source components. It also repeats infrared (IR) commands to the source components. The AUDZBX75 Source Input Module is activated by commands sent from the AUDZ45 A-BUS Multisource Volume Control Module. The Door & Entry Communicator can open a door after a room unit has responded to the call from the door unit by pressing the talk and mute button simultaneously. For security purposes the door can only be opened by pressing the talk and mute buttons simultaneously.
Honeywell AUDZFDS  A-BUS Intercom Door Communicator Honeywell AUDZICMC - Room Intercom Unit
The Door Station Entry Communicator will activate the system when the chime button is pressed. A chime will be generated in all rooms not in monitor or mute mode. Any room may respond to the call by pressing the talk button. Additional rooms may wish to enter the conversation by pressing the talk button. The Room Intercom Unit has more control and features than other room units. Compact, powerful and clear, its high-quality electret microphone can clearly pick up voices from near or far via automatic gain control.
Honeywell AUDZICRM  A-BUS Intercom Master Control Center (3-gang-white) Honeywell AUDZPS40  A-BUS Power brick & AC cord (optional)
Combining all the features of the Room Control unit with fingertip status control of all rooms, the Master Control Center easily selects direct one-to-one access or whole house broadcast for up to eight rooms or entry units with hands-free operation for the receiver. All relevant components come packaged with a power supply and AC cord. Currently, all A-BUS devices use exactly the same power supply. The power supply is available as a standalone part for those who would like to order a spare or replacement.
Honeywell MDADZICH  A-BUS Intercom Hub for QuickNetwork panels (6â)
Honeywell’s stylish, easy-to-use A-BUS Intercom will quickly become a product your residential customers rely on to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

The A-BUS Intercom is simple to install—requiring only a single Cat5e wire to carry all communications options as well as power to operate the units. There is nothing complicated to connect—follow the simple, color-coded labels to punchdown all connections between the master console, room console, door communicators and central wiring hub. Honeywell’s A-BUS Intercom is available in both QuickNetwork as well as SuperPro packaging to provide you with the utmost installation flexibility.

Fitting easily into a structured wiring panel, the A-BUS Intercom Hub is the core of the A-BUS Intercom system. It accepts up to eight room units and two door stations. An A-BUS Multi-Room audio system simply plugs right in, with no extra interface module required.


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