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Wheelock E70-24MCC-NW - SQUARE SPEAKER STROBE FOR CEILING On-Q/Legrand MS1650 EVOQ 1000 6.5" Ceiling Speaker Pair
The Emergency Mass Notification Appliance (EMNA)
is a combination appliance consisting of 1 E70 or ET70
Multicandela Wall Speaker Strobe, 1 RSSP Colored Lens
Strobe Plate (Amber, Blue, Green or Red) and 1 ISP-2 and/or
SPL-2 backbox.
The E70 Low Profile Speaker Strobes are designed for high
efficiency sound output, with dual voltage (25/70 VRMS)
capability and field selectable taps from 1/8 to 2 watts.
The Series ET70 Speaker Strobes provide high audio output,
clear audibility, dual voltage (25/70 VRMS) capability and field
selectable taps from 1/8 to 8 watts.
The strobe portion of the Series E70 and ET70 Speaker
Strobes may be synchronized when used in conjunction with
the Wheelock SM, DSM Sync Modules or Wheelock’s PS-
12/24-8CP and PS-12/24-8MP Power Supplies with Wheelock
Patented Sync Protocol.
The Series RSSP Strobe Plates are a cost effective way to
retrofit colored lens strobe appliances to speakers and easily
mounts to standard 4” backboxes or for surface mount use with
Wheelock’s SBL2 surface backbox. The strobes are available
in amber, blue, green and red. The strobes operate from 16
to 33 vdc (using filtered or FWR voltage). Intensity options
for amber, blue and green lens strobes include multi-candela
models with four field-selectable settings or 110 candela
models. Red lens strobes are available in 75 or 110 candela
models and are Listed under UL Standard 1638.

Applications for EMNA:
• Mass Notification Systems
• Hazard warning/alerting
• Security alert indication
• Personnel alerting

(E70 and ET70)
• Approvals include: UL Standard 1971, UL Standard 1480,
New York City (MEA), California State Fire Marshal (CSFM),
Factory Mutual (FM) and Chicago (BFP) See approvals by
model in Specifications and Ordering Information
• Compliant with UFC-04-021, ADA, OSHA L1910.165
• Wall mount models are available with Field Selectable
Candela Settings of 15/30/75/110cd
• Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated voltage
• 24 VDC with wide UL “Regulated Voltage”
using filtered DC or unfiltered VRMS input voltage
• Synchronize with Wheelock SM, DSM or Wheelock
PS-12/24-8CP and PS-12/24-8MP Power Supply with built-in
sync protocol
• High efficiency design for maximum output at minimum wattage
across a frequency range of 400 to 4000 HZ
(RSSP Colored Lens Strobe Plates)
• Approvals include: UL Standard 1638
• Choice of four strobe lens colors with wide range of intensity
• Wide operating voltage range
• Strobes can be synchronized with Wheelock’s SM or DSM
sync modules or POWERPATH™ power supplies
• Combination speaker/strobes available for voice messages
with visual alerting
• Mount to standard electrical boxes
• High quality designs from the leader in fire notification alarms

Designed for general audio distribution, 1000 Series Speakers offer great sound quality for a budget-minded installation.
Panasonic BTI KX-TA824PACK KX-TA824 KSU & KX-T7731B (3) Wheelock SPB-80/4 Supervised Audio Power Booster (80 W) with Strobe Power
- Panasonic pack with (1) TA824 KSU and (3)T7731B phones

Supervised Facility Communication and Emergency Voice Evacuation Audio and Audio/Strobe Power Boosters, UL Standard 1711 and UL Standard 864, 9th edition with 24VDC battery backup capabilities. Designed to provide for additional supervised audio power for live voice, pre-recorded messages or background music (BGM). Fully supervised patent pending circuitry is always in effect even during BGM. The SPB-80/4 also provides 4 Amps of 24 VDC Supervised and Synchronized Strobe Power.

The SPB-320, SPB-160 and the SPB-80/4 easily connects to the Wheelock SP40S or SP40/2. Multiple SPB-320, SPB-160 and SPB-80/4 Audio Boosters can be inter-connected to accommodate large installations with supervised audio power and also supervised and synchronized strobe power requirements.

The SPB-320 draws 2.4 watts of audio input power to properly operate and provide additional supervised audio output power. The SPB-160 and the SPB-80/4 draws 1.2 watts of audio input power to properly operate and provide additional supervised audio output power. A maximum of 5, 280 watts of supervised audio power can be achieved. Additional strobe power can be obtained via a combination of SPB-80/4 or Wheelock Power Supplies/Chargers.

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