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Garrett Metal Detectors

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Ground Search Detectors
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Garrett Metal Detectors  1140070 CSI 250 Garrett Metal Detectors  1165500 Enforcer G-2
Garrett's ALL NEW CSI 250 is simple to operate, yet features unparalleled performance for budget-minded departments and agencies. It includes superior technology such as a graphic target ID, sensitivity adjustment and notch discrimination to accurately identify the type of target detected.

The CSI 250 also includes the 6.5 x 9" PROformance searchcoil, which covers more ground per sweep and is submersible. This advanced metal detector also features a Target ID Legend designed to identify targets commonly sought in crime

  • Graphic Target ID Cursor (12 Segments)
  • Discrimination: Accept / Reject Notch
  • Electronic Pinpoint
  • Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment (8 Settings)
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • Depth Indicator
  • Headphone Jack
  • Interchangeable Searchcoils
  • Large LCD Display
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Push Button Controls
  • Clear Speaker Tone
  • Tone ID, 3 levels
  • Touch-n-Go Operation

    Search Modes:
  • All-Metal
  • Custom

  • Sensitivity / Depth
  • Full Range Notch Discrimination
  • A proven hand-held metal detector, the powerful Garrett Enforcer G-2 can detect all concealed metal weapons, including small knives or guns, and can be used in virtually any application

  • Detects medium-sized pistol at 7"; large pocket knife at 5"; razor blade at 3"; hatpin at 1"
  • Red Alarm light and audible alarm indicates a metal target has been located
  • Easily slips into a shirt or coat pocket and can be held in the palm of the hand
  • Operating procedures written on panel
  • Rugged, high-impact plastic case designed to provide long, dependable service
  • Engineered to operate under rugged conditions
  • Automatic tuning, requires no adjustments
  • Automatic battery check
  • Optional recharging unit permits use of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Optional earphone for use in noisy or loud environments
  • Garrett Metal Detectors  1168410 PD 6500i Walk-Through Unit Garrett Metal Detectors  1600100  Earphone for SuperScanner/Enforcer G-2.
    The PD 6500i is the world's highest performing walk-through metal detector and leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination and sensitivity features. Designed for maximum patron throughput without compromising safety, the PDi is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.

    The PD 6500i's Access Control Panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific, multi-level security codes. It allows authorized users to change settings such as detection Program and Sensitivity.

    Security of the detector's settings is maintained with a non-resettable sequence code, which indicates every attempt at access to the settings. A tamper alarm sounds within 10 seconds after the Access Touchpad is pressed, unless a proper access code is entered.

    The PD 6500i maintains all settings even when disconnected from power and does not require recalibration each time the unit is turned OFF and back ON. No battery is required for memory retention. While the unit is in operation, a self-test of all systems is performed continuously with any failures or problems immediately reported on the LCD display.

  • Superior target detection with unmatched discrimination of harmless items such as coins, jewelry, keys, cigarette packs, etc.
  • The ultimate in safety, throughput and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications including the new Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) required for all U.S airport installations.
  • Multi-dimensional coil design (33 distinct pinpoint zones) provides superior detection and location of guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of orientation.
  • Circuitry with advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology locates even small, hard-to-find, floor level weapons.
  • Individual zone boost adjustments allow for customization of detection characteristics and/or compensation for metallic environmental challenges.
  • Durable, IP 55 weather-proof construction

    Easy Assembly
    The PD 6500i's modular design allows for a quick and simple assembly of its 4 (four) sub-assemblies using only 8 (eight) screws and 3 (three) internal electrical connections.

    33 Distinct Pinpoint Detection Zones
    The PD 6500i offers exclusive multiple target pinpointing with 33 distinct zones for full target coverage on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.

    Entry Pacing Lights
    Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy-to-view, eye-level pacing lights with international "wait" and "proceed" symbols on the entrance side of each panel.

    Overhead Control Unit
    LCD Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touchpads plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into a single lockable overhead compartment which eliminates exposure of wires and external control box.

    Multi-dimesional Coil Design
    The PD 6500i's exclusive multi-dimensional coil design provides unmatched detection of potentially lethal metal items such as guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of location and orientation.

    Audible and Visual Alarms
    Audible alarm and Visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected.


    Operating Temperatures
    -4F (-20C) to + 158F (70C); Humidity: To 95% non-condensing

    Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 5 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments required. Power supply meets UL, CSA, TUV and VDE standards.

    Weatherproofing / Foreign Object Protection Standards
    Meets IP 55, IEC Standard. "Degrees of Protection provided by Enclosures," IEC 529.

    All settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of access codes. Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock which prevents unauthorized access to physical cables, connectors and electronics.

    Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Detection Heads and Support: Heavy duty aluminum.

    Control Outputs
    Solid state switches (low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices.

    Traffic Counter
    Counter tracks the number of patrons that have passed through the detector, the number of alarms and calculates alarm percentage.

    Dual channels and DSP circuitry allow several PD 6500i's to operate simultaneously in close proximity to one another.

    Interference Suppression
    Special Garrett DSP built-in circuitry eliminates effects from x-ray monitors and other potential electrical interference sources.

    Sixteen (16) independent programs designed to meet all installation-specific requirements including the new Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) requirements for U.S. airports.

    Audible tone and volume adjustable. Bright LED visual alarm.

    Target Pinpointing Lights
    Thirty-three (33) distinct zones are displayed with two (2) independent columns of LED's located on exit side of PD 6500i.

    Limited 24 months, parts and labor

    35" (0.9 m) W x 87" (2.2 m) H x 23" (0.58 m) D
  • Garrett Metal Detectors  1600100  Earphone for SuperScanner/Enforcer G-2.
    Garrett Metal Detectors  1600800 Belt Loop for SuperScanner Garrett Metal Detectors  1601200 Metal Detectors Pocket Item Container
    Garrett Metal Detectors  1600800 Belt Loop for SuperScanner Special Order Item

    For depositing metal items prior to walking through the metal detector at police and security checkpoints. Helps to reduce the chance of personal belongings being lost or stolen during the screening process.

    Garrett Metal Detectors  1611600 Belt Holder for Garrett Super Scanner Garrett Metal Detectors  1612100 Hand-Held Metal Detector Recharger Kit (2 Ni-MH batteries & 220 volt charger)
    This is a durable ballistic weave belt holder for the popular Super Scanner handheld metal detector. Garrett Metal Detectors  1612100 Hand-Held Metal Detector Recharger Kit (2 Ni-MH batteries & 220 volt charger)
    Garrett Metal Detectors  1620300 Belt Holder for SuperWand Garrett Metal Detectors  2333000 Accessory Clevis Screw and  Washers
    Garrett Metal Detectors  1620300 Belt Holder for SuperWand Garrett Metal Detectors  2333000 Accessory Clevis Screw and  Washers
    Garrett Metal Detectors  9417500  Catch Panel For CS5000 Garrett Metal Detectors  9419900 Touch Panel
    Special Order Item Garrett Metal Detectors  9419900 Touch Panel

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