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3M Macurco CM-4 Fixed Gas Sensor Transducer, CM-4, 12-24V, 4-20mA Macurco CM21AFCK Field Calibration Kit for CM21A
Carbon monoxide solid state sensor analog transducer CM-4 offers 1-2.5V or 4.20 mA output, mounted in 4 x 4 box, and status LEDs. For use with the 3M Macurco DVP-120 or SS103 controllers.

Analog output CO transducer for use with Macurco SS103-3A, SS103-10A & DVP-120 control panels and Building Automation Systems

Internal combustion engines (cars, forklifts, etc.) produce carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, colorless and deadly gas. Operators of enclosed parking garages, warehouses, maintenance facilities, etc., can protect people by either ventilating, continuously or installing automatic fan control systems like the Macurco SS103 & DVP-120 Systems. Automatic fan control systems in parking garages normally have a short payback, because fans operate 1 to 2 hours a day rather than 24 hours a day. The CM-4 is powered from Macurco or other controllers, and provides a linear output to the controller. The CM-4 conforms to the specifications of most building codes, ASHRAE standards, and occupational health regulations. Typical codes require that CO exposure be 1: 35 ppm or less on the TWA (Time Weighted Average) basis over 8 hours, and 2: 200 ppm or less on the STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) basis over a one hour period. Typical coverage is 5000 sq. ft. (464.5 sq. meters) per unit. . The CM-4 uses a long life solid-state sensor (7 – 10 year), which does not require regular re-calibration. The CM-4 replaces the SS102HC-1.

Macurco CM21AFCK Field Calibration Kit for CM21A
Channel Vision LCR625 6.5 Inch Left-Center-Right Speaker Channel Vision VC300I 300W Volume Control Ivory
The Channel Vision LCR625 can be used as a centre speaker, or left and right channel speaker. It features dual 6.5 inch polypropylene woofers and a 1 inch pivoting dome tweeter, gold speaker terminals and 150W peak handling power. These speakers are perfect for surround sound systems. Quality audio distributed throughout the home has become a high priority for many homeowners today. Users can enjoy mood music during a party with CHANNEL VISION Central whole-house audio distribution solutions. Our speaker distribution components allow the installer to efficiently distribute music to up to eight rooms in the house.


Continuous Power: 100 Wrms per channel
Peak Power: 300W
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
Attenuation: -54 dB; 12 step
Macurco ND-1 Nitrogen Dioxide Detector and Ventilation Controller, Stand-Alone or for Use with Control Systems, Stand-Alone or for Use with Control Systems, Digital Meter (0-9ppm) Macurco SS10310A CO fan controller for parking garages ten remote detectors (SS103-10A)
Provides Nitrogen Dioxide detection, digital display of level in PPM, a relay to automatically control exhaust fans, a loud audible alarm, and an alarm relay.

  • Automatic Ventilation Controller
  • Dual relays: Fan (SPDT) & Alarm (N.O.)
  • Microcomputer Controlled
  • Digital Display: 0 to 9 PPM NO2
  • Highly Linear Electrochemical Sensor
  • Selectable Set Points & Delay Time
  • Diesel Exhaust Detection and Control
  • Internally adjustable set points for fan and alarm relays.
  • Meets the requirements of OSHA and the state of Wisconsin.
  • Housed in Nema 1, UL listed, metal knockout case.
  • Adjustable switch for fan delay from 0.5 to 5 minutes.
  • Bright LED’s show relay status: amber fan LED flashes during delay period and is on steady when the relay closes. The red alarm LED flashes during the 5 minute delay period and is on steady to show the relay has closed.
  • Replacement sensors and field calibration kit available. Sensor life is about 2 years.

  • POWER: 1.2 Watts from 12 to 24 VAC or VDC
  • SIZE: 6 X 6 X 3 inches
  • COLOR: Gray
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3 pounds
  • FAN RELAY: 5 amps, 240VAC, pilot duty, SPDT
  • ALARM RELAY: 0.5 amps, 200V, 10VA, N.O.
  • FAN RELAY SET POINT: 0.5 to 3.0 PPM
  • SENSOR OUTPUT DROOP: Less than 2% a month
  • OPERATING ENVIR.: 0 to 125° F, 10 to 90% RH
  • LINEARITY: Within 1%.
  • TYPICAL COVERAGE: 5000 square feet per unit
  • SS103 CO fan controller to monitor up to three (SS103-3A) or ten (SS103-10A) remote detectors. Adjustable alarm settings, three 10amp relays, system status LEDs, sturdy electrical box enclosure, meets OSHA & UBC standards.


    Building codes require that enclosed parking garages either have exhaust fans operate continuously, or have automatic Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection and exhaust fan control systems. The difference in fan operating time is 24 hours a day versus one to two hours. Energy savings are significant.

    The SS103-3A and SS103-10A are exhaust fan controllers which, in conjunction with CS102A, SS102H or SS102HC-1 Carbon Monoxide detectors, provide automatic controls to ensure a safe environment in parking garages or maintenance facilities. The SS103-3A can control up to three of the 102 type CO detectors, while the SS103-10A can control up to 10 of the 102 type CO detectors. (The CS102A replaced the SS102H in mid 2000).

    The SS102/103 systems are designed to meet all known specifications for safety in enclosed parking garages, including the Uniform Building Code and OSHA 50 ppm CO requirements.
    ♦ MONEY saving devices, both in energy costs and extended fan life.
    ♦ Units are enclosed in sturdy electrical boxes, rain proof or oil tight.
    ♦ Clearly labeled terminal strips for easy hook up.
    ♦ Fan settings are end user adjustable, to meet any specification.
    ♦ Alarm circuits provided with adjustable delay of turn on time.
    ♦ Bright LEDs indicate system status.
    ♦ LEDs indicate which sensors are active, and supervise wiring.
    ♦ SS103-3A and SS103-10A are approved by the Los Angeles Dept. of Bldg. & Safety.
    ♦ All SS102 Sensors are supervised; controllers indicate status.
    ♦ Alarm circuits warn of a high CO level, such as 200 PPM UBC STEL.
    ♦ No regular maintenance necessary.
    ♦ Simple installation and operation.


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